Extended Summer in Boracay (Q3 2017 )

Family is the best company every where you go. How about extending the summer in August of 2017 with them? Sounds fun and relaxing yeah? My cousin went home for a vacation from Dubai to celebrate her mom’s/my aunt’s 75th birthday. 2 surprises awaited my aunt; Boracay vacation and dinner party celebration. I am very proud to say, I was part of the whole plan.







Let me start the Summer in Q3.🏖 We found this apartment in Boracay and booked our accommodation for 3 nights 4 days. 50% down payment was required to be sent before the actual booking, then the remaining balance was given soon as we arrived. I can say it really was a budget room for a group of 8 with huge space more than enough to accommodate us. 10-12 people would still be fine, I guess. (Request for extra mattress). It has its own kitchen where we cooked our meals, own dining table, own sink and own bathroom. And of course, I volunteered to cook on one of our dinner time. All of us knows how to cook, so we took turns. Our group consisted of 3 senior citizens whom I called The Single Ladies. Why? Because they are all single by default; widow. To add, 4 adults and 1 minor. I will write this post as vivid as I can remember.


Our flight was booked at different time and dates, yet same flight schedules for 2 way. Hence, the plane tix charges differed from the others. I volunteered to check-in our flights online for easy and no-hassle flight. None of us had check-in baggage, only carry-on bags. Mine and my daughter’s were back packs. I printed 16 boarding passes. We almost missed our flight from Manila to Kalibo because earlier that day, when my cousin verified the flight schedule of our plane, we were told it was at 12nn where originally it was 10:55am. Grrr… good thing I double checked at 10:20am, there was no flight changes. So, when I was able to verify the info, we hurried to the boarding gate where our names were already being called.😳 The first bus going to the plane already left.😑 It was fun though. More exciting… Imagine the single ladies (senior citizens), trying their best to reach the boarding gate as fast as they can. Yet, I advised the ground steward we were waiting for 3 senior citizens so, please bear with us. And they did. Very nice of them. 😊😔🤓

Airplane here we come! It was my daughter’s first plane ride. So, I took her pictures. Flight was delayed by about 20 minutes, so we reached Kalibo airport past 1pm. It was a peaceful flight.

At the Kalibo airport, several companies with boat and van offered us their service. Then, a lady approached me where she gave me a free lunch/dinner buffet voucher for 4 persons. She said it normally costs PhP650 per person. They are giving it for free because their hotel is new and it was part of their promotion. Good thing we were expecting free dinner! One check for budget meal 101! My cousin finally booked our van and boat service at PhP 125 per person. The trip was about 1 and a half hours from Kalibo airport to the port for a boat ride.

At the port, was it Tabon? Please tell me. It was not the famous jetty port of Caticlan. Waves were big as advised. It was a different port. One of my aunts has fear in riding a boat, I think that was dealt accordingly. Environmental fee and Terminal fee should be paid at the port before the actual boat ride, PhP 100 total. The boat ride took only 10 minutes going to Caticlan. Then by land, we took an e-jeep big enough to accommodate the 8 of us. It was another 10-15 minute ride. We had to walk for 25-50 meters (estimate) to reach our booked apartment. It has a restobar in front. We finally reached our destination and rest our feet. We had not taken our lunch yet. We went down and looked for a decent place to eat. We found Cowboy Cucina and ordered Sinigang na Tanigue sa Sampaloc, Adobong Pusit, rice and drinks. OMG the price was higher than the usual. Our famous line there, ” Anong magagawa mo nasa Boracay tayo?” 🤓😎😲😄

It was almost sunset when we got done with our late lunch. We were already tired that time. So, we went to our room and rest. We recharged for our activity the following day.

We woke up early to have a walk along the shore with my daughter, my mom and my aunt (Sanse). My other aunt (Ninang Puring) was still asleep. We had photographs from every corner they wanted. I was happy to see them happy while enjoying the nature.

I took advantage of my “ME” time. My 2 boys were at home, no mommy duties. Sometimes, we mommies should also take time to enjoy. After all, we are still individuals with personal needs.

I am sharing our pictures. My memories.. ❤


Ray-Ban Rectangle from my Dad




Had a long walk going to d’ Talipapa where you can buy seafoods, meat, veggies, souvenirs such as shirts, caps, keychains, wallet/purse, skull accessories, etc., and other grocery items you might need. There is also Paluto restaurants beside it, Dampa style. If you want fresh seafoods newly-cooked and served hot there is where you can find it. Below is my vid with my daughter as we explore Bora and d’ Talipapa.

Pretty much these are our 4 day stay in Bora. I will update if I remember more details.

Feel free to share your experiences. For first timers, ask me! I will try to answer specially about tipid tips.

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Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte Trip 2012

I am recomposing this blog post as  much as I can remember because the original post was gone from my other site. If not, the pictures can explain the adventure and fun we had.

Very early in the morning, we left for our Ilocos trip. It was only the two of us, without the kids. We spent some quality time together. (cheezy..) This is early celebration for our 1st wedding anniversary. just a month early though. We went to both Norte and Sur to maximize the trip and the budget. We had to buy a tour package because we do not know anyone who lives there whom we can ask to accompany us. Here are the destinations we enjoyed:

Patapat Viaduct

We stopped by in the middle of the road just to take some pictures. The end of the road will lead us to the northest part of the Philippines; Batanes. Since it was Ilocos trip, we did not go there. Maybe next time when the climate is good. That day was rainy and cold…

Pagudpod Beach Place (Hannah’s)

Since it was rainy and strong wind was making huge waves, we were not able to swim for a long period of time. Usually, December is not a rainy season at all, but that year was (2012). It was lunch time so we decided to order seafoods and have them (the native of Ilocos) cook our food with additional fee, just like Dampa style. We had squid, fish that I cannot remember the name, and Pakbet (Ilocos style).

Our Food (Before and After)

While waiting for our paluto (food), we strolled along the seashore and had fun taking pictures… Can you see the strong wind among the coconut trees?


This hill was highlighted/featured in one of the Teleseryes in ABS-CBN of Coco Martin with leading lady; Julia Montes. Their names were Daniel and Katarina. After our nakakabusog na lunch at one of their restaurants, we stopped by and took pictures on the Burol.


Next destination Bangui, Ilocos Norte with the famous Bangui windmills. Check out on the next post. 🙂

*Pictures were taken by our friendly tourist guide/driver Kuya Joey! 🙂


La Union: Surfing Capital of the Philippines – Extension of Summer 2015

After we had fun at Thunderbird Resorts and Casino (http://wp.me/p2z0a7-nQ) we continued to explore the province of La Union. This time in Baranggay San Juan. (Adventure was in March 2, 2015) I had the room reserved on an earlier date since I expected a bunch of people starting to celebrate their summer as well. I had to call and reserve in advance and I was glad with the kind accommodation of the personnel on the phone. I am known to be a practical person, so I chose the resort that is within our budget (not too expensive and not too cheap). The staffs were kind and accommodating with our requests. We stayed at Sebay Surf Central Resort in their 4-bed room. We traveled with my Kuya Bobot (my deaf and mute cousin). We were welcomed with free drinks, free photobooth, free Wi-Fi, free billiard game and others.

After we secured our bags in our room, we hurried to the beach! Oh! I was stunned by the breeze and the relaxing ambiance. I cannot fathom what I feel. It was just argh (Speechless). They have a restaurant/bar with pawid umbrella type in the open space. They offer Filipino food such as Ihaw-Ihaw and they also offer liquors. And there is also Live Band performing during weekends. Here are some of the pictures taken. Let these tell you more.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was my daughter and husband’s first surfing lesson. I did not try because I just gave birth thru CS (3 months ago). They said it was very tiring. And they experienced muscle pains during and after the surfing lesson. However the fun went on! In the evening, (after the swimming and all), to extend the relaxation and lessen the muscle pains, I approached the front desk and asked for a room massage. It really felt so good that after the massage you get to sleep and need not to drive home. My husband actually fell asleep during the massage session. We did not bother to wake him up. Anyway, I got up to pay for the service worth P500 each only, not bad hah.

The following day, we were bound to Benguet and Baguio for our next summer family adventure. We took some pics as we waived goodbye to the beach which brought us to serenity. (At least for a while, away from the city)

Try your family adventure at Sebay Surf Central Resort. It was not crowded. Jackie Rice was there with some friends as well. Our son; Fourth was able to say “Hello” and she reciprocated the greetings.

Sebay Surf Central info

Website: http://sebaysurfcentral.com/

Address:  2514 Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union Philippines

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sebaysurfcentral/

Mobile No.: +63917-640-1118

Phone No.: (072) 888 4075