About My Writing

This is random writings of yours truly whenever I feel like. I have always liked writing but that hobby was never evident. I keep my stories, poems whether free verse or the one with counting (feel free to tell me what it’s called), and even about love with uplifting quotations.

I like writing on tissue papers. It is challenging because it can easily be torn. But my passion in writing makes it easy. I write during my idle time or even in the middle of work hours when I think of a new topic to write about.

Please feel free to suggest and comment on anything that can be beneficial for all of us. Share with me any life changing experience my writing could have done to your life or someone else’s. Send me an email at PorschesDiary@gmail.com

Life is beautiful, share it! He makes all things beautiful IN HIS TIME.

If not famous, I just want my writings to be recognized with potentials as a Filipino writer.

Juan dela Cruz (Filipinos) is thinking out loud through writing.

Juan dela Cruz

Juan dela Cruz

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