Art in Island, Awesome!!!

Art in Island is an Interactive 3-Dimensional Art Museum. It just opened in the Philippines last December 25, 2014. According to the there were 14 Korean artists who worked on the paintings in just 4 months. I bet they gave their best effort to give the Filipinos a master work of art for selfies, family and friend’s portrait. Their style of Illusion art is what made every painting exquisite. As I have seen on one of their walls; “Illusions are images that are deceptive and misleading. Combining it with art creates the impression of a 3-Dimensional object in a flat surface.” You can interact with the objects, step on it, touch it, hold it, catch it, push it, pull it, and other actions that you can think of. As oppose to other museums that prohibit picture taking. The visitors become the directors, producers, actors and audience of their own story of the image. The Trick Art Museum in Jeju Island, South Korea is the largest trick art museum. Thank you to the Korean native and Art in Island CEO Yun Jae Kyoung for putting up the biggest 3D Museum in  Asia (biggest in terms of total painted area) with 3,800 sq meter here in the Philippines.

The interest to visit Art in Island started when I saw the March promo of 50% off for 300 Facebook likes. I did all the effort to achieve the 300 likes and a friend’s (Mabee) advice to seek help from active likers group. (Thank you guys!) *Entrance fee for adult is PhP 500 and PhP 400 for students (do not forget your school id). There is 20% off for Persons with disability and Senior Citizens. Children below 3ft. are FREE of charge.

At the entrance, the staff instructed us to leave our shoes then they gave us a corresponding number of the tray with our footwear. That is to protect the art pieces since the paintings are also on the floor. Since I did a research, I brought a pair of black socks for each one of us. So we do not have to walk on our barefoot. No food and drinks allowed. No tripods. No camera flash. But you can temporarily go out of the building if you want to grab a snack or drinks at the parking area. They will stamp on your arm your temporary pass. Though there is a cafeteria at the 2nd floor and at the exit.

I won’t make this any longer.. I am so excited to share the fun we had with my family when we were there. It took us almost 3 hours to finish the tour. It was tiring that we opted to rest for a while before we continued the picture galore but over-all it was enjoyable. Try to visit Art in Island to experience the same. Until now I am in awe of the art works we witnessed.

Aquatic and Jungle Animals

Famous personalities and Van Gogh art works

Adam and Eve; Good or Bad

Falling/Hanging/Floating illusion – Going European

Religious Murals

Snowy and Christmas Theme

Mirror effects/Cuteness/Love

Magazine Mural

Damsel in Distress

Hero and Villain

Cafeteria and Exit

BE PART OF ART! Since it was a Korean Day, we had lunch at Kogi Bulgogi  in Gateway Mall. Well spent money and time with my family!

Art in Island Info:

Operating Hours: Tuesdays – Sundays and Holidays 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Address: 175 15th Ave. Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City 1109

Telephone No.: (02) 421-1356

E-mail add:




Motherhood (A Proud Mother of Three)

Motherhood according to ; 1. The state of being a mother.; 2. The qualities of a mother.; 3. Mothers considered as a group. While my own definition of motherhood are: 1. Love.; 2. Sacrifice.; 3. Joy in my heart.; 4. My life.

My 3rd pregnancy

My 3rd pregnancy

The image above is the only pregnant pic I have. Since that was the last time I got pregnant, I took one as a remembrance. I was not comfortable to capture my big belly.
I am a mother of 3 beautiful and smart kids. They are my life. Although they are also the cause of my stress at home but I enjoy every moment with them, while they are young and dependent. Hearing them utter, “Mommy…” has been giving me immeasurable happiness and self-fulfillment. Each of my children during delivery, tears fell down from my eye.

Ate Cheska, Kuya Fourth and Baby Fifth

At Present
My kids are really good and independent. As of this writing, my eldest; Cheska at 9 can already wash the dishes (not just glasses), laundry her uniform in school, sweep the floor, cook rice, cook some dishes with my supervision, can take care of her 3 year old brother and looks after her new born baby brother (2 months old). She carries him to burp and even change diapers when needed. At 7 she can already cook rice with or without using a rice cooker. Really amazing! In school she has been an awardee and excellent on her academics. For 3 consecutive years she is a placer at BULPRISA (Bulacan Private Schools Association) on Declamation. Level 1 when she was on 2nd grade and 3rd grade and Level 2 on her 4th grade. Year 2013 and 2014, she ranked 3rd in Declamation. She gets her prizes every time she wins. My son; Fourth is 3 years old. He loves his baby brother so much. No sign of jealousy that we have a new baby at home. Maybe also because I prepared him, when I was pregnant. After he plays he can put back his toys to where it should be kept without me telling him. He can count up to almost 100.. he just stops and says “agod na” (pagod na). He can wear his clothes on his own after taking a bath. Yet he does not love rice, I have to force him to eat rice on occasional cases. To add, he has initiative to throw dirty diapers of his baby brother. Our youngest at 2 months can’t do much yet, but he is the joy in our home now. He has dimples and mestizo. I can see a bright future for my kids. Given the chance, I want to send them in at one of the top 3 universities of the country.
Baby Fifth @ 2 months

Baby Fifth @ 2 months

The History
With my eldest I didn’t know I had to undergo C-section. I stayed in the labor room for 7 hours waiting for the 10 cm thing to open up. It did not happen. Water bag broke and finally based on the internal examination, the baby was on breech position. I was rushed to the operating room to undergo a cesarean section. Recovery was fast. I was able to walk the next day, which my mom and aunts were telling me not to do so. I even wanted to walk going to the nursery room to view my baby girl. She was 51 cm in length and weighed 5.4 lbs.
Cheska @ 5 months

Cheska @ 5 months

With my son; Fourth, after 6 years I was scheduled for CS, on our chosen date within my 39th week of pregnancy. It went well, though the recovery was not easy. It took me few days before I was able to walk on my own, and it was even slow. The baby was a bit yellowish but we refused to leave him on the hospital. My husband exerted effort to expose baby Fourth under the sun every morning, then his color became normal.
Kuya Fourth few days old

Kuya Fourth few days old

With my youngest; Fifth, after 3 and a half years I was scheduled again for CS. This time it is another different experience. The operation went well but while I was in the recovery room, I felt the itchiness from my face to my arms, my shoulders, neck and going down with a gap of several minutes. The nurses said, it could be the effect of the anesthesia. Then when I was ready to be brought back to my room, I felt the blood flowing heavily. I was wearing a diaper then. But the diaper leaked twice and even stained the sheets twice also. My cousin Dolly who was there with my husband assisted the nurses who were handling my condition. It was only Christmas 2014 when my cousin Dolly told me that I almost suffered from uterine atony. It is continuous excessive bleeding which possibly lead to death. (I will write about uterine atony soon for reference). So thank God the blood did not flow heavily for a longer period of time. I am glad my children still has a mother.
New born baby Fifth

New born baby Fifth

So  much sacrifices yet really worth it. I love my kids. You are all Mommy’s source of happiness.

Maling Relasyon sa Call Center, Laganap

Ang Pilipinas na yata ang isa sa mga bansang maraming call centers. Bukod sa malaki ang porsyento ng  magagaling sa Ingles na Pinoy, kayang kaya naten mag-adjust at mag-adapt sa kultura ng ibang bansa gaya ng Amerika, Australia at United Kingdom.  Ito ang industriya na nagpa sweldo sa akin para makabili ng gatas, diaper, gamot, pagkain, damit, bayad sa bahay, pampaaral at iba pang pangunahing pangangailangan. Dito rin ako nagkaroon ng mga bagong kakilala at kaibigan.  Kaaya-aya ang sweldo at benepisyo sa call center kaya kahit na gising sa gabi at tulog sa umaga ay tuloy lang ang trabaho. Tapos man ng kolehiyo o hindi ay walang diskriminasyon, lahat ay pantay-pantay. Tanggap din sa mundong ito ang mga taong nabibilang sa LBGT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual at Transgender). Ako mismo ay may mga kaibigan na gaya nila na hindi ko pansin ang kasarian dahil mabuti silang tao at masaya silang kasama.

photo credit:

Masasabi kong nabilang ako sa tatlong (3) magagandang call centers sa bansa. (Hindi ko na babanggitin) Bukod sa may kaalaman na sa pananalitang Ingles ay nahasa pa ako ng mabuti. Bawat pagsasanay (training) ay panibagong kaalaman. Marami rin na mga incentives gaya ng mga appliances, gadgets, kabuhayan showcase, Sodexho gift certificates, Starbucks GC, libreng sine, libreng jacket, tumataginting na libo libong pera, libreng byahe o bakasyon sa Pilipinas man o sa ibang bansa  at iba pa. Benepisyo gaya ng health card para sa empleyado at sa kanyang pamilya, allowances, loan eligibility, buwanang hulog sa SSS, Philhealth at Pag-IBIG Fund, sick leave, vacation leave, emergency leave, paternity leave, maternity leave at iba pa. Kasama na ang oportunidad na ma-promote at umangat ang sweldo para sa mga karapat-dapat na mga empleyado na magagaling at may taglay ng mga katangian ng pagiging leader.

Sa aking mga nabanggit, yan ang maga dahilan kung bakit marami ang nagkaka interes magtrabaho sa call center; mataas na sweldo, maraming insentibo at mga benepisyo. Hindi ba ang gusto naten ay mabigyan ng maayos na pamumuhay ang ating pamilya? Gusto naten sila makita na masaya at malusog sa pamamagitan ng pagkakaroon ng masarap na mga pagkain, maayos na tirahan, maayos na edukasyon sa mga anak o mga kapatid, minsan maging mga pamangkin  at sana paminsan-minsan ay makapaglibang din naman.

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May mga samahan na nabubuo na humahantong sa mabuting ugnayan. Isang dalaga, isang binata na nagkakilala, nagkamabutihan, ikinasal at nagkaroon ng pamilya. Ito mismo ay nangyari sa inyong lingkod. Galing sa S (Single) na status sa payslip ay naging M (Married).

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Ngunit bakit minsan may mga nakakalimot ng dahilan kung bakit nagbabanat tayo ng buto? Dahil sa mga bagong kakilala na kasabay ng tulog at gising, kasabay ng araw ng pasok at oras ng pahinga, kasabay sa Lunch (ang tawag sa oras ng kain kahit gabi) at sa break, kasabay sa yosihan, kainuman after shift, ka-over night sa team building, nahuhumaling ang mga tao sa bagong relasyon at nakakalimutan ang pamilya na naghihintay sa bahay.

Sa mga taong nasa mundo ng call center, alam na alam naten yan. Magka-“team”, pareho ng account, o taga ibang departamento o taga ibang call center ay nagkakaroon ng bawal na relasyon. May asawa at anak si babae-binata si lalake, may asawa at anak si lalake-dalaga si babae, may asawa si lalake-may asawa din si babae, ganyan ang mga uri ng bawal na relasyon ang makikita sa floor. May mga nakita na tayo na naghiwalay ang tunay na mag-asawa, kawawa naman ang mga anak na walang kamalay-malay sa nangyari. May mga iilan na nagkaoon ng tamang desisyon na mag-stick sa original. Parang kapag nasa call center, malaya na ang lahat. Tama lang na huwag makialam sa buhay ng ibang tao, pero kung may pamilya na maiiwan o nakakawawa, hindi na yata tama. HINDI LAHAT NG MASAYA AY TAMA. HINDI LAHAT NG GINAGAWA NG KARAMIHAN AY TAMA.

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Merong mga insidente na nagalit at nag eskandalo si asawang babae o si asawang lalake, naiintindihan naten sila. At syempre usap-usapan sa floor yan. Meron din naman mga tahimik lang at parang walang alam o baka nga wala silang alam. Kilalang-kilala na ang industriya ng call center na may mga nasirang pamilya, nasirang relasyon, nasirang tahanan.

Wala bang gagawin ang mga call center para kahit papaano ay mabawasan ang mga pamilyang Pilipino na nasisira? Business interest nga lang ba ang iniingatan? May parusa sa nag-release ng call, nag-transfer sa ibang department, absenteeism, bagsak sa score card, at iba pa. Wala yata ako nakita na nabigyan ng papel dahil nakipagrelasyon sa may asawa. Kung hindi pinagbabawal, ibig-sabihin legal? Ilang pamilya pa ang masisira dahil sa malaya at laganap na bawal na relasyon?