Netflix Hackers!!! Beware!!! 2020

We are all aware that mostly everyone around the world are under the Community Quarantine or Lockdown depends on the policy of each country. This COVID-19 which originated from Wuhan, China has affected the economy in its entirety from small enterprises to large-scale businesses. Everyone has the possibility of acquiring the virus whether airborne or droplet contact. Antimicrobial Products are so in demand such as 70% isopropyl alcohol, disinfectant, and the like. Who would imagine that people would even go against each other because of tissue rolls? Never in 4 decades of my life have I heard of. Grocery stores are running out of stocks of basic necessities such as food and hygiene products. Workers from different industries are on leave for the mean time. Blessed are those who gets paid even if they stay at home. And my sympathy goes to those who has to wait for assistance from the government. But until when? Oh God, bless the countries affected by Covid-19. Salute to the frontliners who unselfishly devote their time to help treat the patients who are under monitoring, under investigation and mostly to virus positive ones even if they are more prone to risks.


Having said so, the Netflix has taken the world by storm. Citizens who are at home are into Netflix Movies, American Series, Korean Series, Spanish Series, etc. And so, those who are selfish and greedy who wants to take advantage of Netflix viewing experience will HACK active accounts without the knowledge of the original user who is paying the service. Why did I say such?! Because I am a victim, myself. It happened way back, but there is high probability that the hackers will do the work these days.

Netflix in my opinion is affordable. It provides entertainment as a package specially in this pandemic season worldwide. Plan options are provided which ever is suitable to your spending capacity or maybe just your choice. As a new user, one can enjoy ONE FULL MONTH OF FREE NETFLIX. Anyone can take advantage of it, as long as the TV is wifi enabled or someones mobile phone if he wishes to.

Be aware that even your children can change the plan just by clicking “upgrade” on the screen. So yeah, you might think your Netflix account has been hacked while the real deal is, it was just an accident upgrade or just your kid’s cute little fingers who upgraded. 😇


Netflix Hacked account is when an email arrived with a message that says “NEW SIGN IN TO NETFLIX” which shows the location is different from yours such as below image:


It is necessary to check your personal email as frequent as possible. How come? I am in the Philippines, but the location it was accessed was in Venezuela? Hmm.. Fishy huh! Then the next emails I received was really shocking! 😱


Wait! What!?? Email changed? So, the moment that I will log out and try to sign in again, I will not be able to get access to Netflix again?! Then what happened next?


Password changed?! Oh you dumb ass, mothafucka, bitch, low-life!!!! And worst was, the plan was changed to Premium. Which means, amount to pay is higher than usual. Very convenient to watch Netflix huh? 😡


Contact Netflix right away! Retrieve your Netflix account!

First option, it is best that you have a Netflix application on your mobile phone long before this hacking incident happens. It is very convenient to contact Netflix’ customer service.

How to get there? Click More>Help>Help Center

You may click “Call Us” to speak to a representative to verify your concern or “Start Live Chat”. They are very helpful and change requests may take effect immediately, like changing your email. While, the change in password will be done by you. The corresponding email will be sent to the new email address as requested. See below:

Second option, if the Netflix application is not downloaded on your mobile phone, simply go to their website Netflix dot com and look for Help Center. You may find their contact number or chat with them through the website. Their number, the last time I checked was 1-866-579-7172.

Be vigilant! Give required action as needed. What could have happened if I did not discover this right away? Someone told me this is just the cherry on top. Scary is it?

I hope I was able to help you. I know you worried a bit. If I did help, please like my Facebook page for more interesting posts. Enjoy Netflix and chill!

Taiwan Trip 2019 – A VISA-FREE Couple Travel Date

We wanted to take advantage of the VISA-FREE trip to Taiwan this year; 2019. The announcement of the VISA-FREE trip was effective until July 31, 2019 only. I booked our trip to Taipei by May 2019 for June 2019 travel. Sometime in June another announcement was made that the privilege of Filipinos to travel in Taiwan VISA-FREE was extended until July 31, 2020. So, hurry now and take this opportunity!

I am close to being an OC (Obsessive Compulsive) kind of person, so, everything has to be prepared and planned in advance. I want it to be almost perfect (if not perfect). See below the pointers in your travel just like what we did or you can personalize.

Helpful websites

  1. Agoda – for the hotel booking with discounts
  2. Skyscanner – for the round trip air fare with many choices
  3. Klook – travel package, entrance tickets
  4. Several blogs and YouTube vlogs about Taiwan travel – for tips, ideas and suggestions

Planning  our trip

  1. Leave from work was filed to make sure there will be no conflicts.
  2. Booked early the air fare to have choices for lower rates. Round trip tickets to and from your choice of destination. We chose Clark International Airport, less congested and best optioninn terms of proximity from our residence. Fast travel time, because there was no heavy traffic.
  3. Booked the hotel where we are going to stay for the duration of our travel date.
  4. Planned our itinerary for the entire trip.
  5. Checked the weather in Taiwan and specific other destinations.
  6. Made a list of the stuff we needed to bring such as clothes, gadgets, travel documents,  etc.
  7. Read travel blogs and watch travel vlogs in Taiwan specifically our choice tourist spots.
  8. Booked necessary tickets, wifi device, or tour on Klook
  9. Checked-in early and printed the boarding pass so, less hassle in queue at the airport
  10. Activated debit/credit cards by calling bank’s customer service.

Useful links through Klook

4G Wifi Taiwan Pick-up 

Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, and Shifen Shuttle Bus from Ximen (with Tour Conductor) 

Yehliu Geopark Admission Ticket 

THSR One Way Ticket to or from Taichung 

Taipei 101 Observatory E-Ticket 

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Day Trip 

Taipei Double Decker Bus 

Taipei at Night with Din Tai Fung Dinner 

Taipei Pub Crawl 

Departure day

  1. Bring passports (most important)
  2. Bring boarding pass (also important)
  3. Check the list of “to bring”
  4. Secure the bags/luggage
  5. Bring debit/credit cards and cash
  6. Give 3 hours allowance before your flight schedule
  7. Bring cash for Terminal fee and Travel Tax to be paid at the airport

At Taiwan Airport

  1. Queue to immigration
  2. Claim the luggage
  3. Pick up wi-fi device (if any) (a must)
  4. Buy train ticket from airport to hotel destination
  5. Check-in at the hotel
  6. Follow itinerary

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Places we visited in Taiwan

1. Ximending Night Market in Wanhua District

In my opinion, it is A MUST to visit the Ximending Night Market. Aside from food, clothes, milk tea, shoes, accessories, there are bags here. What I am talking about is the RobinMay brand original only from Taiwan. RobinMay bags are affordable and fashionable. I bought one bag on our first visit then bought again on our next visit. They accept credit cards. They do not ship to the Philippines. It is bestto buy one when you get there. Here, you can also find the most sought HOTSTAR. It was really good. Expect a queue. It is located on the ground floor where you can see KFC at the 2nd flr. Do not worry because there are lots of claw machines where you can spend time while waiting for your assigned number at HOTSTAR. The UNIQ-LO shop there is huge. You have lots of choices. There are also lots of coffee and milk tea shops. I saw a STARBUCKS shop, if you want to buy mugs or any souvenir item with Taiwan print. You can also buy luggage from different stall there. I heard it is cheap there.

2. Sun Moon Lake in Nantou Township

Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake in Taiwan. The name is inspired by the round-shaped lake on the east side and the long and narrow lake on the west side just like the crescent moon. It is said to be in-demand, it is safer to book their hotels early. Taichung is the train station to go if you are from Taipei. We tried the High Speed Rail to shorten the trip. It would take 3.5 hours if you will take the usual train. Through THSR, we saved half of the travel time. We purchased Klook voucher here. You can have it one way or round trip. From Taichung, took a bus to Ita Thao (pier area going to Sun Moon Lake). We purschased our package tickets at Taichung. In Ita Thao, we took a boat going to Sun Moon Lake. There are a lot of activities which you and your family can enjoy. Some takes 2 days to roam around and use the packaged ticket. What we love there was the SML Ropeway. Choose the Crystal Cabin when you get there. There is also Formosan Aboroginal Culture Village which you can access through ropeway. It is a themed park with rides and shops. We did not get that package since we were not with our kids. You can watch our experience here.

3. Shilin Night Market in Shilin District

We were hungry, and the next night market to visit is Shilin. It opens from afternoon to late night. We found different stalls of food, souvenirs, game area, funky stuff, clothes and others. Milk tea? You can see a lot from left and right. I also saw TIGER SUGAR. I love boba. There was slight waiting time, but understood. I suggest, buy stuff you want to bring back home. It is cheaper compared to other spots we had been. We had Shrimp Thermidor for dinner. Good thing, this stall has a space for tables and chairs, and they have rice! You will  miss rice a bit in Taiwan.

4. Yehliu Geopark at Wanli District

Yehliu Geopark is like a garden with different rock formation. As a cactus and succulent enthusiast, I was able to see Lithops or Living stones. Get a map from the admission office to learn which rock formation it is and where exactly. I strongly suggest to go directly to the Queen’s head. There is a line to take a picture with its rock formation. Then, stroll anywhere after. Depends on the weather, but an umbrella is a must as well, rain or shine. Watch our tour here.

5. Yin Yang Sea in Ruifang District

Yin and Yang is a Chinese principle of natural concept of duality. The sea is a  mix of colors blue and yellow. It is a local belief that the coloration of the sea was due to the pollution of mining activities from the past. Therefore, it is not recommended to go near the water. We had few minutes of picture taking from across the road where the 13 Remains is located. It used to be a copper and gold smelter plant.

6. Golden Waterfalls in Ruifang District

Just like its name, Golden Waterfalls is golden on color from afar. It is also not safe to come near as it may contain toxic chemicals from the past mining activities. But, it is a very relaxing scene to witness and hear as the water falls down.

7. Jiufen Old Village in Ruifang District

The Jiufen Old Village became more popular in 2001 when the movie Spirited Away resembles the location with No Face as the ghost. It was the mountain village of gold miners from the past. As we went there, its is a narrow alley with lots of tea houses, food stalls, souvenir shops, and others can be found. Free tastes tea and food were from left and right. We enjoyed our lunch there as well with authentic Taiwanese food.

8. Shifen Waterfalls in Pingxi District

There is a train station down the waterfall which was built along side the Shifen Old Streets for coal transport. Today, it serves as a reminder of Taiwan’s history. It was another calming experience to witness the water falls down and create a rainbow effect. We had snack and a drink as we listen to the sounds of the falls.

9. Shifen Old Street in Pingxi District

This is my favorite part in our Taiwan trip. I have always wanted to fly a lantern. I was mesmerized by the sky lantern. Our Taiwan tour made it come true. My husband and I wrote our wishes. There are 4 sides available. The staff of the stall will be the one too take your pictures and video as you fly the lantern. Colors will be given with different symbolism. We picked color red.

10. Raohe Night Market in Songshan District

It was a rainy night then. We had a hard time though we brought our own umbrellas. Stalls of food, clothes, toys and gadgets can be found there as well. but I like Ximending better. So, we head back to Ximending night market after Raohe.

11. Taipei 101 in Xinyi District

The Guinness World Record 101 storey building. The Observatory Deck recommended visiting time is late afternoon. You will have a scenic view of day and night. The time we were there, it was cloudy. We decided not to go up, where you can purchase the ticket on the 5th floor. We will not be able to view the breath taking view from above. The mall has a number of branded boutiques to choose from. Watch our tour here.

12. Din Tai Fung inside Taipei 101

Xiao long bao is the star of Din Tai Fung. We had our lunch there. Din Tai Fung has resrtaurant branches in Metro Manila, but we planned to dine in Taiwan first to taste its authenticity. Expect a queue when you get there. Make it earlier. Food and service are 5 stars for me. Will definitely visit those in the Philippines.

13. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in Zhongzheng District, Taipei

CKS Hall was built in memoriam of the first president of the Republic of China; Chiang Kai Shek. You can witness the changing of the guards on hourly interval. The building is amazing and the garden is wonderful.

14. National Theater and National Concert Hall in Zhongzheng District, Taipei

Both are performing arts venue in Taipei. These 2 venues were designed like a Chinese traditional palace located inside the Liberty square. There are also cultural gallery and performing arts library where tourists can visit.

Our tour was short because of our obligations back in the Philippines. But, we really enjoyed each day spent in Taiwan. Memorable experience indeed.

Comment your experience in Taiwan and if we were able to help you with our Taiwan travel tips.

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Workaround on BDO OTP Issues When Mobile Number Is Lost

I have this mobile number for the longest time but failed to put credit or load within 120 days, and it happened. It was deactivated! I contacted the network and NO it cannot be undone or reactivated or even request a new sim with same number. NO!! My fault for not maintaining the credit. It is hassle on my part since most of my mobile app enrollment was linked on that number. And the most important one is the BDO (bank) One-time pin (OTP) is to be sent to that number. Really ouch!

We all know we can have the mobile number changed on the mobile app or on the web based bank’s site. But first, you have to activate it using your ATM card. You have to go out and enter the activation code given on the screen whether you are using the mobile application or on the web. What if you need it now?! As in, now!

Here it is, my suggestion is, log into your BDO account using the web version on your laptop or mobile, NOT through the BDO mobile app. Again, using your web browser such as Chrome or Crypto browser.

As you log-in, you will be asked to enter the OTP in which you do not have access to. Now, this is the most helpful part. Grab your mobile phone, and click the OTP generator at the bottom part of the mobile app.


Next, you will see on your next screen this,


Alright?! I hope it helps!

Since you were able to get it now, process whatever transaction, biller enrollment, add account or other features that are not found on the mobile app. Lastly, change your mobile number and visit the nearest BDO ATM to activate the change of mobile number. It should be within 45 days from request date. It should take effect within 24 hours – 48 hours after ATM activation.

If you encounter any issues, contact their customer contact center numbers at 631-8000; 1800 10 631 8000 (PLDT); 1800 3 631 8000 (Digitel); 1800 5 631 8000 (Bayantel); 1800 8 631 8000 (Globelines); +800 8 631 8000 (Int’l Access Code) or email at

It is also advisable to update your record at your BDO branch where your account is. So they know how to contact you in case they need to keep in touch.

Disclaimer: This is a workaround. The mobile number has to be changed still on your BDO account for any other applications to be used which will need OTP, such as, Gcash and others.

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Spoiler Alert! – Glorious (Catchy lines)


Eto na nga ang pinakaabangan ng karamihan, ang pelikula hatid ng IWant TFC at Dreamscape; Glorious. Bida si Angel Aquino at ang baguhang aktor na si Tony Labrusca. Una ko sya nakita sa Pinoy Boy Band. Spotted agad. 😍

Nakakaintriga ang mga romantic scenes at ang istorya. Trailer pa lang ay 2M views agad sa loob pa lang ng 3 oras. Hindi nila inaasahan ang mainit na pagtanggap ng publiko. Ang init naman din kase talaga. Hot ang aktor na si Tony at ang kanyang leading lady na kahit edad 43 (kung hindi ako mali) na ay pwede pa makipagsabayan sa mga nakababata. Panoorin ang trailer.

Ano nga ba ang istorya? Ang karakter ni Angel na si Glory ay may 3 anak na nasa legal age na. Ipinagpalit sya ng asawa nya sa kanyang sekretarya. Sumusuporta na lang sya sa kanilang mga anak. Nakilala ni Glory ang karakter ni Tony na si Niko nang tumingin si Glory/G ng lampshade na binilin ng asawa nya. Sa kasamaang palad, pangit daw ang taste ni Glory.


Dun na nag umpisa ang istorya. Binata si Niko na hindi sumuko na makipagkaibigan kay Glory. Hanggang sa nagkita sila at nagkaalaman na click naman pala sila. Kay Niko naramdaman ni Glory na maging masaya at magaan ang buhay, maalagaan at marami pang iba. Naman, kung ganun nga, hindi ka ba ma-fall? Mabuti na lang seryoso si Niko sa kanya kahit pa 22 anyos lang sya at 50 anyos si Glory. Hindi ito karaniwan. Kaya magiging laman talaga ng usap usapan ang ganung relasyon.

Mabuti na lang tanggap ang relasyon ni Niko at Glory ng mga anak nya. Di ko in-expect. May suporta pa. Sana lahat ng dadaan sa ganung sitwasyon maintindihan din ng iba. Umasa tayo. 😣

glorious movie trailer

Natural na hindi lahat ay maiintindihan o tatanggapin ang kakaiba nilang relasyon. Hindi kumpleto ang buhay pag walang kontra bida. 😁 Yun ang conflict. Panoorin nyo na lang ha. Ang mga hot scenes sa tingun ko ay Rated R. Ano nga ba ang rating na binigay ng MTRCB? May values pa rin ang movie kahit na may ganung mga bed scenes.

Eto na nga ang mga nagustuhan kong salita o linya na galing sa Glorious:

1. My beautiful sexy lola.

2. Alam mo edad lang yan, ang importante ramdam kita.

3. Siguro naghihintay ng tamang tao. Ako ba? Sulit ba?

4. Viscos – masarap at hindi nakakaumay

5. Pag may importanteng pag uusapan, kailangan disente.

6. I’ve never felt this alive in my life.

7. Hindi sya bata pag magkasama kame.

8. Magsilbi sa mahal mo.

9. Tatlong bagay na iniisip ng mga tao na basis ng relasyon na ‘to: pera, good f*ck, mother figure.

10. Kahit magkaedad tayo, kung hindi tayo magkakaunawaan, magkakahiwalay din tayo.

11. Sya lang yung nanjan para saken nung hirap na hirap nako sa thesis ko (Oh wow! This is crazy .i.)

12. How young is young pala? Mahal mo na?

13. We can’t choose the people we love.

14. Glory: Ang bata! / Friend: Syempre noh, idol kita. Mentor!

15. Niko: Sexy mo naman. / Glory: SEXY mo naman…

16. Ikaw pinakamahal ko sa lahat ng naging girlfriends ko.

17. (Talking about annulment) Gusto ko pag ipunan yun. Magkano kaya aabutin yun? Sa tingin mo, ilang ilaw, ilang cellphone o ilang spare parts ang kailangan ko ibenta para pag-ipunan KA? (whew! kung ako yan, haba ng hair ko)

18. Oo, gusto kitang pakasalan.

19. Alapo (Lola of Niko)


20. Hija, hindi mayaman ang aming pamilya. Ang tangung yaman namen ay ang aming relasyon sa isa’t isa.

21. Ang marunong umalis, matutong bumalik.

22. Sana naghintay ka muna Mia. Sana you took your time.

23. Lahat yan tatanggapin ko, kase mahal na mahal kita.

24. Kahit kailan, yun talaga ang parte ng buhay mo na hindi ako makakasali. Basta andun si Mike.

25. Wala ako sa lugar para husgahan ang kaligayahan ng aking apo.

26. Ang sa akin kang, magsabi ng totoo!

27. Bakit kailangan itago ang katotohanan?

28. Alam kong mahirap tanggapin kung anong meron kami. Pero umaasa lang ako, sana iba yung samen. Mahirap pong pigilan. Hindi ko naman sya pinilit.

29. Yung pinaramdam nya saken, kahit kailan hindi ko pa naranasan.

30. Halos ikamatay ko ang desisyon ko na manatili sa relasyon na yun.

31. Pero nung dumating si Niko, gumaan lahat.

32. Alam ko na may hangganan ang lahat. Pwede kami maghiwalay. Pwede ako mauna sa kanya.

33. Ayoko na magsisi ulit. Kaya kinuha ko ang pagkakataon na binigay saken. Yung ayokong manghinayang na hindi ko naramdaman yung ganitong pagmamahal. ❤

34. Kung talagang mahal mo sya, wag mong nakawin ang pagkakataon na para sa kanya.

35. Tibayan mo ang puso mo na huwag padala sa mga husga nila.

36. Kahit saan tayo lumipat, uulit at uulit lang to.

37. Ayusin mo ang sarili mo.

38. Kung tunay ka nyang mahal, babalikan ka nya.

All lines are in chronological order. You probably know how the story went. Worth watching! 5 stars to the actors, crew/staff, cinematography, writers and director. Credit to the Official sound tracks. It made the scenes more romantic, heavy, and all messages they wanted to convey. Congrats!

One of the Official Soundtracks available for now. I will update once available; (Magkaibang Mundo by KZ). Below is Saglit by Moira dela Torre.

I can watch it all over again. To view this digital movie, you simply have to download the new iWant mobile app for free (Android or iOS).

Questions in mind:

1. Ok ba talaga gumawa ng paso na may kahawak na kamay?

2. Babae talaga ang huhushagan sa kahit anong edad, pagkakataon at panahon?

3. Ilang Glorious ang nagtuloy at nagpigil ng mga nararamdaman nila?

4. Ilang Niko ang naging totoo? ang nanindigan?

5. Iiwan mo ba talaga kahit mahal mo pa?

Pakisagot nga po. Alin din ba ang paborito mong linya?

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(Credit to the owners of the images posted. No copyright intent.)

Salamat Maggie (one of my bffs) for sharing this movie. 🎬🎥

SCAM ALERT! Selling Stuff Online? Beware of a Scammer from Africa!!! Or Who Knows Where?

Beware of this number! +233 26 738 4580 and +233 54 357 9794

UPDATE: NOV. 24, 2018

I recently posted online an iPhone 7Plus for sale through a website called OLX. This person pretended to be an interested buyer of the said item. He sent me a message asking for my Whatsapp contact details so we can exchange messages in a more convenient way than the OLX messaging feature. At first I told him, I only have a Viber account. He insisted to communicate thru Whatsapp since he was interested in buying the iPhone 7Plus I posted. I thought he was a legit buyer.


Ok, I gave my Whatsapp number and then he sent me a message. I was reluctant from the beginning. Here are the screenshots of our conversation.






Then I got 2 emails with these content:






What are the points I noticed for possible fraud transaction?

1. What??? Pay the postage cost to the courier agent? Then I will send the iPhone to Ghana without gettung any payment. In order to get paid, I should email the scanned receipt for the activation of money then they would transfer the money within 10 minutes to my bank??? So, they want me to send the iPhone to Ghana then pay for the shipping fee?? Wow!

2. Why was it using the “outlook” email domain if the sender was PayPal? They obviously used PayPal as their means to make the seller believe that they actually transferred payment which they claimed “on hold”.


3. There was pressure in sending them the package because the money sent cannot be sent back to Mustapha since the payment has been screened.

4. The currency of the claimed money transferred/processed was not in Philippine Peso PhP instead it says INR or Indian Rupee. It is quite understood that I am in the Philippines and he is sending a payment with the amount agreed on Ph Pesos. I did not mention any other currency bank account in our convo.

5. There was a threat as indicated in red letters. That if the transaction is not done in 24 hours, you will be held responsible for violating their online monitoring rules and regulations. What???

6. There are grammatically wrong sentences, which I believe Paypal will not commit this simple “language crime”.

7. It mentioned more than twice about security/secured, legitimacy, confirmation, and safe. These words can make someone feel comfortable in dealing transactions.

What else did you notice?

As I was feeling really pissed off and felt cheated, I started to research about any scam or related incidents. I found nothing. I looked into PNP Anti-Cyber Crime in the Philippines. I searched for any contact details and sent an email to them to report the incident, seek help for possible further cyber crime, and offered help if they have any campaign. But, until now I do not receive any response or even an acknowledgment from them. Oh well!

I found these in their website as somehow related or close to what supposed to be a possible cyber crime.



My last response was:


Beware of this number or any number starting with the country code +233 and the names below. I am sure these are not their real names, but just in case you encounter these along the way, you know what to do. Number +233267384580 and Names Mustapha Azeez and Mustapha Tobi. Beware!!!

End of conversation. Nice try! I still have the iPhone with me. I hope I promoted awareness and served as a warning to everyone who may encounter related incident concerning cyber crime. Let us all be vigilant. God bless us all!

At one point, I regret that I should have pretended I am following his fraudulent activity. And see what else he got to make his victims believe. But as a mammal, my instincts brought me to defend myself from possible harm.

*The number posted is the actual phone number used to contact me to perform the possible cyber crime.

*The images above are my property.

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UPDATE: FEB. 16, 2018

Ooops he did it again!!! A random person sent me a message at Porsche’s Diary Facebook  page. He told me he was a victim of a scam with about the same scenario. I felt bad eventually. It was late for them to check online about the number used on Whatsapp. They were shocked when they found out that there was a SCAM ALERT of the same exact situation. This time the scammer was successful. Or shall we consider it a CYBER CRIME? Please enlighten me. Below are the items involved.

27934996_1539995626086262_1467543934_n 27781040_1539999286085896_89699107_n


Same thing happened, the scammer sent a message through Whatsapp then promised a payment shall be sent to the victim’s account using Paypal after the package is sent and received by the scammer. This time, the scammer received the item; a PS3 set with CDs and accessories worth PhP20,000 but was being sold online for PhP8,000 only. The address was not in Ghana anymore. Guess where? It was in La Union! The package was sent through LBC. The sender/victim is from Cebu City. The victim tried to coordinate with LBC Mabolo to hold the item for delivery. But after a few minutes, the sender/victim got a message that the item was delivered to the scammer with the said correct tracking number stated. The victim was so devastated.


tracking lbc


I sent the victim possible contact persons and numbers/email to be contacted to seek help and assistance regarding the matter. I hope this is in process for any action. I will update if any.

I have questions again in mind:

  1. So these names exist? Robert Frank? Ashley Aron Frank? Mustapha Azeez? Mustapha Tobi? How did this Ashley receive the package? Did he present a valid ID for the item to be handed over to him? Was it picked up with what identification card presented?
  2. LBC, how strict are you with your own policy ?
  3. This person is in the Philippines? Committing Cyber Crime without hesitation?
  4. Who should handle this case?
  5. When will my email to PNP Cyber Crime group be answered?
  6. Who are these people on the scammer’s Whatsapp profile?
  7. Who is the next victim?

Be vigilant! Let us spread awareness! Thanks to the person who shared his story to me. Also for allowing me to share his side of this story. He chose to be anonymous. I hope someone takes action on this.

thank you.png

Beware of this number! +233 26 738 4580

He already used different pictures on his Whatsapp account. Different from the one he used when he tried to deceive me. Are they real?


Attn: Undergraduates, Hurry! Last Chance to Finish A Degree in College thru ETEEAP by CHED

Updated as of October 25, 2018 (ETEEAP is on-going)

Have you given up your diploma in college? Can you imagine yourself in first day high again? Do you wish to finish your college degree but finds it impossible due to time constraint and soaked at work? This is the answer to the dream you have been planning all these years. You have until Summer 2018 to enroll! I learned about this Memorandum of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) only last July 2017. Read more about CMO 54 Series of 2016 the Revised Policies, Standards and Guidelines for the Implementation of the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) for Undergraduate Programs . It is supported by the Executive Order 330. Download to learn more about EXECUTIVE-ORDER-330.

According to the CHED,

The ETEEAP (Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program) is a comprehensive educational assessment program at the tertiary level that recognizes, accredits and gives equivalencies to knowledge, skills, attitudes and values gained by individuals from relevant work. It is implemented through deputized higher education institutions that shall award the appropriate college degree.

Beneficiaries must be Filipinos who are at least high school graduates. They must have worked for at least five years in the field or industry related to the academic program they are obtaining an equivalency. They must also be able to show proof of proficiency, capability and thorough knowledge in the field applied for equivalency.
While NTSP (Non-Traditional Study Program) is a self-study program wherein the student’s educational background, work experiences, and achievements are evaluated and accredited through a rating system that leads to the completion of an undergraduate and graduate degree.
A self-paced study program wherein modules, independent researches and other instructional materials are laid down by the college and administered by learning facilitators who help enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the students. The final requirement is a paper presentation based on the field of specialization of the student. (Non-Trad info from PUP, which they are offering)
In short, this is for aspiring enrollees who have not finished their degree course and are not holding a professional or managerial position. I learned about this from the POC of PUP.
never give up
These are the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and Degree Programs offered nationwide that were AUTHORIZED by the CHED for ETEEAP: (as of October 2017)
Credit to Ms. Geraldine of CHED – ETEEAP (Main Office)
Baguio Central University (BCU)
Bachelor of Secondary Education; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences
University of the Cordilleras
Bachelor of Laws; BS Crim; BS Education; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of
Sciences; BS Engineering; BS Architecture; BS Com Science; BSBA
University of Baguio (UB)
Bachelor of Arts; BSEd; BEEd; BS Commerce; BS Engineering; BS
Criminology; BS HRM; BS Computer Science
De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde
BS in Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Management
Philippine Normal University (PNU)
BEEd; BSEd; BS Math Teaching; BS Chem Teaching; BS Physics Teaching;
AB Psych; AB English; BSE in English; Bachelor in Early Childhood
Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP)
Bachelor of Applied Sociology; Bachelor in Bus Ad; AB Public Ad; AB Pol
Sci; AB Mass Com; Bachelor in Cooperatives; BS Office Admin;
Saint Joseph’s College – Quezon City
AB in Community Dev’t; BS Office Admin; BS Business Admin
Technological University of the Philippines (TUP)
Bachelor of Technology; BS Industrial Education; Bachelor of Technician
Teacher Ed; BS Computer Science
Philippine Women’s University (PWU)
BS Hotel & Restaurant Management, AB Communication Arts,
Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Advertising
AB Social Development, BS Business Administration,
Bachelor of Music Majors in Popular Music, Music Education
and Music Performance
Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila
Bachelor of Arts, BS Psychology, BS Hotel & Restaurant Management,
BS Business Administration, BS International Travel &
Tourism Management, BS Computer Engineering, BS Information
New Era University
BS in Education, BS Business Administration
San Sebastian College – Recoletos
BS Business Administration, BS Psychology,
AB Mass Communication, AB Political Science
Arellano University
Bachelor in Secondary Education, AB Psychology,
AB Political Science, AB English, AB History,
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
St. Jude College
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
St. Paul University Manila
Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Bachelor of Music in Piano/
Voice/Guitar/Violin/Marimba/Piano Accompanying/Chamber Music
University of Perpetual Help System – DALTA
Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and
Restaurant Management, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Region I
Divine Word College of Laoag (DWCL)
Bachelor of Arts; BS Education; BS Commerce; BS in Civil Eng’g
Don Mariano Marcos Mem. State University (DMMMSU)
BS Agri; Bachelor of Technology; BS Education
Lyceum Northwestern University
Bachelor of Arts; BS Commerce
Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU)
Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences
Northwestern University
BS Criminology
Pangasinan State University (PSU)
BS Education; BS Agri; Bachelor of Technology; BS Fisheries
Saint Louis College – CSFU
BS Geodetic Eng’g; BS Architecture; BS Civil Eng’g; BS Secretarial Admin
University of Luzon
BS Criminology
University of Northern Philippines (UNP)
BS Criminology; BS Nursing; BS Fine Arts; BS Social Work
University of Pangasinan (UPang)
BS Education; BS Civil Eng’g; BS Commerce; BS Nursing; Bachelor of Arts
Panpacific University North Philippines
Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education,
Bachelor of Science in Criminology
Colegio De Dagupan
BS in Information Technology, BS in Computer Science,
Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education,
BS in Business Administration
Region II
Cagayan Valley University (formerly CCT)
BS Criminology
Cagayan State University (CSU)
BSEd; BEEd; BS in Industrial Ed; AB Public Admin
Isabela State University (ISU)
BS Education; BS Agriculture
PLT College
BS Criminology
University of Saint Louis-Tuguegarao
BS Eng’g; BS Architecture; BS Accountancy; BS Information Technology;
BSEd; BEEd; Bachelor of Arts; BS Commerce
Saint Ferdinand’s College
BS Criminology
Saint Mary’s University
BS Commerce; BEEd; BSEd; BS Geodetic Eng’g; BSIT;
BS in Civil Engineering, AB Journalism,
Saint Paul University – Philippines
Bachelor of Arts; BS Bio; BS Psych; BS Math; BS Eng’g; BS Bus Admin; BS
HRM; BS in Nutrition and Dietetics; BS Information Technology; BS
Office Management
University of La Salette
BS Physical Therapy; BS Nursing; BS Criminology; BS Eng’g; Bachelor of
Arts; BS Computer and Information Science; BS Psych; BS Library
Science; BS Education; BS Accountancy; BS Bus Admin; BS in Office and
Secretarial Administration
Region III
Angeles University Foundation (AUF)
BS Administration; BS Office Administration; BS Criminology
Central Luzon State University (CLSU)
BS Education; BS Agriculture; BS Fisheries; BS Engineering
Holy Angel University
AB Industrial Psych; BSBA in Bus Mgt.; BS Office Admin
Araullo University
BS Criminology
Pampanga Agricultural College
BS Agri Eng’g; BS Agri; BSEd; BEEd
La Consolacion University Philippines(formerly Univ. of Regina Carmeli)
Liberal Arts, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Elementary
Education, BS in Business Administration
Region IV-A
Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP)
BS Nursing; BS Education; BS Com Sci; BS Accountancy
Cavite State University (CvSU)
BS Agriculture; BS Business Management; BS Agricultural Engineering;
AB Mass Communication; Bachelor of Elementary Education; Bachelor
of Secondary Education; BS HRM
Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (MSEUF)
Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences; BS Education; BS Business
Administration; BS Criminology; Engineering Programs;
BS Hotel & Restaurant Management
University of Batangas
BEEd; BSEd; AB Pol Sci; BS Com Sci; BS Engineering; BS Commerce; AB
Psychology; BS Hotel & Restaurant Management; BS Office Administration
Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BS in Business Administration and
BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management; BS Criminology
BS in Information Technology
Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc.
Liberal Arts Programs
Region IV-B
Holy Trinity University
BS Criminology
Palawan State University
BS in Business Administration and BS in Petroleum Engineering
Region V
Aquinas University
Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences; BS Commerce; BS in Business
Administration; BS in Management Education; BS Education
Ateneo de Naga University
BSBA in Management; BSBA in Financial Accounting
Bicol College
BS Criminology
Bicol University
BS Fisheries; BS Automotive Technology; BS Nursing; AB Com Arts; BS
Agricultural Technology; BS Computer Science
Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (formerly CSSAC)
BS Agriculture
Universidad de Sta. Isabel
BS Education; Bachelor of Arts; BS Commerce; BS Accountancy; BS
Nursing; BS Physical Therapy; BS Social Work
Naga College Foundation
BS Criminology
Sorsogon State College
Bachelor in Technology; Bachelor in Agricultural Technology; BS in
Agricultural Development; Bachelor of Fishery Education; BS Management
University of Nueva Caceres
BS Commerce; BS Engineering; Bachelor of Education
University of Saint Anthony
BS Criminology; BS Commerce; BS Education
Region VI
La Consolacion College – Bacolod City
Bachelor of Arts in English; Bachelor of Science in Commerce; Bachelor of
Science in Hospitality Management
Technological University of the Philippines – Visayas
BS Engineering
University of Iloilo
BS Criminology
University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos
BS Criminology; Bachelor of Secondary Education;
Bachelor of Elementary Education
Region VII
Cebu Doctor’s University
BS Computer Science; BS Biology
Cebu Institute of Technology- University
BS Education; BS Commerce; BS Engineering
Cebu Normal University
BS in Elementary Education; BS in Secondary Education
Silliman University
BS Nursing
Southwestern University
BS Engineering; BS Computer Science; BS Commerce
University of Cebu
BS Criminology; BS in Business Administration; BS Engineering
University of San Jose – Recoletos
BS Education; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences; BS Commerce;
BS Engineering
University of the Visayas
BS Criminology; BS Engineering; BS Commerce
Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education
Negros Oriental State University
BS Criminology; AB Mass Communication, BS Business Administration
Region VIII
Leyte Normal University
BS Education
University of Eastern Philippines
BS Nursing; BS Community Development; BS Agriculture; BS Fisheries; BS
Forestry; Bachelor of Sciences; BS Mathematics
Asian Development Foundation College
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Region IX
Universidad de Zamboanga
Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Elementary Education; Bachelor of Secondary
Education; BS Commerce; BS Criminology; Bachelor in Agriculture
Region X
Capitol University
Bachelor of Arts; BS Education; BS Commerce
Cagayan de Oro College
BS Criminology
Mindanao University of Science and Technolology (formerly MPSC)
BS Information Technology; BS Industrial Education; BS Engineering;
Misamis Institute of Technology
BS Marine Transportation; BS Engineering; BS Customs Administration; BS
Accountancy; AB Mass Communication; BS Computer Science; BS
Industrial Education; BS Office Administration; AB English
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology
BS Education; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences; BS Criminology
Xavier University
BS Engineering; BS Commerce
Liceo De Cagayan University
AB Economics, AB International Studies, AB Mass Communication, AB
Political Science; AB Literature and Performing Arts majors in Dance,
English Literature, Theater; BSBA majors in Financial Management, Human
Resource Development Management, Marketing Management
Region XI
University of Southeastern Philippines
Bachelor in Elementary Education; Bachelor of Technology;
BS in Forestry, Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education majors in:
Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Technology; Bachelor of Industrial
Technology majors in Automotive, Electrical, Civil and
Mechanical Technology
University of the Immaculate Conception
BS Pharmacy; BS in Elementary Education; BS in Secondary Education;
BS Commerce in Marketing
University of Mindanao –Tagum
Bachelor of Science in Criminology
University of Mindanao –Matina Campus
Bachelor of Science in Criminology
Region XII
Holy Trinity College of General Santos City
BS Criminology
Notre Dame of Marbel University
BS in Elementary Education; BS in Secondary Education; BS Commerce
Notre Dame University
BS Education; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences; BS Commerce;
BS Accountancy
Ramon Magsaysay Memorial College
BS Criminology
University of Southern Mindanao
BS Agriculture
Saint Joseph Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Commerce,
Bachelor of Science in Criminology

e learning

It is best to contact them directly for inquiries. Just like the Angeles University Foundation, it is on the list but the 2 lady personnel I have spoken to over the phone, answered that ETEEAP is not offered at their university. I called their 2 contact numbers for verification of info, I got the same answers. I did not ask further.

These are the questions I have for them in every inquiry I made:

  1. Programs offered (not all are on the list)
  2. Requirements for admission
  3. Enrollment ongoing?
  4. Tuition and other related fees
  5. Active contact number and POC for ETEEAP

Based on my experience, every school has different lists of requirements to be submitted for  ETEEAP admission. Some has a looong list and other lists are possibly you have readily available documents. What I did was search online the schools, get their emails and jot down their contact numbers until I reached the correct department. It requires patience as well.

The Higher Education Institution will require you to take an Assessment and PERSONAL interview. You must consider the proximity of your chosen HEI. Some may instruct the student to perform a demonstration/demo or practical exam on a face to face set up. And lastly, you will visit the university on your graduation day! It will be your choice if you will march towards the stage to receive your diploma. But, why not? You worked hard for it, right? So, the proximity should be considered. Agree?

laptop work school

Basically, after the assessment, interview and enrollment, the contact numbers of the professors assigned to the specified subjects will be provided. From then, the student and the professor will exchange communication as to the details of sending the modules, schedule of exams, submission of chapter tests, etc. Everything will be online since the thought of you as an employed student is considered. That is what the ETEEAP is all about.

I have inquired to the POC’s of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Angeles University Foundation, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, Mariano Marcos State University and Pangasinan State University. Each of them varies with regard to requirements and fees. Some have just been Googled but never contacted yet at this point of writing. I will update if I gather any relevant information. I hope the CHED will extend the time frame allotted for undergraduates to finally finish their studies and get that diploma everyone has dream of.

I am not the perfect person to ask further about ETEEAP, but feel free to send me a personal message or comment down below. I will try to answer as quick and as accurate as possible. If I cannot address your queries, I apologize in advance. I have also just learn about ETEEAP. (Disclaimer)


I inquired with CHED directly if the ETEEAP has been extended. They replied to visit a link with their details about ETEEAP and other downloadable forms. Please see screenshot below.


Getting this reply means the ETEEAP program is on-going. So, hurry now and follow the steps to your dreams.

Please spread the word and like my Facebook page for more. 🙂 Good luck students!


Caltex Fuels “True Power From Within” Promo! Last 10 days!


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I. Tumbler Redemption

  1. Customers need to present their receipt of participating fuel product at the station.  Receipt will be marked as “redeemed” at the back upon purchase.
  2. If a receipt has been redeemed for the promo, any excess amount in the receipt shall be void and will not be used for the next redemption
  3. Transformers 5: The Last Knight tumbler collectible can only be bought from participating Caltex station where the customer loaded fuel (same-site redemption only).
  4. Lost or damaged receipts will not be replaced or honored.
  5. Redemption of tumbler starts on June 23, 2017 until 60 days from end of promo period.

II. Raffle promo

1.  Customers must submit their entries via online registration within the promo period.

A. Customers must visit fill in the following information:

a. Salutation

b. First Name

c. Last Name

d. Mobile Number

e. Email address

f.  Mailing address

g. Postal/zip code

h. Country

i.  10-digit alpha numeric promo code


B. For Short Messaging Service (SMS), entry, Customers must key in:

CaltexT5<space>Promo Code/Mobile Number/Name/Zip Code/Address to 3456

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C. All entries are subject for verification and each promo code may only be registered once to earn a raffle entry within the promo period.

2.  The electronic raffle draw to select winners will take place at Equitable Computer Services, Inc. 2/F Maxicare Tower Bldg., 203 Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines on the following dates:

Mid-promo Draw June 20, 2017, 4PM May 15, 2017, 12:01 am – June 10, 2017, 11:59 pm 10 winners of Php 10,000 worth of StarCash
Grand Draw August 14, 2017, 4PM May 15, 2017, 12:01 am – July 31, 2017, 11:59 pm 15 winners of Php 10,000 worth of StarCash
1 Grand prize winner of 2017 Chevrolet Camaro RS A/T and Php100,000 worth of Caltex StarCash

3. Deadline of submission of entries is on July 31, 2017 at 11:59PM.

4. Drawn winners will be subject for verification. Winners will be notified through email, phone call, and registered mail. Names will also be published in the Caltex Philippines official Facebook page and official website

Winners shall be notified by phone call through Smart Special Access #7777. All complaints and queries regarding this promotional activity may be attended by Chevron hotline that may be reached by messaging to or by calling 867-7740 from 10AM to 3PM.

5. Winners of StarCash may redeem their prizes at their chosen Caltex station. The grand prize will be claimed at Chevrolet Makati – 2282 Pasong Tamo Extension, Brgy. Magallanes, Makati City.

6. All prizes are transferable but non-convertible to cash. The 20% prize taxes, car registration requirements, and other documentations related to the prize will be shouldered by Caltex. Caltex will not bear any transportation or other incidental costs incurred by the winner in traveling to the location indicated for redemption and/or for submitting proof of identification.

7. Winners should present two (2) valid government-issued IDs along with the original promo slip, and the notification letter from Caltex to claim their prize.

8. Winners will be given sixty (60) days upon receipt of notification to claim their prize. Failure to claim the prize within 60 days after the winner has received the written notification will be forfeited with prior approval from DTI.

9. Customer may win only once for the Mid-promo raffle draw but he/she will still be eligible for the grand draw.

10. All non-winning entries during the Mid-promo raffle draw will be included in the Grand draw.

11. Purchases made via Starcard are NOT qualified to join the promotion. Bulk purchases and local account transactions are qualified with a cap of Php10, 000.00 of the total amount of transaction net of any discount.

12.  Employees of Chevron Philippines, Inc., Caltex stations, their advertising, Below-the-Line, PR, and media agencies, and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of affinity or consanguinity are disqualified from participating in the promotion.

13.  Decisions made by Chevron Philippines Inc., in accordance with these terms and conditions as well as with applicable rules and regulations, on all matters relating to this promotion will be at its absolute discretion and will be final and binding on all participants, with prior concurrence of the DTI.

14.  Winners authorize Chevron Philippines Inc. to disclose and publish their names, photos and other particulars determined by Chevron to any person/s and in any mode or manner as Chevron may deem appropriate.

Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 4980, Series of 2017.

Caltex Fuels True Power from Within Promo

CHED Urges College Leavers to Finish Studies by 2018

QUEZON CITY – The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) called on students who graduated from high school prior to the implementation of the K to 12 program, as well those who have yet to finish their undergraduate degrees, to enroll in college on or before school year 2017-2018 as the country shift to a new educational system.

Through a memorandum dated 13 July 2015, CHED Chair Patricia Licuanan said that the CHED Commission En Banc passed Resolution No. 264, series of 2015 which allows students “who graduated from high school prior to 2016, under the basic education curriculum before K12, and who failed to complete their undergraduate degrees, to enroll and finish their baccalaureate degrees from SYs 2016-2017 to 2017-2018, as a ‘last chance to go to college,’ subject to the policies of their respective higher education institution.”


In a facebook post, the CHED K to 12 Transition Program clarified that the Lifelong Learner Track aims to give assistance for higher education attainment of students who graduated from high school under the old curriculum before the K to 12 reform was implemented.

“All students who enter or return to college from SY 2018-2019 onwards will be presumed to have graduated from Senior High School. If you have previously taken college courses, the college or university you enroll in may credit them, consistent with the systems and policies of individual schools in terms of crediting,” it read.

CHED also added that they commissioned the Philippine Survey and Research Center, Inc. (PSRC) to conduct a study on the potential students under the Lifelong Learner Track. “The research addresses the longstanding need for a proper study on out of school youth, and how the education sector, particularly higher education, can best respond to their needs,” they said.