Bohol, Philippines Adventure – Summer 2017 (Day 1)

We were late for this trip! From Cebu, we took the Star Craft Ferry. It was 1 hour ferry ride from the Cebu Port 1 going to Tubigon Port in Bohol. We overslept, probably tired because our two day trip in Cebu was jampacked with activities. We should have left the hotel earlier to make it to the first trip which was 5:45 AM. Even if we arrived at 5:45 AM, the ticketing booth was already closed to accept passengers for the first trip, instead we were for 7AM trip.

The ticketing booth is not located inside the port. It can be found outside. I had to ask the guard where it was. There was a challenge, it was still raining. As soon as we bought the tickets, the service arrived at the ticketing booth (which did not look like it was a ticketing booth but an abandoned commercial space). That service gave us a ride to the port. Nice. We did not have to run in the rain.


There are two ways to travel from Cebu to Tubigon, Bohol. First is through the Fast Ferry. It is a high speed passenger service. It is about three times higher the fare of a regular ferry. But, its first trip from Cebu Port is at 8:45AM. We wanted to arrive early in Bohol to utilize the time we have left. So, it lead us to the next choice. Second is through the Star Craft (what we availed). It is the cheapest. It cost us only PhP250 each (if not mistaken) but not 300. Then, there is Ocean Jet, its route is Cebu to Tagbilaran. It is for about 2 hours trip at PhP800-PhP1,000 each. You can check the schedules here

When we arrived in Tubigon, we took a trike going to the van terminal which brought us to another trike terminal. The fare at the van was PhP90 each. We also paid for our luggage as another person. It was cheap, thinking we had a roller coaster ride. Whew! The passengers inside the van were like in a can of Ligo Sardines; no space to move. The van even stopped in front of a waiting shed and got another passenger. What? Hubby and I were just looking at each other. Well, I want to enjoy the trip, so I just smiled.

Welcome to Bohol! Below was our itinerary. We missed those highlighted in yellow due to weather condition and time constraint.

Bohol IT 1

Soon as we arrived at Aliria Bed and Breakfast, the motorcycle we rented for 24 hours was already there waiting for us. Free delivery by Hey Joe Motor Bike Rentals as requested. You can contact them sir Tim (foreigner/business owner) at 09152781949 and 09205821355. We rented a Honda Click 125i 2016 with a rental cost of PhP700 per day. It was a new model from what I knew. It was fast and smooth to ride on. The motorcycle rental was inclusive of 2 helmets. Requirements were photocopy of driver’s license and/or passport. We were wearing another personalized shirts I made with Tarsier of print and texts “Third & Porsche explored”.



Loboc River Cruise

The Loboc River Cruise is also known as the Loboc Floating Restaurant. We were so hungry since we did not have breakfast yet from the time we left Cebu. We hurried to Loboc. It was around 35 minutes motor ride with 25km distance. Hubby took-in-charge. I am not capable of driving a motorcycle, I can only drive a car. We enjoyed the view, 25km was a little far from what I expected. When we arrived, we were given a number and waited to be called to pay our fee. When done, we were instructed where to go and which floating restaurant we should be. It was #1!

Loboc 1

Loboc 2

Loboc 3

Loboc 4

Loboc 5

Here is a video while we were at Loboc River Floating Restaurant

The food was good enough for a hungry tummy, nothing great. Yet, we really enjoyed the view, the vibe, and the quality time we spent as a couple. A live band was playing near the buffet table to entertain the passengers while on cruise. I observed, I had to ask for a refill of the dessert after it ran out before they did. We were with foreigners on that cruise. I bet they enjoyed too.

Man Made Forest

On our way to the Tarsier Conservation Center, we witnessed how awesome this Man Made Forest was. Speechless!

The Bohol Man-Made is a mahogany forest stretching in a 2km stretch of densely planted with Mahogany trees located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. Before and after you reach the man-made forest there are also naturally grown forests of Loboc and Bilar which has a thick kaleidoscope of green foliage, different kinds of trees and giant ferns lining the road. –





Tarsier Conservation Center

We got lost at first. Waze pointed out to the previous location of the Tarsier Conservation Center. We stopped by a house and asked a lady doing her chores. She pointed us to the right location. Loay Interior Road, Loboc Bohol is the new location. A fee must be paid on the entrance. Strict policies were: DO NOT touch the Tarsier and NO camera flash. Fair enough to secure the tarsiers. I observed the staff there were mindful of the tourists. They said “No” and “Excuse Me” a couple of times, when the tourist was getting near the cute endangered species. I asked how many tarsiers can we possibly see there, I was told only 10. The rest were inside the conservation area. After the experience with the tarsiers, you can buy souvenirs from their shop such as wallet, keychains, ref magnet, bags, pen holder and other stuff with tarsier in it.

An initial three-hectare area is now ready for tarsier viewing with pebbled pathways for visitors laid out around the wooded sanctuary while a thatched-roofed waiting area showcasing tarsier souvenirs has been constructed to accommodate the expected influx of visitors. Tourists can still have the opportunity to see these cute primates but the centralized effort now makes sure that stricter rules are implemented for the benefit of the tarsiers. Visitors may amble on a pebbled pathway meandering around the three-hectare mahogany forest and see the tarsiers in their natural habitat. From big to small. From reptile to primate. From monstrous to the cutest. Bohol is home to not just the world’s biggest snake in captivity but also one of the world’s smallest primates. –

Tarsier 1

tarsier 2

tarsier 4

tarsier 3

tarsier 5

The Chocolate Hills

I remember my son; Fourth when we reached there. The Chocolate Hills was already part of their lessons in school. We had to go up the designated photo taking area to get a perfect view of The Chocolate Hills. It was 214 steps! I had to stop once in awhile and catch my breath. There should have been a lift. How about the senior citizens? How can they reach the top? It felt that I cannot make it at all, but of course I did! I had this idea that on our way down, to be more exciting, there should have been a slide straight to the bottom. What do you think?

The Chocolate Hills (Cebuano: Mga Bungtod sa Tsokolate; Filipino: Mga Tsokolateng Burol) are a geological formation in the Bohol province of the Philippines. There are at least 1,260 hills but there may be as many as 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres (20 sq mi). They are covered in green grass that turns brown (like chocolate) during the dry season, hence the name. –


choco 1

I don’t look happy.. yeah? I cannot breath anymore.

choco 2

choco 3

choco 4

Pangas Falls

We never planned to get to Pangas Falls. We never knew it from that time. On our way back to the Aliria Hotel, we saw an arrow sign that says, “Pangas Falls”. We asked the tricycle drivers from the said road. It was about almost 5km, if I remember it right. Since, we had a motorcycle we wanted to give it a try anyway. At first, it was a cemented road, the next part of the road was not at all. Some part were even slippery because of the rainfall. I was glad we made it. A PhP10 fee was asked with a receipt from the Bohol government. Have a look!

pangas 1

pangas 2

Looks like a turtle right?

pangas 3

pangas 4

Loboc Church

What we saw there was ruins of the earthquake in October 2013. According to the news I watched, the Loboc Church is currently undergoing renovations. No mass service there since the earthquake for security reasons. There are still a lot of work to do.

The San Pedro Apostol Parish Church (also Saint Peter the Apostle Parish Church), commonly known as Loboc Church, is a Roman Catholic church in the municipality of Loboc, Bohol, Philippines, within the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tagbilaran.

Loboc Church before

loboc church before

Photo credit:

Loboc Church as of March 2017


Bell tower


Across the Loboc church is a vacant lot with stalls for snacks such as BBQ, balot, and others. beside where we ate was the ruins of the bell tower. There were also comfort rooms for men and women. A stop over won’t hurt. We had a nice time there.

Check this video!

Fields along Loboc Road (Random)

Appreciating nature…


Aliria Bed and Breakfast

Before we went back to our Aliria Bed and Breakfast we looked for a decent place for dinner. However, we were too tired to park, sit down and order. So, as we reached the hotel, we used their landline phone to call Jollibee for food delivery.  After dinner, shower and had the rest we deserved! Early again for tomorrow’s itinerary. Day 2 Bohol trip was the best on this trip! See my next post.


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Cebu, Philippines Adventure – Summer 2017 (Last night in the City)

Rico’s Lechon

After our long day in Oslob, we had a short rest at the hotel. See my post here. Then, we planned to spend our dinner at Rico’s Lechon where they said has the best lechon in town. Using the Uber service we headed to Rico’s. As expected, the lechon was crunchy and juicy. Relaxing ambiance there. Such an affordable rate. We left the place satisfied and with full stomach.





Cebu Provincial Capitol 

On our way to Cebu IT Park to visit my hubby’s former colleagues, we stopped by this well lit building which is the Cebu Provincial Capitol Building. It was visually pleasing to me.

The Cebu Provincial Capitol is the seat of the provincial government of Cebu in the Philippines. Located at the north end of Osmeña Boulevard in Cebu City, it was designed by Juan M. Arellano, a Filipino architect best known for the Manila Metropolitan Theater (1935), the Legislative Building (1926; now the National Museum of the Philippines), and the Manila Central Post Office (1926). An inscription on the central concave portion of its façade reads, “The authority of the government emanates from the people. Erected A.D. MCMXXXVII.” – Wikipedia


Sugbo Mercado at Cebu IT Park 

Met with hubby’s former colleagues. Hi Dane and Gee. Thanks for your time. Good thing it was a weekend. The Sugbo Mercado was open for business. It is open on Fridays – Sundays from 3pm – 12mn. It was a big tent with variety of food vendors and food choices to choose from. They invited us to check it out there. Since we were full from Rico’s, we had something light. They chose only the churros and blue lemonade since they just had their lunch as well (Lunch with BPO peeps but dinner for non-BPO citizens).  Speaking of BPO, they told us that a simple team building in Cebu has whole lechon as their food. Swimming is the usual activity and beach is the place to be. Whew! What is diet? Then, TL Dane suggested our next destination. It was nice to see you guys.



La Vie Parisienne

Want some Paris vibe? Then visit La Vie Parisienne located at Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City. On their FB account. it says, “The first French Boulangerie, Pastry Shop & Wine Library in Cebu. A great overview of tasty french wines and products.” It is best for couples, group of friends, colleagues or anyone who wants to relax. Have a sip of coffee or enjoy their wide variety of drinks from beer, liquor, wines and spirits. Listen to the music. You can choose to sit inside or al fresco. I loved it there. Thanks for your suggestion, Dane.  🙂

We had beer, pastry, fruit juice and a relaxing ambiance. 🙂


That concludes our Cebu Trip! Next days were Bohol adventures.

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Cebu, Philippines Adventure (Oslob) – Summer 2017 (Day 2)

We had to wake up early to swim with the Whale sharks (Butanding). The schedule of whale sharks watching/diving is only from 6am – 1pm. From where we were located it took us 3 hours of travel by bus. I slept once in awhile and tried hard to be up, I was interested in viewing from the bus window. We were wearing our personalized shirt. A whale shark as letter C, the rest is E-B-U to form the word Cebu! And a calligraphy font of Oslob above it. Check out the Facebook page of my printing biz.



This is the itinerary we had during our Oslob tour. Feel free to copy and ask me anything about this trip.

Cebu IT 2

Map of Oslob, Cebu



Whale shark experience

When we got off the bus, there were people who invited the tourists to go to their respective resorts. We chose the nearest one. Aside from PhP500 fee each for whale shark experience (gear included) an additional of PhP100 as locker fee. We put our stuff there since it cannot be brought with us to the boat. We brought our own snorkeling gear. While, PhP1000 whale shark experience fee for foreign nationals. We walked few meters from the resort (about 30m) going to the whale shark diving spot. A short briefing was conducted. We were told not to touch the whale shark and there is a 5m distance required. Also, sunblock lotion application was not allowed for the protection of the whale sharks. You can find a shower area to wash off the lotion in case you already applied.

oslob 1

oslob 2

We waited for our number to be called to ride our assigned boat. We were 2 couples and 2 siblings in the boat, total of 6 paying tourists. There were 3 boatmen with us. The motor of the boats was off because according to the boatmen, it would drive away the whale sharks. The whale shark diving experience lasted for 45mins. I noticed, everywhere we go, there were really lots of foreign tourists specifically Koreans. They love the Philippines. Just a happy thought.

oslob 3



The waves were strong. We could hardly swim. We were also not allowed to swim far from our boat, only few meters away. It was really a great, wonderful, unforgettable experience. We smelled fishy after the activity. Good thing there was a shower area to wash off.

View our whale shark experience here

Tumalog Falls

After the whale shark experience, a lot of Habal-habal drivers approached us and offered their service going to Tumalog falls, Kawasan Falls, and Heritage. We had a deal with one of them, both of us for PhP120 each going to Tumalog Falls plus PhP50 each going to Heritage (Oslob Town Proper). It was about 15mins ride going to Tumalog falls from the whale shark diving spot. What made this ride more exciting was, our Kuya driver was texting and talking on the phone with only one hand driving. I had this heart pounding moments while on his ride.  Not once, not twice.. nyahaha..

Before we reached the Tumalog Falls, there was another habal-habal with PhP50 fee to bring us to the spot. We refused and decided to walk down there and walked our way back. There were steep slopes there. It was breathtaking and tiring specially I am not an athletic person, but I survived! You can walk down one way then ask for habal habal on your way up. They wait anyway near the falls. Shower room for a decent bath can be done here. Just give a donation for maintenance. Our habal-habal driver waited for us with the rest of other habal-habal drivers. It was a deal, no matter how long you stay in Tumalog falls. Lucky for those who had passengers who took only pictures then left at once.

We took some time there and enjoyed nature as I felt like a “DYOSA” with water falls around me. I should have brought a white dress made of lace with flowers on my head for picture taking purposes. Take it as a tip ladies. The water was cold, like that of from the fridge. The sand was powdery so water can get hazy. There were rocks/stones, have a footwear if you intend to swim.

Trivia: Tumalog falls was the first falls I have ever seen in my entire existence as of this time of writing. 🙂


tumalog falls 2

We might try next time the Kawasan falls since it requires good physical condition because it has canyoneering activity. It surely is fun-filled and exciting.

Watch our Tumalog Falls experience here


From the Tumalog Falls, with our hired habal-habal, we went straight to the Heritage (Oslob Proper). Then, that ended our habal-habal deal. First stop was Cuartel.

Cuartel is an unfinished building made of coral blocks resembling a Spanish-era barracks. This was intended to be the cuartel, barracks for Spanish soldiers or guardia civil. It was started about 1860, but remained unfinished at the end of Spanish occupation in 1898. – Wikipedia





Church of the Immaculate Concepcion

Just across the Cuartel is the Church of the Immaculate Concepcion.

The present-day church of cut coral stone was started in 1830 and finished 18 years later. The church was burned down during the Second World War liberating Philippine Commonwealth troops and Cebuano guerillas against the Japanese in Oslob in 1945, and 1955 but was eventually restored. – Wikipedia




The Baluarte (Spanish for watchtower) of Oslob was built in 1788. Its main purpose was to provide a safe place wherein guards could observe the surrounding area. It was a part of the defense system in dispelling the Moro raiders of the past, which included 6 other watchtowers along the coastline of Oslob. Just near the cuartel, are the ruins of an ancient watchtower. So effective was this system that in 1815, the townspeople of Oslob were able to repel one such attack and remain at peace ever since. – Wikipedia





You can also find Father Julian Bermejo Shrine facing the sea near the Baluarte.



Calle Aragones

Oldest street in Oslob was named after the Parish priest, Fr. Jose Aragones during the spanish era.



A school and town hall can also be found here named after the Philippine National Hero; Dr. Jose P. Rizal.


That concludes our Oslob adventure!

From Calle Aragones, we had to stop for a quick snack in this burger stand because we were hungry for lunch time. We waited for our bus here going back to the terminal near our hotel. It took us almost 4 hours. I did not know why. Maybe the bus was slow. Posted here was our personalized shirt made by me. Check out


After 4 hours of travel, we figured out we were I think a kilometer away to the hotel from the bus terminal. There was heavy traffic. Instead of being bored while in a jeepney ride, we decided to walk our way back. Then, we found some interesting food stalls and gave it a try. I also found a Cebu Lechon food chain near these stalls.




I appreciated more my country; Philippines. There is more than meets the eye. If you haven’t been here, come and discover the beauty of Cebu. We planned to go back in Cebu, to Bantayan island. If God permits, I wanna go skydiving!!!

Back to our hotel room after a long day. Next day, we went to Bohol through Super Cat from Cebu Port. Check my Bohol Tours. Following this post, was our last night in Cebu!

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Cebu, Philippines Adventure – Summer 2017 (Day 1)

As a couple, we have been to places but never been into a flight together. He flew before and I did too. But we never knew each other yet that time. So, first time to fly in a plane together would be exciting, I think. Plus, it was hubby’s birthday.

First destination, the airport! There were no flights available to Cebu from Clark which we preferred, given the distance from Bulacan where we live. Good thing our flight was at 5:50am so we left at 2am going to Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The kids were safe with my aunt; Sanse Ine, cousin; Kuya Bobot and mom; Susie. We arrived at 3am because no heavy traffic came our way. We were early of course. Already web checked-in few days before the flight so we went straight to the baggage check-in counter at once. We had so early breakfast at Mini stop in the airport. Big chicken part! Airline was Cebu Pacific, one-way tix on promo for both of us. I prayed hard not to have any issues. Thank God nothing such happened. We witnessed the early morning sun and it felt really good. I was sitting near the window. View from up above was really great while on flight.




Second destination, Cebu! We were very happy to know that our cab ride going to our hotel was for FREE! Sponsored by Uber (worth PhP500) or Grab (worth PhP300). It really amazed me. Was it partnership between these two companies and the Cebu airport management? Our ride was worth PhP279.00 because our hotel is situated in Osmena; The Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. And yes, we experienced heavy traffic just like in Manila. We were in Cebu City, but of course we enjoyed the trip to the hotel and chat the Uber driver about his daily experiences driving within Cebu. He was interesting to talk to. Our hotel is located practically to everything we needed from mall, fast food chain, peddlers, bus station, port, etc.  Another thing, our 3 days, 2 nights accommodation was FREE! Another story for that; but I can say, one of the many perks of a blogger. Let me know if you want to have the same so I can give your name to this vacation club. Voucher is valid in Cebu, Davao, Boracay and Metro Manila.😉 The shirts we wore in the entire trip was made by me. Personalized thru Check it out!


hotel posting


It was raining when we arrived. We had an itinerary to follow yet we had to change a bit. We skipped the first one since we were still carrying our luggage and bags. So, straight to the hotel. Below is our itinerary. Feel free to copy or ask me about this. (Highlighted in Yellow were skipped, due to weather condition. Whew! Of all the days, why on our tour?)

Cebu IT 1

Next, we had an adventure while walking from one place to the other. See the pictures below!

Fort San Pedro

From the hotel, we took a jeep going to Fort San Pedro! It was raining cats and dogs. How come rain poured on the first week of summer month? Anyway, it was like Fort Santiago in Manila. Walls and flooring were remarkable. I was stepping on hundreds years of age structure. I bet we had a better view if only it was a sunny day.

Fuerte de San Pedro is a military defence structure in Cebu (Philippines), built by the Spanish under the command of Miguel López de Legazpi, first governor of the Captaincy General of the Philippines. It is located in the area now called Plaza Indepedencia, in the pier area of the city. The fort is triangular in shape, with two sides facing the sea and the third side fronting the land.- Wikipedia

fort san pedro posting


Malacanang sa Sugbo

On our way to the Magellan’s Cross we passed by this building. Not sure if it is abandoned. For what it’s worth, it was a spot.

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