Nagoya, Japan Tour 2019 – SAHM Goal Achieved

It took me a while to leave for Japan due to some personal reasons. I got my Japan Visa in June 2019 but I was able to travel in September 2019 (almost the end of visa validity). However, it was God’s grace that this trip came into a reality.

Please read here on How to Apply for a Japan Tourist Visa. I do not mean to discourage the visa applicants, yet it was not true that it was easy. As I  mentioned on the post about visa application, while waiting for my turn, 2 applicants were denied of Japan Visa. They were told to apply after 6 months if they wish to. It is imperative to be very careful with the requirements and specifics such as the A4 size paper, the info on the forms should be consistent, the itinerary and others. When you follow the guidelines appropriately, it will be easy to acquire your dream visa to Japan.

Let us move on! I realized, when you travel, it is important that you know what is your purpose on that specific trip. For example, personally, I want to take a rest from the house chores, and all that there is in being a Stay at Home Wife for years. Can you relate? Comment down if you do. Tell us more about it. Who understands me on this sentiment? Having said so, I did not intend to go to Disneyland or the like. I want to be there with my kids. I was more on, having peace; walk in the park; experience eating authentic Ramen, Sushi and Yakiniku; experience the transportation system in Japan, shop chocolates, buy at least 1 branded bag and whatever I could think of. I wanted to see Sakura but it was not the season anymore of Sakura or Cherry Blossoms since it blooms in March, I traveled in September. So, I need to go back!

I was and is still very thankful to my friend Eloi and his husband Bong for accommodating me in their humble abode. I had a nice time with the kids too. I was able to stay in a house which is not just Japan-inspired but a Japanese house in reality. I had culture immersion on how it is to live in Japan. And how it is to live in a residential area with Japanese neighbors. How quiet it can be. That was indeed one of the great experiences on my first travel to Japan!


Their transport system is very organized. You can travel with ease. Why did I say that? Everything is ON TIME. You know when the train and the bus will arrive and leave. No pushing, everyone is calm while entering and alighting the train and bus. Japan has different reloadable cards where you can use at the bus and train ride and even 7/11, Family mart and Lawson stores to purchase food and other you might need along the way.

There was just a slight challenge because only few people speaks English. What I can advice is to download Google Translate and make use of Google maps on your mobile phone. These 2 mobile applications can be very useful in your travels not just in Japan. You can travel Japan with ease. And do not forget to book wifi device on Klook as it will be very useful as you travel all over Japan. Choose the one that offers unlimited data.

Want to know another reason why I said that you can travel with ease in Japan? My friend for some unexpected reason was not able to pick me up at the airport on my arrival date.  Something came up from her work. I have nothing against my friend. In fact, it was an exciting one. I arrived at Chubu Centrair International Airport a bit earlier than expected, around 8:20PM. It was also a good one that airports in Japan have strong internet connection. We were able to call each other on Facebook Messenger from the moment I queue at the immigration, which way to the exit, where to buy train tickets, which train to ride, which station to go, until she arrived on that train station.

The pocket wifi I ordered, was late for delivery at their house, reason why I did not have it yet with me. And the counter at the airport closes at 6PM, my arrival was supposed to be almost 9PM, so I ought to have it delivered at their house. The Japanese Telco immediately reply and refund for 2 days (days late) is in process going back to my Klook account. Thank you!


Intro is over! What did I do in Japan? Where did I go? What food did I try?

Gusto Cafe in Higashiura, Obu, Aichi Prefecture

I left our house in the Philippines with my husband; Third at around 8AM. We had brunch in Cubao while waiting for the P2P bus going to NAIA. My last meal was 10AM. I only had crackers while on the plane. It was almost midnight in Japan, guess what? I was so hungry then. Eloi brought me to Gusto Cafe. I was so amazed with everything there. My ignorance hit me. But I like it. I want to learn and discover new things, specially in Japan; a first world country. I let Eloi order for me. Then, she added the Drink Bar where you can have unlimited or bottomless flavored coffee, flavored juice, flavored tea, flavored soda and chocolate drink with added flavor. Your choice if you want it hot or cold, amazing isn’t it? Since, I liked it a lot there. I went there again, alone and planned to compose a blog post or anything that I can write. It was cozy there and serene. It was there that I film my review of Japan Trip 2019 and how to order without knowing Nihonggo.

Little World Museum of Man in Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture

My experience with my friend Eloi in Little World was fun and unforgettable. The moment I arrived in Japan, I kept saying, “I’m in Japan”. I could not believe it. Eloi, would just stare at me and smile. She understood that I was happy to be with her in Japan. I read on some blogs that you can have a passport to go around the world inside the Little World and have it stamped by yourself in every country then, you can have a gift as well on your last stamp at the reception before you exit the premise. Walking around the Little World was tiring yet exciting. We got motivated by the stamps that we had to complete and the gift after the trip. I swear, you need motivation! If not, you might give up after visiting only few countries. You can try different national costume of each country destination for a price of 500 Yen. There is a coaster as a transport to use to roam around but, we did not try it. We enjoyed walking though it was a sunny afternoon. It was still Summer time when I arrived in Japan. Fall was approaching when I left Japan. Check out our YT video representing different countries below:

Daiso Japan in Arimatsu, Aichi Prefecture

I know we have Daiso also in the Philippines but I happened to reach this big Daiso outlet store in Arimatsu inside the Aeon Mall. Most of the items there were worth 100 Yen or if we convert to our money is PhP 47 – 50 (depends on the prevailing rate) plus 8% sales tax. I bought some goos and slime for our kids, also some make up items. There are lots of items to choose from. Other items will have price tags which are worth above 100 yen. Watch my video and see what you can find below:

BIC Camera in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

Bic Camera is one of the go to shop in Japan if you want to have variety of options at a lower cost compared to the other shops when it comes to gadgets, appliances and other electronic items. We found a good price for 1TB Hardrive which my friend bought. There is also a voucher for discounts where you can get online at their website, on Klook, and at the nearest tourist reception center of the area where you are in Japan.

Shiromaru-Base (Authentic Ramen) in Kanayama, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

Diz iz it! Ramen is becoming famous in the Philippines next to Samguypsal chains. As we all know, Samgyupsal originated in Korean with grilled food where you can choose marinated beef and pork on variety of flavors while Ramen originated in Japan with  noodles and flavors to choose from. We noticed that there were men more than women who looked like they came from work/office. I was so excited because I have not tasted Ramen even in the Philippines, I wanted it as authentic as it can be. My Japan visit is just perfect! Now, I understand the cravings! Watch my first encounter of Ramen on my video of Mukbang Ramen, Japan edition here:

Aeon Mall – Food Court in Obu, Aichi Prefecture

I dined in here and found those displays right near the entrance of each restaurant chain. They are very inviting and looked so real to me. Check it out here! What will you order?

Don Quijote in Sakae, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

This is the place to be if you want to shop pasalubong to take back home for your family and friends. The branch that my friend and I went into was in Sakae near the Nagoya TV Tower and Oasis 21. Just in front of Sunshine Sakae. You won’t miss it since there are a lot of lights and posters that says TAX FREE or TAX REFUND. This store location has 4 floors. 1st floor has food, chocolates, drinks and groceries. 2nd floor has make-up and medicine, 3rd floor has toys, gadgets and accessories and 4th floor has perfumes, shoes, watches, luxury items such as bags of different brands. See for yourself here:

Sunshine Sakae in Sakae, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

It is a mall at the center of Sakae. It has a ferris wheel in front of its building. It is operational and it could be a nice experience to ride.


Nagoya TV Tower and Oasis 21 in Sakae, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

Nagoya TV Tower and Oasis 21 are two of the most visited spots in Sakae. The Nagoya TV tower was said to look like Eiffel tower in the evening because of its lights and structure.  Unfortunately, there were no lights on that night. While the Oasis 21 is like a huge spaceship that shifts colors from time to time. When we were there, we went live on Facebook. You can ride an elevator to reach the top level where you can walk around the transparent water filled roof which changes its flooring color. On the 2nd level is a garden set up where tourists can relax and chat with their company. The ground floor has shopping and dining options.

Conveyor Belt Sushi at Oasis 21 in Sakae, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

It was a dream come true to finally dine in authentic conveyor belt restaurant. It was bit pricey from where we dine in at Nigiri No Tokube located in Oasis 21 compared to other local sushi restaurants in another area where there is 100 yen per plate. The price per plates was discussed in our YT video.

Nagashima Resort in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture

The Nagashima Resort features a hotel, onsen spa, an amusement park, and shopping at Mitsui Outlet Park. It is said to be Japan’s largest amusement park and natural outdoor bath in one. Both adults and kids can enjoy and have fun here. I only have few photos and video since my phone battery died. Overall, it was fun and relaxing. Not to mention, my friends Eloi, Lez and I bought a bag with same design which I called our FRIENDSHIP BAG from Coach. We had fun at Chanel outlet store too. We found those jaw-dropping prices and another jaw-dropping reaction after we saw how the prices dropped making it SUPER SALE! I will surely come back. Can you read my mind?

McDonalds in Japan

We all know what McDonalds is. But it is still different when its there. I had to do it. And besides if you are on a budget, you will have that moment when you will tell yourself, it might be a little different here. 🙂 Oh well, their meals start at 500 yen If I remember it right. The easiest way to convert it into Philippine Pesos is to divide it into 2. The exchange rate of 1 yen to PhP ranges from .47 to .49 depends on the current rate. My order is worth around 250 pesos.


Yakiniku King in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture

What can I say? Speechless with the taste and the chunky serving of the meat here. Plus the bonding time with my friends. It closes at 12mn. Our friend Lez brought Eloi and I to the most unforgettable Yakiniku (for sure) I can ever experience. Thank you Lez.

Nabana No Sato in Mie Prefecture

It was an enchanting experience to see thousands of flowers, real ones and not paper roses. The Begonia Garden caught my attention. There was also Onsen inside, but we did not bother. Watch what I have seen. My pleasure to share with you all.

Toilet in Japan (Ignorance strikes)

I was so ignorant and amazed how toilet looks like in Japan. I do not know if we have it in the Philippines. I know a bidet from the toilet but that’s just it. Not with all thise sound effects of flush, flowing water, hot or cold, etc. Do we? Please comment down where? Watch how ignorant I was in my YT video here:


Overall experience, my first trip to Japan was a blast! Experiences of eating authentic Japanese cuisine was a remarkable experience one can have. I enjoyed the feeling of ignorance in a country I have never been before. I was also surprised to know that there were not much trash can in Japan. You can only find them beside vending machines. They segregate their trash and only bring it outside on scheduled pick up dates. Watch here:

My goal of “me time” was achieved! Stay at home moms need sometime for themselves. I will surely go back. I will plan my next itinerary based on my goal as what I did.

Thank you to my husband for the funds and support.


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How to Apply for a Japan Tourist Visa?

Disclaimer: This post is from my very own experience. It may vary with others.

I am very excited to visit Japan. I heard lots of stories about how clean their country is, how disciplined the citizens are, how quiet they can be, those beautiful tourists spots and others. May I add, Japan banned counterfeit and pirated goods. All they sell there are original and authentic products ONLY! Imagine most of the branded and signature bags, clothes and accessories you can shop there. Budget is the key.

I know a few relatives and friends from Japan but I did not want to bother them in my VISA application. If I declare them as a sponsor, they need to send legal documents in the Philippines just to help me in this Visa application. I visited several websites and looked for the list of requirements. One cannot apply directly to the Japan embassy. There are  accredited agencies to apply for a visa. Usually they are located in Makati, Pasay, Cebu, Davao, and Quezon City (latest). Their fees vary depends on the agency. Consider the proximity and convenience of your travel to chosen agency. The Visa will take only 2-3 days to be released. You can pick it up or it can be delivered (as experienced from Attic Tours). Here is the list of accredited agencies.



There are also different types of Visa to apply, depends on the purpose of your travel.

  1. Visa for Tourism
  2. Visit Friends or Distant Relatives
  3. Visa for Visiting Relatives
  4. Visa for Commercial Purpose
  5. To attend Conference by Private/Public Organization
  6. Visit Relatives/Friends Invited by US Military Personnel (SOFA Status)
  7. Visa for Spouse of a Japanese National (Temporary Visit)
  8. Official/Diplomat
  9. Visa for house servant hired by Official/Diplomat
  10. Visa for application with Certificate of Eligibility Issued in Japan
  11. Visa for Transit
  12. Visa for Medical Stay
  14. Visa for Filipino Parents of Japanese- Filipino Children (JFC) who are traveling to Japan with the children
  15. Single- Entry Tourist Visa for Philippine Nationals Joining Package Tours Organized by Registered Travel Agencies
  16. Multiple Entry Visa for Tourist
  17. Multiple Entry Visa for Business Purpose and Cultural or Intellectual Figures 

Mine is #1 Visa for Tourism. You can go to Japan with your own itinerary or you can also book a tour package from the listed agencies. Below are the list of requirements for Tourist travelers. Remember that ALL documents should be in ORIGINAL (unless stated otherwise) and in A4 size. DO NOT STAPLE or paste the pages of documents. Or your application will be rejected, possibly, you will be asked to go back with the correct papers. We want to avoid that. It is imperative that we read each requirement and adhere to avoid delays and inconvenience.


1. Philippine Passport
• Broken passport is not accepted. Passports must be signed and must have at least two (2) blank visa pages.

2. Visa Application Form
• Available at the Embassy website, at the entrance of the Embassy or at any of the accredited travel agencies.
• Application form should be filled out all items correctly, If item is not applicable, please fill in [N/A]. Embassy may not accept application with blank item, no signature or no date in the form; may deny the application that is filled out incorrectly or wrong information.

3. Photo
• Specs: 4.5cm x 4.5cm, with white background.
• Photo must be taken within 6 months.
• Please write applicant’s name and birthdate on back side of the photo.
• Photo must be pasted on the application form.

4. Birth Certificate
• IT must be issued within one year from PSA Main Office/Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide).
• If the birth certificate from Philippine Statistics Office (PSA) is unreadable, or has incomplete information, please submit the birth certificate issued by PSA together with a birth certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar.
• If the birth certificate is “late registration”, please submit in addition, a baptismal certificate and school record (Form 137) from high school or elementary and School Yearbook (if possible).
• If there is no record in PSA, please submit a “Certificate of Non-Record” from PSA together with a birth certificate from the Local Civil Registrar.

5. Marriage Certificate (if the applicant is married)
• IT must be issued within one year from PSA Main Office/Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide).
• In case there is no record in PSA, please submit a “Certificate of Non-Record” from PSA
together with the Marriage Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar.

6. Daily Schedule in Japan (TAIZAI YOTEIHYO )
[If applicant will shoulder part or all of his/her travel expenses]

7. Bank Certificate
Validity of Bank Certificate is three (3) month from the date of issue

8. Applicant’s Income Tax Return (Form 2316) clear Photocopy (latest)
[If Guarantor who lives in the Philippines will shoulder part or all of the applicant’s travel expenses]

9. Guarantee Letter

10. Proof of relationship between applicant and guarantor (e.g. Birth Certificates etc.)

11. Bank Certificate (original) and Income Tax Return (ITR Form 2316) (clear Photocopy) of Guarantor

[If Applicant is not Philippines nationality ]

12. Foreign residents with long-term or permanent status in the Philippines applying for a visa must submit, in addition to the above requirements (except birth and marriage certificates), a copy of their Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) issued by the Philippine government.

Visa application of foreigners who are on short-term (temporary) visa in the Philippines
cannot be accepted. Please apply at the Japanese Embassy /Consulate General with jurisdiction over the area in which the applicant resides or over the country of which the applicant’s passport was issued.

Size of document for application should be A4 size only. If document is other size, please
submit copy that is already adjusted in A4 size from its original and without staples or pasting pages.

Applicants are exempted from submitting (4) and (5) Indicated above if they can submit
old/valid passports with used Japan visa.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that he/she meet the requirements for the grant of a visa. Submission of any supporting documents not listed above is encouraged (e.g. applicant’s economic or social ties with the Philippines, urgent reasons for visit: medical certificate, wedding invitation).


Practice lang 😉


  1. Make sure your passport is signed and is still 6 months valid on the date of travel.
  2. Request for your Birth and Marriage Certificate from PSA (can be requested online and paid online or thru over the counter payment example Bayad Center). Mine arrived within the week from the time I requested.
  3. Request for Bank Certificate on your designated bank of savings or current account. (valid within 3 months)
  4. Have your latest photo taken with 4.5cm x 4.5cm on white background or tell the photo studio you need a picture for Japanese visa.
  5. Write your itinerary matching the days of your stay in the application form. Or else, you will be asked to submit another itinerary. Tourists are allowed 15 days of stay for Single entry visa. Validity is within 90 days from date of issue.
  6. Secure your ITR (a clear photocopy is accepted)
  7. If you have a guarantor, a Guarantee letter must be signed and will need proof of relationship such as documents and/or pictures.
  8. Choose your agency. Again, pick the one that is near you for convenience purposes. Knowing the traffic condition in the Philippines, it is best to be practical. Attic Tours Visa Fee is PhP1,620

As I went to Attic Tours in SM North EDSA, I got a number and waited for my turn. While waiting, there were already 2 Visa applicants who were told that they can re-apply after 3 months. Ouch! Their Visa application was DENIED! And the lady before me,  submitted itinerary for 7 days only, where on her application form it says she intends to stay in Japan for 15 days. Every details has to match. She has to come back to submit the complete requirements. Sayang ang effort, pamasahe, oras at who knows ano pa. Kaya siguraduhin po na tama at kumpleto as stated above.

Nagdagdag po ako ng mga property titles, business permit and others just to support that I am capable to travel and I have reason to go back to the Philippines.

After 3 days, I received an sms that my passport is ready for pick up at Attic Tours. Pagdating sa Attic, kinabahan ako syempre, parang exam. Hindi mo alam ano resulta. Hindi na kukuha ng number pagpasok, sabihin mo na lang na mag pick up ka ng passport. Bring your receipt. IMPORTANTE na dala ang resibo at valid ID. Baka hindi ibigay ang passport. Ikaw lang ang pwede mag pick up. Hindi pwede ang ibang tao. Hindi ako sinabihan na pwede ako mag reapply so parang alam ko na, na-grant ang visa application ko, At ganun nga ang sinabi ng staff sa Attic. Sinabi rin nya hanggang kailan valid ang visa. Thank you!


This is how the Japan Visa looks  like. Important details were hidden for security purposes.

Below are the possible forms you might need upon application:

See you soon Japan!!! If given a chance, my next application will be Multiple entry visa. I know I will enjoy it there. I will visit a friend. Mommy-cation coming soon!

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Kita Kita Movie 2017; 10 Reasons Why


Hi I’m Hannah Panadera. Ay, Porsche Cadiz pala. But I’m not suicidal. Hehe… Napanood namen ang pelikulang Kita Kita. Pakita pa lang, alam ko na maganda ito. At nang lumabas sa sinehan, hindi ko ito pinalampas. Ang buong istorya ay nangyari sa Japan. Ang mga artista ay sina Alessandra da Rossi at Empoy Marquez. Magaling sila. Nagampanan nila ang hinihingi ng pelikula, walang alinlangan. Sa Direksyon ni Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo. Samantalang sina Piolo Pascual, Director Joyce Bernal, Erickson Raymundo and Suzanne Shayne Sarte ang mga Producer.

images (6)

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Isa itong romantic comedy. Tumakbo ang buong istorya kay Lea (Alessandra) at Empoy (Tonyo). Nagkaroon ng pansamantalang pagkabulag si Lea matapos nya matuklasan na niloloko sya ng boyfriend nyang Hapon na si Nobu. Lingid sa kanyang kaalaman, sinusundan na pala sya ni Tonyo matagal na. Nang panahon na wasak naman si Tonyo sa pagkakahiwalay nila ng girlfriend nya, si Lea ang nagbigay bigay sa kanya ng pagkain at tubig. Kaya naman sa panahong kinailangan ng tulong ni Lea, andun naman si Tonyo para sa kanya. Nagpakilala si Tonyo at nagbigay ng mga pagkain. Pumapasyal sila sa mga pasyalan sa Sapporo, Japan. Nagkakaroon ng biruan at harutan. Hanggang na-develop sila sa isa’t-isa habang nasa kondisyon ng pagkabulag si Lea. Stress daw ang dahilan ng kanyang pagkabulag. (Malapit na rin siguro ako mabulag. Haysss.. ) Isa sa mga pasyal nila Lea at Tonyo, iniwan saglit ni Tonyo si Lea  sa isang tabi para bumili ng regalo na teddy bear. Biglang luminaw at unti-unting nagbalik ang paningin ni Lea. Natanaw pa nya si Tonyo sa kabilang kalsada. Kumaway sya. Nalaman ni Tonyo na nanumbalik na ang kanyang paningin. Ngunit sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon, nasagasaan si Tonyo. At yun na ang una at huli nilang pagkikita. Maraming natuklasan si Lea tungkol kay Tonyo nang nagpunta sya sa bahay na inupahan neto. Kasama na ang paggawa ni Tonyo ng isanlibong “paper cranes” at pagkatapos ay humiling siya na manumbalik ang paningin ni Lea; sulat ni Tonyo na inibigay sana sa araw na nangyari ang aksidente; sya pala ang saging na pinagkatiwalaan ni Lea ng buhay nya; at sya din pala ang nagpapunta kay Lea sa Beer Garden para makita nya ang kanyang boyfriend at kaibigan na nagtataksil sa kanya.


Request kong panoorin mo rin. Para makita mo at maramdaman ang emosyon na meron sa pelikulang ito. Hindi maipaliwanag. Pasensya na, napahaba ang kwento. Eto na ang aking sampung (10) masasabi sa pelikulang Kita Kita.


Nag-iisa ang pelikulang ito. Hindi typical. Hindi predictable ang istorya, may lungkot, may kilig, may tawa.


Dalawang beses ko narinig at tumatak sa akin ang kantang “Two Less Lonely People in the World” sa bersyon ni KZ Tandingan. Punung-puno ng damdamin. Orihinal itong kinanta ng Air Supply.


Tatlong babae ang katabi ko sa kaliwa na panay ang komento sa bawat eksena ng pelikula. Gusto kong sabihan na, “Manahimik Kayo!”


Halos apat na raan piso (400) na pala ang sine ngayon.


Hindi ko sigurado kung limang beses kinurot ng pelikulang ito ang puso ko. Tignan nyo ang limang linya na tumatak sa isip ko.

“Bulag ka ba? Nakikita mong bulag ako?” – Lea

“Eh, ano kung bulag ka, ako naman ang magsisilbing mata mo eh.” – Tonyo

“Noong nakakakita ka, ‘di mo ako nakita. Nang mabulag ka, doon mo lang ako nakita.” – Tonyo

“’Di ko alam kung bakit pinili kong umihi sa salawal kong saging kaysa mawala ka sa paningin ko.” – Lea

“Nang gabing ito, pinagkatiwala ko ang buhay ko sa isang saging.” – Lea

images (5)


Pang anim or six, No SEX scene pero makabuluhan ang istorya.


Hindi lang pitong beses ako tumawa.


Tunay nga na walang katapusan ang pag-ibig. Eternal/Eternity ika nga. ♾ Kahit nawala na ang taong mahal mo, magpapatuloy ang pag-ibig mo.


Pang siyam o nine. None! Walang tapon ang pelikulang ito. Sana marami pang kahit hindi star-studded na pelikula ay may aral. Napagtanto ko na hindi kailangan ng magagandang mukha sa showbiz ang gaganap para maging kapanapanabik ang bawat tagpo. Kaya kang pakiligin ng isang magandang istorya at sinematograpiya.


10 stars ang rating ko! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Chill, Relax, Tawa, Iyak, at Realisasyon ang naramdaman ko sa pelikulang Kita-Kita.

Talaga namang bagay ang puso ❤ at ang saging 🍌. Ikaw, ano ang bilang sampu sa buhay mo? Share mo naman. 😊

Paborito ko nga pala ang karakter na si Sapporo. Kita kita tayo!❤🍌

(Credit to image owners)