Breakout Philippines Review – Best Bonding Experience with Friends and Family

The long wait was over. Finally, our reserved date at Breakout Philippines arrived. Our  friend; Eloisa got back from Japan. We wanted to try out something new in our 30 years of friendship. Breakout came first in mind. As, Titas from GenerationX, this should be a very exciting experience. It is an escape room interactive type of game. Feel the mood, feel the vibe, feel the suspense as if it is real. Immerse yourself. Exciting huh? You know I have always wanted to be a detective. This is the game for us Sherlock Holmes wanna be. 😜

As their official website says, “We’re pretty sure it’s not every day that you get chased by zombies, hunted down by psychotic serial killers, sucked in a video game world, or get trapped in a catacomb…. The goal is to ESCAPE THE ROOM IN 45 MINUTES. Players must PLAN as a team, SOLVE puzzles collaboratively in order to ESCAPE before time expires.”

The price is affordable. Even the students can afford it. This game is for all ages. A perfect bonding among family, friends, and colleagues. Children 13 years and below should be accompanied by adults. It means, Junior High Schools can immerse themselves in a escape room here at Breakout. Maximum capacity in a room is 6 persons. Minimum of 1 person (your choice, if you want to be alone), but it is best played in group of at least 2.

How did we prepare? First, I called in to ask for reservation details. Then, payment was made through online banking. Email was sent to confirm the payment and details of reservation such as the venue, room of choice, time and date. Show the said email on the day of your adventure either printed or a screenshot on your mobile phone. Our chosen room was DEAD END as inspired by the movie ESCAPE ROOM (2019). Its difficulty level is 5 out of 5. It may not be recommended for first timers, but it is worth the fun and excitement.

How was the experience? I cannot be into detail, I do not want to spoil the fun and suspense for the next players. There is a designated locker for your personal stuff. Phones and cameras are not allowed. Again, let the other players experience the thrill and fun as well. You only have 45 minutes to finish your chosen theme room. As far as I know you can ask for time extension, ask the front desk personnel about this. Kim was the lady who assisted us (Maggie, Grace, Eloisa and me). She exhibited excellent customer service from the moment I arrived, during the game and until end of the game where the picture taking part was. Not to mention she is beautiful too. 🙂

What happened was, we had to be blindfolded as we entered the room. We already felt the thrill of the game. The room had flickering lights and suspense sound effects. We happened to immersed ourselves (mind and body), that was why, we felt the adrenaline rush. Trial and error was the phrase of the day as we encountered it more than 50 times during the game. We forgot some pointers given on the briefing, which made our journey unsuccessful. We ran out of time. Overall experience was 5/5. The location, the staff, and the game itself. We wanted to go back again to hopefully finish the game. Oh yeah, we are going back!

Sharing our pictures taken at Breakout in North EDSA:



  1. Get yourself ready to do some Math and analytical thinking.
  2. There were clues available. Read word for word, if you get it correctly, that is what you will do exactly.
  3. Numbers are relevant in this room type; DEAD END.
  4. Scatter yourselves within the room. It is like have someone to analyze intensely, do the locks, perform the clues, and look for additional clues and others.
  5. Understand the orientation well. Bear the pointers in mind as you enter the room.
  6. The room is air-conditioned, but a hanky will be helpful too.
  7. Work as a TEAM.

For my next visit, I plan to go with my family (husband and our 3 kids). I think the ZOMBIE CABIN is perfect. Imagine being chased by zombies? I wonder what their reactions would be, how loud their scream be? Or should I say, how loud MY reaction will be. We will see… Then, I would  like to go back to the DEAD END with my husband to finish the game. I know this time, we will be successful.

Interested? Check below the details of pricing, how to book, branches and rooms, and mechanics of the game:


1 – 2 players – P600 per person
3 – 4 players – P500 per person
5 – 6 players – P400 per person
1 – 6 players – P300 per person



This is the quickest and easiest way to guarantee your preferred room, date and time slot for you and your friends. Simply click the BOOK ONLINE button below the posters and follow the easy instructions. (Visit the site).In this method, you may use your credit cards or PayPal account to register and reserve your slots!

Still a bit wary of online transactions? That’s ok. We can do it the old fashioned bank deposit way. Click the BOOK VIA BANK DEPOSIT button below the posters. (Visit the site). You will be asked to indicate HOW MANY you are in the group, and BASIC INFORMATION of the contact person. Expect us to get back to you within 24 hours for your room reservation confirmation and bank deposit details. We will need a scanned copy of the bank deposit within 24 hours. Failure to do so will cancel your reservation.
If you choose to live dangerously, you can opt to simply drop by DURING game days and take your chances for an availability in the rooms.And just so you can’t say we didn’t warn you, we’d just like to let you know that we do NOT recommend this option. The last thing we’d want to do is to break the hearts of excited walk-ins just because all slots are filled. (Other content from Breakout Official Website)








My friend’s feedback:


Contact Breakout for your queries.

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