Claypot Making in Ilocos, Philippines

We witnessed this claypot making in Ilocos and captured a video to share to others who are interested in viewing it. Enjoy!

Cape Bojeador, Ilocos Trip in 2012

It was a very cold day. I made sure I have extra clothing to give me warmth (aside from my partner). This is Cape Bojeador Lighthouse is also known as Burgos Lighthouse. Up to this date it still serves the international ships as a guide and welcoming beacon to those who enter the Philippine territory. It guides them safely away from the rocky coast. It is 66 foot tall octagonal stone tower and not the highest lighthouse as the belief goes. These are the pictures taken.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, Ilocos Norte Trip in 2012

It was like a huge chalk! So pure and white in color. It is located in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. It was where one of Vic Sotto’s movies was shot. There is a part where there it is like a hundred island scenery. The rock formation were built through time under various weather condition and oceanic forces. We enjoyed the feel of nature; the wind, the water, the rock, the sky and all the little things there. I’m sorry I cannot remember that much. Just please view the pictures, and they will explain all.

Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte Trip 2012

I am recomposing this blog post as  much as I can remember because the original post was gone from my other site. If not, the pictures can explain the adventure and fun we had.

Very early in the morning, we left for our Ilocos trip. It was only the two of us, without the kids. We spent some quality time together. (cheezy..) This is early celebration for our 1st wedding anniversary. just a month early though. We went to both Norte and Sur to maximize the trip and the budget. We had to buy a tour package because we do not know anyone who lives there whom we can ask to accompany us. Here are the destinations we enjoyed:

Patapat Viaduct

We stopped by in the middle of the road just to take some pictures. The end of the road will lead us to the northest part of the Philippines; Batanes. Since it was Ilocos trip, we did not go there. Maybe next time when the climate is good. That day was rainy and cold…

Pagudpod Beach Place (Hannah’s)

Since it was rainy and strong wind was making huge waves, we were not able to swim for a long period of time. Usually, December is not a rainy season at all, but that year was (2012). It was lunch time so we decided to order seafoods and have them (the native of Ilocos) cook our food with additional fee, just like Dampa style. We had squid, fish that I cannot remember the name, and Pakbet (Ilocos style).

Our Food (Before and After)

While waiting for our paluto (food), we strolled along the seashore and had fun taking pictures… Can you see the strong wind among the coconut trees?


This hill was highlighted/featured in one of the Teleseryes in ABS-CBN of Coco Martin with leading lady; Julia Montes. Their names were Daniel and Katarina. After our nakakabusog na lunch at one of their restaurants, we stopped by and took pictures on the Burol.


Next destination Bangui, Ilocos Norte with the famous Bangui windmills. Check out on the next post. 🙂

*Pictures were taken by our friendly tourist guide/driver Kuya Joey! 🙂