Pork/Beef Siomai: What Everyone Craves For!

I have never tasted any Siomai in my childhood days. I was never interested and never craved for it. I usually see it in Chinese Restaurants that we dined in. Some people love it, but I did not pay any attention.

In one of the occasions we had (I forgot what that was) visitors came and brought their gifts. One of them was a tray of Siomai. Since it was there, I gave it a try. Just one, then two, then three and I stopped counting. It was really good. A relative made it and brought it for us. My mom got interested in it and asked for the recipe. That Uncle of mine shared his Siomai recipe without hesitation.

After few days, my mom tried the recipe and Presto! It’s really delicious. My mom made a dip; toyo (soy sauce) and calamansi. It became the most requested recipe for that time. I watched my mom when she makes it. I learned the recipe by observation. Good for me, yeah?! After some time, my mom left for Germany. I was left with cravings for the recipe. Until I decided to try it on my own. Why not?

What do you think happened? It went really good. I experimented on the dip. I made it spicy! It was fun and fulfilling. I tried selling it while in college. Guess what, everyone loved it. Then I continued making it. More people ordered for personal consumption and even sold it in their restaurants. I felt like a successful business woman at that point of time. I was earning while in school and at the same time getting remittances from my mom and dad.

It continued until I graduated, when I worked, and until the present time. I ventured and still venturing on sauce and Siomai recipe variations.

To those people who tasted it, please feel free to leave comments in here. I would really appreciate. Can you still remember these?

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Date to Remember


My husband and I are celebrating our 3rd year of being together as a couple. September 11, 2009 it was, when we first exchanged our love to each other. We thought of trying something new to our palate. He searched for restaurants in Quezon City and found a very interesting one within Quezon City. Gayuma ni Maria it is. We are located in Bulacan at the moment so we do not want to go farther than QC. Here it is. I took some pictures of the place because I know I will surely post and share this day to the world.

We’ve never been to this place. But we never had a hard time looking for it. I admit we used Google maps and Navigation until we reached our destination. The parking area can accommodate 6 cars. It is hardly noticeable if you do not know the place. But to give a tip to the visitors, It is located just beside Silong Spa and Salon in Sikatuna Village, V. Luna, Quezon City. Business hours is 10am until midnight from Monday to Sunday. This is the google map link.


Their menu is quite different because it suggests a different title for their food. I always prefer beef menu so I ordered the Secret Lovers.  What is it? From the menu it says, “Rich braised beef pot topped with mashed potatoes and served with rice.” The menu description is hard to read though because of its small cursive font style. Then my husband ordered Nilasing ni Eba si Adan. Descriptions says, “Get that tipsy high in this pork loin dish in a ??? made of beer and apple.” Drinks available are Coca-Cola Products by the glass. Our palate is not disappointed with the food taste. Aside from that, it is affordable. We had all of this for only PhP615. The desserts are not written on the menu. The server will just let you know what sumptuous treats they have in the refrigerator which you can see in the dining area. What we had was Better than Sex. That is the name, seriously. I just pointed my finger to that slice of cake and the server told me the name. And woooo no offense or MTRCB rating, it tastes really good. After the meal, we did not stay that long because we have other places to go to. By the way, the servers are friendly and informative when I asked about reservations in the Function area, I rate them 5. Perfect! The quality of service is important to us because next to quality of food it is what the business is all about.

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