My DIY Flower Vase

Literally, I did not realize that I do not have a flower vase at home. One reason could be, I am not a fan of flowers. So, when someone or my husband gives me flowers, I have to keep it. I have to put it on a vase to preserve its freshness.

I thought of making a vase out of used bottles and the sinamay (is it what it is called?) which came together with the bouquet. To add, stock pebbles and corals to add weight on the bottle.


The bouquet



Pebbles & corals


Used bottles, scissors and scotch tape


Sinamay from the bouquet, wrapped on the used bottle


Half full of water


Tadaaa! 😉

You can also use a 1.5L or 2L of used bottle if you want the flowers to be in 1 vase. It looks elegant, agree? Recycled and beautified!

What is your recent DIY? Can you share with us? 😉🌹🌻🌺

Art in Island, Awesome!!!

Art in Island is an Interactive 3-Dimensional Art Museum. It just opened in the Philippines last December 25, 2014. According to the there were 14 Korean artists who worked on the paintings in just 4 months. I bet they gave their best effort to give the Filipinos a master work of art for selfies, family and friend’s portrait. Their style of Illusion art is what made every painting exquisite. As I have seen on one of their walls; “Illusions are images that are deceptive and misleading. Combining it with art creates the impression of a 3-Dimensional object in a flat surface.” You can interact with the objects, step on it, touch it, hold it, catch it, push it, pull it, and other actions that you can think of. As oppose to other museums that prohibit picture taking. The visitors become the directors, producers, actors and audience of their own story of the image. The Trick Art Museum in Jeju Island, South Korea is the largest trick art museum. Thank you to the Korean native and Art in Island CEO Yun Jae Kyoung for putting up the biggest 3D Museum in  Asia (biggest in terms of total painted area) with 3,800 sq meter here in the Philippines.

The interest to visit Art in Island started when I saw the March promo of 50% off for 300 Facebook likes. I did all the effort to achieve the 300 likes and a friend’s (Mabee) advice to seek help from active likers group. (Thank you guys!) *Entrance fee for adult is PhP 500 and PhP 400 for students (do not forget your school id). There is 20% off for Persons with disability and Senior Citizens. Children below 3ft. are FREE of charge.

At the entrance, the staff instructed us to leave our shoes then they gave us a corresponding number of the tray with our footwear. That is to protect the art pieces since the paintings are also on the floor. Since I did a research, I brought a pair of black socks for each one of us. So we do not have to walk on our barefoot. No food and drinks allowed. No tripods. No camera flash. But you can temporarily go out of the building if you want to grab a snack or drinks at the parking area. They will stamp on your arm your temporary pass. Though there is a cafeteria at the 2nd floor and at the exit.

I won’t make this any longer.. I am so excited to share the fun we had with my family when we were there. It took us almost 3 hours to finish the tour. It was tiring that we opted to rest for a while before we continued the picture galore but over-all it was enjoyable. Try to visit Art in Island to experience the same. Until now I am in awe of the art works we witnessed.

Aquatic and Jungle Animals

Famous personalities and Van Gogh art works

Adam and Eve; Good or Bad

Falling/Hanging/Floating illusion – Going European

Religious Murals

Snowy and Christmas Theme

Mirror effects/Cuteness/Love

Magazine Mural

Damsel in Distress

Hero and Villain

Cafeteria and Exit

BE PART OF ART! Since it was a Korean Day, we had lunch at Kogi Bulgogi  in Gateway Mall. Well spent money and time with my family!

Art in Island Info:

Operating Hours: Tuesdays – Sundays and Holidays 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Address: 175 15th Ave. Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City 1109

Telephone No.: (02) 421-1356

E-mail add:




Life is Happier the Second Time Around


I can say, “God has given me another life.”

Before it was dark, I felt like a living dead. It felt abyss.

But then, I believe that there is LIGHT after DARK.

It happened! In a rush! Feel better now and ever.