Breakout Philippines Review – Best Bonding Experience with Friends and Family

The long wait was over. Finally, our reserved date at Breakout Philippines arrived. Our  friend; Eloisa got back from Japan. We wanted to try out something new in our 30 years of friendship. Breakout came first in mind. As, Titas from GenerationX, this should be a very exciting experience. It is an escape room interactive type of game. Feel the mood, feel the vibe, feel the suspense as if it is real. Immerse yourself. Exciting huh? You know I have always wanted to be a detective. This is the game for us Sherlock Holmes wanna be. 😜

As their official website says, “We’re pretty sure it’s not every day that you get chased by zombies, hunted down by psychotic serial killers, sucked in a video game world, or get trapped in a catacomb…. The goal is to ESCAPE THE ROOM IN 45 MINUTES. Players must PLAN as a team, SOLVE puzzles collaboratively in order to ESCAPE before time expires.”

The price is affordable. Even the students can afford it. This game is for all ages. A perfect bonding among family, friends, and colleagues. Children 13 years and below should be accompanied by adults. It means, Junior High Schools can immerse themselves in a escape room here at Breakout. Maximum capacity in a room is 6 persons. Minimum of 1 person (your choice, if you want to be alone), but it is best played in group of at least 2.

How did we prepare? First, I called in to ask for reservation details. Then, payment was made through online banking. Email was sent to confirm the payment and details of reservation such as the venue, room of choice, time and date. Show the said email on the day of your adventure either printed or a screenshot on your mobile phone. Our chosen room was DEAD END as inspired by the movie ESCAPE ROOM (2019). Its difficulty level is 5 out of 5. It may not be recommended for first timers, but it is worth the fun and excitement.

How was the experience? I cannot be into detail, I do not want to spoil the fun and suspense for the next players. There is a designated locker for your personal stuff. Phones and cameras are not allowed. Again, let the other players experience the thrill and fun as well. You only have 45 minutes to finish your chosen theme room. As far as I know you can ask for time extension, ask the front desk personnel about this. Kim was the lady who assisted us (Maggie, Grace, Eloisa and me). She exhibited excellent customer service from the moment I arrived, during the game and until end of the game where the picture taking part was. Not to mention she is beautiful too. 🙂

What happened was, we had to be blindfolded as we entered the room. We already felt the thrill of the game. The room had flickering lights and suspense sound effects. We happened to immersed ourselves (mind and body), that was why, we felt the adrenaline rush. Trial and error was the phrase of the day as we encountered it more than 50 times during the game. We forgot some pointers given on the briefing, which made our journey unsuccessful. We ran out of time. Overall experience was 5/5. The location, the staff, and the game itself. We wanted to go back again to hopefully finish the game. Oh yeah, we are going back!

Sharing our pictures taken at Breakout in North EDSA:



  1. Get yourself ready to do some Math and analytical thinking.
  2. There were clues available. Read word for word, if you get it correctly, that is what you will do exactly.
  3. Numbers are relevant in this room type; DEAD END.
  4. Scatter yourselves within the room. It is like have someone to analyze intensely, do the locks, perform the clues, and look for additional clues and others.
  5. Understand the orientation well. Bear the pointers in mind as you enter the room.
  6. The room is air-conditioned, but a hanky will be helpful too.
  7. Work as a TEAM.

For my next visit, I plan to go with my family (husband and our 3 kids). I think the ZOMBIE CABIN is perfect. Imagine being chased by zombies? I wonder what their reactions would be, how loud their scream be? Or should I say, how loud MY reaction will be. We will see… Then, I would  like to go back to the DEAD END with my husband to finish the game. I know this time, we will be successful.

Interested? Check below the details of pricing, how to book, branches and rooms, and mechanics of the game:


1 – 2 players – P600 per person
3 – 4 players – P500 per person
5 – 6 players – P400 per person
1 – 6 players – P300 per person



This is the quickest and easiest way to guarantee your preferred room, date and time slot for you and your friends. Simply click the BOOK ONLINE button below the posters and follow the easy instructions. (Visit the site).In this method, you may use your credit cards or PayPal account to register and reserve your slots!

Still a bit wary of online transactions? That’s ok. We can do it the old fashioned bank deposit way. Click the BOOK VIA BANK DEPOSIT button below the posters. (Visit the site). You will be asked to indicate HOW MANY you are in the group, and BASIC INFORMATION of the contact person. Expect us to get back to you within 24 hours for your room reservation confirmation and bank deposit details. We will need a scanned copy of the bank deposit within 24 hours. Failure to do so will cancel your reservation.
If you choose to live dangerously, you can opt to simply drop by DURING game days and take your chances for an availability in the rooms.And just so you can’t say we didn’t warn you, we’d just like to let you know that we do NOT recommend this option. The last thing we’d want to do is to break the hearts of excited walk-ins just because all slots are filled. (Other content from Breakout Official Website)








My friend’s feedback:


Contact Breakout for your queries.

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A Date to Remember: Rejuvenate at Skeen Clinic

It was almost the end of 2018; a rainy, bed weather day. To lessen the boredom, my husband (Third) and I decided to have a lunch date.  We went to ATC with empty stomach at noon time. We chose a comfy restaurant where we know good food can be served. It was the perfect time for a little chit chat about our plans for 2019 and also how our 2018 had been.


After our tummies got full, we wanted to stroll in the mall for a while before going home.  We frequently go out without the kids (Cheska, Fourth and Fifth), might as well take advantage.

I wanted to go around the alley where the side door of Gerry’s is located.  I noticed, there are skin centers there. Then, we saw the SKEEN Face and Body Anti-aging Centre. I asked my husband if we can go. Guess what? Nyahahaha.. Of course, we went inside and inquired first. It was timely because that morning I had few pimples on my face (seldom happens). The price was reasonable for me. The ambiance was quiet and relaxing. The staff were nice and friendly. And we needed to rejuvenate. This was our yearender treat to ourselves!


We waited just for a few minutes before the room was ready for the both of us. There was a sense of privacy since the facial session was in a room and with door closed.  I saw several rooms for other clients. We had our mugshots taken. Just kidding! Shots were taken for record purposes.


Our aestheticians were Ms. Jo and Ms. Del. My husband is not really into facial services. He hates the pricking part of the session. But here he fell asleep (snoring 😜).


This blue light is the Skin Photodynamic Therapy. It is designed for patients with acne which employs a hygienic technique by their experienced therapists to make sure that the skin is cleaned pore by pore. The blue light kills acne bacteria on the skin. (by: Skeen)


After which, the anti-acne facial mask was indeed very relaxing. It was cold as applied on the face, part by part. It soothed the skin, made me fell asleep too. In 15-20 minutes, it dried up and became one whole mask. It was carefully removed from my face. My husband had the same soothing experience with his whitening facial mask.

For finale, I requested the staff to join me and pose for a photo. The experience overall was rejuvenating. It was unexpected. I have been to several facial centers yet did not feel the same. Thank you Skeen Clinic for this calming, soothing and rejuvenating experience (all the same meaning). We will surely go back for more. I hope to meet Doc Giselle Trajano-Sarmiento on our next visit. She is the Dermatologic Surgeon and Anti-aging Physician of Skeen Face & Body Anti-Aging Centre.


I know you got curious and excited to visit Skeen Clinic. They have variety of services fit just for you. Here, you will be more beautiful and more confident. They have 2 branches located at Alabang Town Center and Greenhills. See details below:

Skeen Clinic Alabang: U/G Floor Commerce Mall, ATC (0917.890.1740/02.553.5017)

Skeen Clinic Greenhills: 2/F G-Square Building, 212 Wilson St., San Juan (0977.809.8886/02.633.3471)

You can reach them through:

Facebook: skeenfaceandbodycentre

Instagram: @skeenclinic

Twitter: @skeenclinic


Find a beauty solution that’s right for you!

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Get Paid while Shopping!

Shopping is loved by anyone, may it be ladies, gentlemen or our friends from the LGBT community. But, sometimes our wallet cries out silently because we spent the money allotted for savings. Ouch! How would you love shopping more if you get a cashback from the money spent? I am not talking about the cashback credit card. How true? Cashback shopping up to 30% is now possible with! And you can still take advantage of the promotion codes or discount codes from the online merchant. It is about time to save up some money and buy the items you need and want.


The Shopback was already featured in The Manila Times, Philstar,, The Business Times, TechinAsia, Deal Street Asia, The Asian Entrepreneur, and the Vulcan Post. If I may add, featured now in my blog post in partnership with Shopback Philippines. It also has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

There are a lot of shopping sites online that we frequently visit such as Lazada, Ensogo, AliExpress, Galleon, Hotels(dot)com and other online stores that offer cashback through If you are into high street fashion, you can click here to take a look at all the fashion stores that offer cashback with ShopBack. You can look fashionable without hurting your pocket. Travel more through Shopback to save up for future trips. Experience thousands of destinations worldwide with cashback.

We, as consumers, spend few minutes to few hours online whether window shopping or real shopping. We do not have much time to go to the mall for simple reasons like traffic jam, tired from work, or simply just want to take advantage of the convenience of shopping from home. With Shopback, we shop and we earn at our own convenience.


  • What is

The leads us to excellent promo and deals that we usually enjoy with the one of its kind cashback! Here is how to use Shopback:

  • What is Cashback?

As what the term suggests, cash and back. You get a portion of your cash spent on shopping back to you as savings or additional budget for your next shopping. This is unlimited savings when you shop online. Liking it so far? Again, there is no limit. IMPORTANT: For successful Cashback, stay within the redirected tab until purchase.

  • How does Cashback work?

The gets a commission for referring the online consumers to the various online shopping sites. And they are generous enough to share what they get. Cashback would be awarded to your Shopback account. It can be tracked and redeemed depends on the number of days stated by the merchants/online store. The encashment is directly to your bank account or Paypal account when the “redeemable amount” reaches the minimum amount of P300. Image below are the channels of cash out.

channels of cashback

  • What can you shop at

You name them, you get them all! Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Watches, Bags, Beauty products, Electronics, Appliances, Gadgets, Home and Living, Baby items, Media, Food, Lifestyle and other categories you are interested in. Remember that your online shopping from the mobile apps of the online store will not merit a cashback. You have to visit first the Shopback site and click on the icon of the merchant you want to place your orders at.

  • What are the advantages in shopping at

First, you get paid in cash (in a form of cashback) as you shop online. Second, aside from the cashback, you also have an option to participate in their referral program. Third, you still enjoy the promo code, discount coupon and other perks from your favorite online stores. Fourth, once in a while Shopback has promotion for additional cashback % or referral promo which you can take advantage for higher earning.

  • How does the referral program work?

As you register at, your own referral link will be generated. Then, you can ask someone to click it, for them to register. You gain both ways, you and the person who signed up using your link. P100 for you and P100 for a friend which you can get in cash.

To better understand how your shopping experience will be truly enjoyable with your cashback, watch this video.

  • My experience of Shopback

When I tried it myself, it was like the usual online shopping. The only difference is, you dropped by the site first before processing the transaction. The following day, I got an email about my cashback which also appeared as I checked my Shopback account. I found my total earnings has an amount indicated. I can’t wait to earn more!

I am looking into other items which I tried to compute my cashback. If I buy this Nine West Ava Tote Shoulder Bag which costs P3412, I’ll get P136.48 which is 4% cashback from Galleon. You can go to the Galleon page on ShopBack to find out more about the 4% cashback and discount codes they offer.


Also this UNIC Mini Portable Projector for our film showing on my kids’ birthday this March. It costs P 1,599 and with 4% cashback from Lazada, I’ll get P63.96. Likewise, you can check out Lazada cashback (they have different cashback for different sorts of items) hereEvery merchant or online store varies on the cashback percentage. It was coincidental that I chose 2 merchants with same 4% cashback. Comments given on the products are also helpful as one of the deciding factors to proceed with purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Go! Register now at and enjoy shopping at its best! Now’s a good time since they’ve just extended their Leap Year Sale till 3rd March – there is up to 29% increased cashback!

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Twitter: @shopbackph


Instagram: @shopbackph

Google Plus: ShopBack Philippines

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Fifth’s 1st Birthday at Uncle Cheffy Centris 2015

We had a hard time to book for a venue around November because it was fully-booked everywhere (our choice of food chain). Fifth’s 1st birthday was December 1, 2015. No weekends were available anymore for party. Until we accidentally noticed Uncle Cheffy located in Centris Quezon Avenue as we passed by going to another food chain for inquiry. The manager; Morish was very accommodating as we ask each and every party packages. Then, we ordered for lunch since we were so hungry also just in time for lunch. After dining, we decided which package to avail and even asked to serve everything in smorgasbord or buffet style instead of plating them. 20% down payment was given upon contract signing. We reserved on the first weekend of December 2015 for 150 pax. 4 hours of party time. Venue was FREE as long as you order all the food from them. It was made exclusive for Fifth’s birthday because of the number of pax reserved. Corkage applies if you want to bring Lechon or other party food. Done deal.

The costume of Fifth was tailored to fit him well. Thanks to mommy Liz. The party was sailor inspired since my father was one when he was alive. Balloons were sponsored by ate Trisha and ate Sean (our lovely nieces). Bubble machine was sponsored by Eloisa (my long time friend). Party emcee was also Eloisa. She facilitated the games for kids and adult. My eldest daughter and her 2 girl classmates presented a dance number. We prayed together as we dedicated Fifth to the Lord God and Jesus. Ninongs, Ninangs, friends, and relatives celebrated with us. Though our 101 year old Lolo Osong Geronimo just passed away a couple of weeks ago, we had to continue the party since reservation was done. And it was Fifth’s very first birthday. In our hearts, Tatay Osong is loved. His memories remain as long as we live. Love you Tatay O!

I would like to commend the managers and staff of Uncle Cheffy Centris Quezon Avenue for excellent service. Special mention to sir Morish who was there from reservation, follow-ups, actual party until billing.

Food was really good from Pasta, Chicken, Fries and their signature oven-baked Pizza which they call Panizza. (You will fill the ingredients of your chosen variety on the crust by yourself, served together.) Below are our pictures during the party filled with fun!

After the party, we went to our condo in Quezon City for a quick swimming, snack and chat. Basketball game for boys. Only few family members were able to attend. But, it was totally fun.

Uncle Cheffy is open from 11am-11pm everyday. By schedule there are live performers on Centris Walk stage which is facing them. Free live music with good food to enjoy. They also accept major credit cards. For inquiries and reservation, here is the contact number is 02 3760051.

Uber Experience: First Time!

We just sold our car so we have to find a safe ride in Manila. I downloaded the Uber App on my phone. I did not have any idea of Uber. As I went ahead, I registered my full name, contact number, and credit card details. (Riding in Uber cars is a cashless transaction).

We visited our Uncle in Veterans Medical Memorial Hospital in Quezon City. He used to serve in Philippine Navy during his younger years. After almost an hour of chat, we had to go and go ahead to our next destination; Smart Araneta Coliseum. We will watch the A Song of Praise 2015 (ASOP). You may read our experience here.

Lazada Philippines
Continuing with our Uber experience, I went online to book a car going to Cubao. We were lucky to have an Uber Black car near the VMMC Hospital. It was a Ford Everest – black with driver/Uber partner Kuya Rogen. I can see on the map his location. I felt like a “probinsyana” using the Uber app! It was amazing how in 1 click, I can ask for a car to bring me to my destination. Technology it is! He arrived in 6 minutes from the moment I booked the ride! Swift!

What did I do? I asked my husband to take a picture of me with the Uber car behind me. Perstaym! Then I hopped in (with my husband of course). And I told Kuya Rogen, “First time ko Kuya sumakay ng Uber!”. He replied while smiling,  “Welcome to Uber mam.” I laughed at myself.😄

Since it was the start of light to medium traffic, I asked Kuya Rogen few things about his Uber experience as an Uber partner. He responded with honest answers. He even gave us tips if ever we will engage in the same transpo business. He said he is included in the pioneer batch of Uber and was interviewed on TV to share his great experience in succeeding as an Uber partner. He even ranked #1. Galing di ba?! He told us his success story and it was very inspiring. The Ford Everest he is driving that night is one of his 3 Ford Everest (I hope I got it correctly). All has been paid off with the help of Uber. Wow! He has other vehicles apart from those. Another Wow! We found out he also lives in Bulacan, near where we live. Kababayan! He also has a barber shop in Sta. Maria Bayan called “Amigo”, named after his nickname. In a span of 30 minutes, we were inspired by his success story.

Lazada Philippines
Here is an idea how much Uber charges its riders.


credit: Uber Manila

Car types: Sedan and AUV (Vios, Innova, Adventure, etc.)

Minimum Fare: PhP 40

Base Fare: PhP 40

Per Minute Rate: PhP 2

Per kilometer rate: PhP 5.7


credit: Uber Manila

Car types: SUV (Fortuner, Grandia, Montero, Everest, etc.)

Minimum Fare: PhP 120

Base Fare: PhP 90

Per Minute Rate: PhP 2.10

Per kilometer rate: PhP 12.92

Filipinos are really resourceful especially in means to earn money. It may mean less time with their families (for full-time partners) but it is for their good (could even be long-term).

At present, we call/text Kuya Rogen whenever we need a ride. He is very accomodating, professional and trust worthy. Saludo kami sa iyo Kuya Rogen.


Use my Uber promo code, “checadiz”, and get ₱200 off your first Uber ride. Redeem it at


Uber Manila


Exquisite Staycation at Marco Polo Hotel Manila

It was my birthday and Father’s Day at the same time; 3rd Sunday of June in year 2015. I wanted to spend my special day on a staycation with my family at Marco Polo Manila Ortigas. I told my husband about it and quickly booked a room for us. Excitement was all we had especially our kids who looked forward to the Infinity pool. Then the long wait was over! Here are some of the 300 pictures we captured during our stay.

Lazada Philippines
The Room

The kids were so excited when they learned that we’re going to have a staycation at the Marco Polo Manila Ortigas. We browsed the website and checked the rooms and amenities/facilities. They got even more excited by the Infinity pool. Swimming time has always been a Go! for them in any month of the year. Going to the room needed us to take 2 elevators. The first one stops at the 24th,  where the reception lobby is located. There are attendants there who will guide you to the next elevator and will ask you the level of your destination. Then we transferred to the other elevator just across the previous one. I felt some kind of security because not any people can just take the elevator and directly try to the rooms. In the room, my husband and I were glad to see an espresso machine with 3  complimentary cups.

The Piccolo Kids Club Room

The kids enjoyed playing at the Piccolo Kids Club Room. It is open only on weekends. Our Baby Fifth even practiced his new skills in crawling on the colorful mats. There were toys from Little Tikes. On the corner, there was a table for complimentary cheesecakes and brownies and juice. Too bad the mommy who just left finished all the cheesecake and brownies served on that table. That was the ONLY not good experience I had there. I asked one of the attendants if the pastries will be replenished, not possible. But the lady (short-haired, fair and beautiful) exerted an effort to ask their pastry chef of anything available. Good thing they still had 4 slices of brownies left. It was served and she asked if I like a glass of water. The brownies were good, just enough sweetness. I had a hard time getting over the cheesecakes  I missed. Haha…

The Infinity Pool and Locker Area

Who’s excited again? The kids! They were ready with their swim attire, goggles and arm floater (not sure what it’s called). My husband and I took turns in looking after our Baby Fifth while I enjoy a lemon water and orange water on the couch just beside the pool. There is a Jacuzzi at the farther corner of the area. Infinity pool = continuous flow of water from a full swimming pool (so that it is). Here are some pics. That was me walking away.

The Gym

While the kids were enjoying in the pool, I had  a peek of the gym. My other half was there. I just took some pictures while baby sitting on baby Fifth. If you forget your rubber shoes, they have a pair to lend you (just have your own socks). The trainer was very accommodating. He offered The Flow Smoothie (a kind of green smoothies).

Lazada Philippines

The Cucina Restaurant

The much awaited day for breakfast buffet had finally arrived. We went down to the 24th level where it is located same with Connect and The Reception Lobby. We were escorted to our table and asked if we want some coffee, it was a yes. What can we expect on a buffet? Unlimited food and drinks! We had it and we were full. The attendants were very polite. I was lucky to see their Executive Chef Luis/Louis (please correct me) and had a picture taken with him. Satisfied!

Vu’s Lounge

We were given complimentary drinks at Vu’s Lounge. It opens at 5pm. We were very excited to see the top floor; 45th. It says Vu’s Sky Lounge. The drink served on a Monday afternoon was sweet with a touch of alcohol. They have Mondays and Wednesdays specials; something like Ladies night where you drink-all-you-can for P995 only (please correct me if I’m wrong)!

The Cafe Pronto

While waiting for our check out time, I asked my husband to go with me at the Cafe Pronto to try something to eat there. He tried the Reuben Sandwich while I tried the Green Tea Mousse. We had some pictures as well.

Over all, the staycation was worth the price and very memorable. We will definitely go back to celebrate life, love and blessings.

Book now!


Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Street
Ortigas Centre, Pasig City, 1600
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Birthday at Krispy Kreme NLEx

Today marks the 10th year of another milestone in my life as a woman; being a mother. Ten (10) years ago, I was caught up with the truth that I had a baby. Fortunately, a very cute baby who turned out to be a very sweet girl. Since we started the month of March celebrating the birthdays of my three (3) loved ones: Daddy, Kuya and Ate, we planned to continue the fun! A simple dine out elsewhere. No concrete plans, as long as we are together as a family with her ninong Bobot (my beloved cousin; a deaf and mute).

At first we planned to go somewhere North again like Robinsons Pampanga where there is Sky Ranch in the area. I changed it to a simple doughnut snack. I thought it was. I invited my daughter’s friend slash classmate in school (Ellyza) to join us so it would be more fun and memorable for the birthday girl. I am thankful her parents allowed her to come with us. (Thank you sir Erwin and mars Rizza😊).  As we arrived at Krispy Kreme at Petron NLEx I asked each and everyone’s order. I opted to order a dozen of assorted doughnuts since we planned to stay a bit longer than usual. Then I told one of the crew (Debbie) that it was her 10th birthday. To our surprise, they (KK staff) invited her to choose a doughnut of her choice ON THEM. I did not know they have birthday treats. Cheska (my daughter chose Cookies and Cream). Then they said they will give it a little later. We agreed, waited and was very surprised! I saw Cheska’s smile and the glitter in her eyes, I knew she felt special. They sang happy birthday, gave the doughnut and gave her balloons. Without further ado here are our pictures.

As long as my kids are happy, I am too! Customer Service satisfied! Excellent Krispy Kreme NLEx Petron Marilao people! My sincerest gratitude.💋