Netflix Hackers!!! Beware!!! 2020

We are all aware that mostly everyone around the world are under the Community Quarantine or Lockdown depends on the policy of each country. This COVID-19 which originated from Wuhan, China has affected the economy in its entirety from small enterprises to large-scale businesses. Everyone has the possibility of acquiring the virus whether airborne or droplet contact. Antimicrobial Products are so in demand such as 70% isopropyl alcohol, disinfectant, and the like. Who would imagine that people would even go against each other because of tissue rolls? Never in 4 decades of my life have I heard of. Grocery stores are running out of stocks of basic necessities such as food and hygiene products. Workers from different industries are on leave for the mean time. Blessed are those who gets paid even if they stay at home. And my sympathy goes to those who has to wait for assistance from the government. But until when? Oh God, bless the countries affected by Covid-19. Salute to the frontliners who unselfishly devote their time to help treat the patients who are under monitoring, under investigation and mostly to virus positive ones even if they are more prone to risks.


Having said so, the Netflix has taken the world by storm. Citizens who are at home are into Netflix Movies, American Series, Korean Series, Spanish Series, etc. And so, those who are selfish and greedy who wants to take advantage of Netflix viewing experience will HACK active accounts without the knowledge of the original user who is paying the service. Why did I say such?! Because I am a victim, myself. It happened way back, but there is high probability that the hackers will do the work these days.

Netflix in my opinion is affordable. It provides entertainment as a package specially in this pandemic season worldwide. Plan options are provided which ever is suitable to your spending capacity or maybe just your choice. As a new user, one can enjoy ONE FULL MONTH OF FREE NETFLIX. Anyone can take advantage of it, as long as the TV is wifi enabled or someones mobile phone if he wishes to.

Be aware that even your children can change the plan just by clicking “upgrade” on the screen. So yeah, you might think your Netflix account has been hacked while the real deal is, it was just an accident upgrade or just your kid’s cute little fingers who upgraded. 😇


Netflix Hacked account is when an email arrived with a message that says “NEW SIGN IN TO NETFLIX” which shows the location is different from yours such as below image:


It is necessary to check your personal email as frequent as possible. How come? I am in the Philippines, but the location it was accessed was in Venezuela? Hmm.. Fishy huh! Then the next emails I received was really shocking! 😱


Wait! What!?? Email changed? So, the moment that I will log out and try to sign in again, I will not be able to get access to Netflix again?! Then what happened next?


Password changed?! Oh you dumb ass, mothafucka, bitch, low-life!!!! And worst was, the plan was changed to Premium. Which means, amount to pay is higher than usual. Very convenient to watch Netflix huh? 😡


Contact Netflix right away! Retrieve your Netflix account!

First option, it is best that you have a Netflix application on your mobile phone long before this hacking incident happens. It is very convenient to contact Netflix’ customer service.

How to get there? Click More>Help>Help Center

You may click “Call Us” to speak to a representative to verify your concern or “Start Live Chat”. They are very helpful and change requests may take effect immediately, like changing your email. While, the change in password will be done by you. The corresponding email will be sent to the new email address as requested. See below:

Second option, if the Netflix application is not downloaded on your mobile phone, simply go to their website Netflix dot com and look for Help Center. You may find their contact number or chat with them through the website. Their number, the last time I checked was 1-866-579-7172.

Be vigilant! Give required action as needed. What could have happened if I did not discover this right away? Someone told me this is just the cherry on top. Scary is it?

I hope I was able to help you. I know you worried a bit. If I did help, please like my Facebook page for more interesting posts. Enjoy Netflix and chill!

Dinadiawan and Baler Trip 2020 | Wonderful Views and Experience | Aurora is not Quezon

I have always wanted to go to Baler. Do you also like going to the beach? I mean, the sound of waves, breath of fresh air, slow moving clouds, blue sky, enticing sunrise, calming sunset, footprints on semi-white sands, close Sierra Madre mountain range, coconut trees, what else? We can add good food, party at night, and hospitality of locals. Can you picture those in your mind suggesting relaxation? Yes? So, let’s go!


I or some of you may have mistaken Aurora as a part of Quezon. Are you guilty of that? Let us search on Google through Wikipedia and dig some info. The Aurora Province was named after Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon; the wife of one of the Philippine presidents; President Manuel L Quezon. Doña Aurora has a very interesting biography.  Aurora Province is located in the eastern part of Central Luzon, its capital is Baler.

It used to be a part of Region IV, however in May 17, 2002, the president by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo issued an Executive Order No. 103 which made it a part of Region III. While on March 6, 1979 through Proclamation No 1828, s. 1979 on this date was set for the holding of plebiscite to decide the conversion of the sub-province of AURORA into an independent and separate province. In May 20, 1979, President Ferdinand E. Marcos set the date by virtue of power vested by law and pursuant to Batas Pambansa Building 7 for the holding of the plebiscite to determine whether the sub-province of Aurora shall become a separate and independent province. Having said so, Aurora is not part of Quezon anymore, it is a separate independent province called Aurora Province. I hope that helps. Quezon and Aurora are two neighboring provinces.

Political map of Aurora

Political map of Quezon

Aurora consists of 8 municipalities namely; Baler, Casiguran, Dilasag, Dinalungan, Dingalan, Dipaculao, Maria Aurora, and San Luis. The common languages spoken are Tagalog, Kapampangan and Ilocano. Its climate is Tropical rainforest, expect rainfall throughout the year, which we unexpectedly experienced when we were in Dinadiawan beach. We actually traveled back to Baler from Dipaculao on a moderate rainfall. We were soaked wet, but it was still fun. Let me start the journey.

Dinadiawan Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora Province


Dinadiawan, Aurora

First stop, Dinadiawan beach! Nowadays, if not with our kids, my husband and I travel using his motorcycle (Yamaha Aerox S) which he also use for motovlogging (YouTube channel: Motor ni Juan). Travel on a motorcycle lessens the heavy traffic experience. During a long ride, we usually leave between 3am and 4am to make sure we start the day early and less exposure from the heat of the sun. We targeted 2 towns in Aurora; Dipaculao and Baler. According to Waze, our travel time will take us almost 6 hours going to Brgy. Dinadiawan, Dipaculao, Aurora Province from Bulacan.

Waze Screenshot

Our route to Dinadiawan, Aurora

Why Dinadiawan? Because we wanted to swim first. We all know that Baler is one of the surfing spots in the Philippines, which suggests stronger waves. If you want a relaxing swim experience, Dinadiawan Beach is the place to be. We went on a weekday, (most of our travel days), because we always hope for less crowd to enjoy the views and experience. We had few stop over to stretch our back, gas up, and took our breakfast which made our trip 7 hours in total. After 3 hours of ride, we stopped by at the eatery which we encountered along the way, somewhere in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija; Kainan ni Mai. The distance of every eatery is far from each other, so you’ll never know where is the next one. Unless one is familiar with the location. We were starving already. To be honest, I was not happy with the food choices. We were supposed to take breakfast but the menu were for lunch already. I was on NO RICE DIET and it was hard to choose. I ended with Pork Sisig and Monay. hehe.. I was expecting something else. But because we were so hungry then, though it was a difficult decision to make, but I had to eat.

On the way to our destination, we were mesmerized by the beauty that nature presented to us. Caption these:

Nueva Ecija

Along Nueva Ecija


Along Aurora

When I chose our destination, I opted the one with an infinity swimming pool. Not all resorts in this area has a pool amenity, I just want to keep my option open. From the picture posted below, the pool looks like the beach is an extension where you can freely swim and enjoy the waves. But in reality, the pool was few meters away from the beach. The resort has hospitable and attentive staff. There were only few guests, it is the advantage of a weekday trip; there was some sort of privacy. They also offer Filipino food if you do not have time to buy outside the resort. It is a perfect location to fly the drone and capture the breath taking view. Needless to say, watch the video to be posted a little bit later. For update will post the video link here.

Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora Province

Next destination, Sabang Beach is known for strong waves which made it a surfing venue for surf enthusiasts whether you are a beginner or a pro. Local surfers are just waiting anytime you need their assistance, with a fee of course. The fees are reasonable and worth it. Fee starts at PhP 300 and up.  If you need boards only, surfing boards rental are also offered. When we arrived there, strong waves and high tide welcomed us. Honestly, I did not have the courage to go and try surfing. Boring?! I really have phobia in water even on shallow part of the beach or a pool. I enjoy being in the beach and wearing swim suits for photo op. I almost lost my pair of sandals because it was high tide. From the step of the stairs where I put them, the water unexpectedly reached the step. I just saw them floating away from me. I hurriedly run after my sandals (my own pace of hurry). I was lucky enough to recover them. In the afternoon, my husband and I played around the beach and the splash of waves and see where it will bring us. I find it really fun. I do not know if it was the “Tita of Manila” in me saying this. ;,) (wink) Given the chance, I will do it again. By the way, Happy Women’s month (March) and Women’s Day (March 8) 😉 March is also the birthday month of Juan, Fourth and Cheska, celebration awaiting soon.

Strong waves in Sabang beach

While Juan; my husband was flying the drone to get a birds eye view of Baler, a local who sells pearl accessories approached us. He identified himself as a Muro-Ami. That they harvested those pearls by themselves without any safe as oxygen or any diving paraphernalia. Impressive huh! According to Wikipedia, Muroami or muroami is a fishing technique employed on coral reefs in Southeast Asia. It uses an encircling net together with pounding devices. These devices usually comprise large stones fitted on ropes that are pounded into the coral reefs. Just like what we have seen in the movie Muro-Ami by the actor Cesar Montano, directed by the late Marilou Diaz-Abaya. They are also called Reef Hunters. Sad to say, he sold to me the bracelet at a higher price compared to other peddlers. I learned about it when another peddler approached us and offered the same item. My bargaining skills did not work in Baler. I cannot do anything, anymore, I was just thankful that we are blessed. Still, it was a beautiful piece of art and nature. I wear them even when we were back home. Love, love, love


Muro-ami and the Pearl bracelet

Our accommodation in Baler was sponsored, booked via Agoda. The building has several rooms enough for 2 guests with a swimming pool within the vicinity. Other rooms are bigger and can accommodate groups. Having an option on where to swim is always an advantage. There was also shared kitchen where fee is P300 (per stay? not sure). We did not really cook because food place was just around the corner. We just want to eat, swim, rest and repeat. 7-Eleven was walking distance like less than 1 km from where we stayed. We had food and drinks even in the middle of the night. And how can I forget Angels Burger which is the landmark of the block you will turn to going to the Sabang beach, Buton Street to be exact.


Baler Tourist Information Center

On the following day, we tour around Aurora, not too far from where we stayed. We were tired to go farther than what we can imagine. To help the BALER TOURIST INFORMATION CENTER with the data of their tourists, we went to their office not too far from Sabang Beach and enlist our names. The lady was very helpful in giving information about the towns of Aurora and the famous spots. They handed as a map to guide us through. Like this one below.

Baler 400 Years Monument

Walking distance from the tourist center, the Baler 400 years monument is situated. On the 400th year anniversary of Baler Township, this monument was dedicated to all the people of Baler. Jaynee; the artist of this monument designed it with 4 pillars representing 400 years, interconnected with 100 horizontal bars. The symbol of this solid monument is the inner strength and bright future of the town. The platform of the 40-foot monument is made of Vigan tiles which symbolizes Baler’s Kayumanggi race. The town gave birth to the first president of the Philippines and 2 Senate presidents. It is located few feet away from the famous BALER letter signage.

Museo de Baler

After the monument, we went to Museo de Baler with a minimal entrance fee of PhP 30 per tourist which comes with the entrance to Doña Aurora’s replica house. The Museo de Baler was built with the help of Senator Edgardo Angara. Commemorative items can be found in the Museo, even the Filipiniana dress of Dona Aurora is in a glass house for proper safe keeping. On the second floor is a gallery of latest work of art by students as written on each piece. Not sure how long they are going to stay in the gallery. Few steps away from the Museo, we found the monument of President Manuel L. Quezon.

Baler Church (San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish)

On our way to Dona Aurora’s House, we found the Baler Church. Mass was on-going for a special event where students were the attendees. I just had a shot on the facade of the church. It looks new compared to the other churches which seem 100 years of age or so. Reason is, it was renovated in 1939. It was first constructed in 1611. It is also called the site of the “Siege of Baler”.  54 Spaniards were trapped inside. It took them 11 months to surrender without knowing that the Spanish colonization already ended when Philippine independence was achieved.


Baler Church

The front of the church has a path with footprints which looks like they are going away. It was believe that it represents the surrender  of the Spaniards when they were under siege.

Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon’s House

This house is just a replica of Dona Aurora Aragon-Quezon in honor of her fine cooperative efforts in social welfare to the people of Aurora Province as the first lady of President Manuel L. Quezon. The house is made of  native materials such as nipa, bamboo/kawayan, and wood. Parts of the house include dining, living, kitchen with native made furniture and wares, mini library, walls with memorabilia, and garden outside.

Gerry Shan’s Place (Eat-All-You-Can)

It was lunch time and we were dead hungry. We learned that there were some eat-all-you-can for 200 each only in town. We found Gerry Shan’s Place. There we had lunch with Filipino-Chinese cuisine with lots of choices plus desserts. Drinks have separate charge and their drooling seafoods as well. Not bad for 200 per pax. Credit to the blog of HellowKimmy on Blogspot for these mouth-watering food images. We were not able to furnish photos, because what we had in mind was just to eat. It was past lunch time then. Basically, they have Filipino and Chinese fusion on the buffet table.

Balete Tree (Millennial Tree)

When we were done with lunch, next destination was the famous Balete Tree or also known as Millennial Tree. It is huge. I am just a petite lady but I felt smaller like a dwarf when I saw it in person. I tried to climb few steps up, but it is limited to 3 meters only. We also experienced being inside the tree with huge branches or stems of Balete Tree. Some pasalubong items and souvenirs can be bought at the shop near the giant tree. Entrance fee was  PhP 15 pesos plus parking fee which starts at PhP 10 depends on the vehicle. You can also try to get inside this huge tree for only PhP 10 each. Watch in the video, to be updated here.

Yellow Fin Bar and Grill

After the tour within Aurora, we had rest and enjoyed the beach again. It was night time and we wanted to have dinner in a cozy place. We first targeted Baler Surfer Grill, to our disappointment, it was closed that night. Yellow Fin Bar and Grill is one of the famous go to in Buton Street. It was so easy to find. Food choices are not limited. They have Silog options, grilled meat and seafood. Alcoholic drinks are available by the glass or in bottle.

Caute Bar and Grill

The night actually was so quiet. It was Thursday night, not yet the weekend, so party was not the ambiance yet in Baler. We walked along Buton Street and was lucky  to have found Caute Bar and Grill. Cauti I think was farthest from the entrance of Buton Street. They have LIVE BAND every night. The band for the night (sorry forgot the band name) played acoustic music. The music was relaxing. We ordered drinks and finish them. It was a little off for me though because the lead vocalist was pregnant and rubs her tummy every now and then. The Baler Beach Club was open yet no live band, it was open mic night. We did not intend to listen to other guest’s videoke songs. Their place looks cozy. Maybe next time when we come back on a weekend, we can enjoy night life in Baler. Credit to the source of these images, our phone was drained in battery.

Cauti Bar and Grill

Overall, our Aurora trip was a blast! We really enjoyed the ride, the beach, the view, the food, and the hospitality of the people. All of which, we encountered during the trip. We will surely go back. Looking forward to be with our kids on our next visit.

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NOT Your Ordinary Baguio and Benguet Trip! Search for Paradise! Buwis-Buhay!

It has been countless times already that I have been to Baguio and Benguet, but this time it is different, really different from previous’ experience! Continue to read and see how this memorable experience was made. Whew!

My husband is  now a motovlogger; “Motor ni Juan“. I initially planned the trip. From the time I was planning the trip, Google maps indicated that it would take us 6 hours from our location. Laban! No expressway,  only highways since our Yamaha Aerox S has 155cc displacement (not allowed in expressway). Imagine the trip? It would be exciting as I thought then.

On the actual trip, November 2019, we left Bulacan at 3:30AM. Our journey began which was a bit different if we were in a car. The scenery looked more lively and on point. We were geared up with Benkia padded riding jacket (him), Nitro padded riding jacket (mine), Vemar knee and shin guard (him), Evo Full Face Helmet GSX 1000 (him), Evo Modular Helmet VXR 700 (mine), Full face mask (him), and SSPEC motorcycle gloves (him).

Along the way, it was cold since it was the wee hour when we left, aside from Christmas season is coming. On the road, we encountered some motorcycle accidents, which reminded us to be safe always and be more vigilant since others are KAMOTE riders (irresponsible and inconsiderate)! We got hungry for breakfast at Pangasinan area. We found Carmen’s Bulalohan and Kambingan. We spent only 150 with 3 rice, 2 ulam and 2 black coffee. Busolved!


On our way going up, we tremendously felt very cold that our mouth had smoke. Or it is called “Breath Vapor” or “Steam”. In medical term, it is EBC or Exhaled Breath Condensate since the process is condensation. Fogs were prominent and it felt like heaven. We were like kids who seemed to saw it first time. It was so calming.


We arrived in Baguio City at 10am+ at the accommodation we booked ahead of time. We saved a lot through Agoda. It is located near the Burnham Park. It was decent enough for the purpose of rest and safe keeping our stuff while we were on tour. We were early for 2pm check-in time. So, we started our Baguio and Benguet tour. Below are our destination and experience for each.


The mall was already opened. We wanted to go to SESSION ROAD, since motorcycle is not allowed at the area, we parked our Aerox S in SM, and left our 2 EVO HELMETS at the package counter. The attendant says, it is good for 1 hour only. Ok then. We just walked down and crossed the street to reach Session Road.



Remember the movie Glorious starring Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca in 2018? It was a story of a young man who fell in love with an older woman. At Vizcos was their first date. Kilig! They offer variety of food but their specialty is their sumptuous cakes. We had pizza, a slice of Strawberry torte, and a slice of Mango cake. Delicious as it looks and way better than others that we have tasted.



It was very cold, I needed pants to survive for the entirety of our stay. We found maong/jeans pants and a jacket which were so cheap for its brand. We also found wigs which was funny because of the curly short one, like the natural hair of our Baby Fifth.



We still had to kill time and wait for the check-in time. We sat down for a bit and had coffee while the wig was on. It is also the season of stickers for the most sought Starbucks Organizer. I had 2 stickers there. Then, we head to the hotel we booked for 2 nights.



Our NOT SO ORDINARY adventure began here! It was afternoon, from our hotel, we head straight to Tawang Baranggay Hall to pay environmental fee which costs PhP 30 each tourist. It was really adventure going there because most of the roads are uphill slope. Riding in a motorcycle on such road was so thrilling. I did not look at the road most of the time as it may make me dizzy. Kuya Willy was the attendant at the time. He was friendly and accommodating.  No need for a tour guide. They say it is just easy trek. Alright easy huh? Few minutes away from the Baranggay Hall is the way up to Mt. Yangbew. There was cemented part going up. At the end of the road is where the trekking starts. We parked our motorcycle and started to walk our way up. They say it is a 30-minute walk. Well this depends on your stamina to walk uphill. This is a beginner’s hike. We qualified as beginners because it was really our first time. I had to stop a few times to rest. It was all worth it! See for yourself!


Mt. Yangbew peak


Mt. Yangbew peak


Trek trail


I have been to Baguio many times, but this was the first time I visited Baguio Craft Brewery. They serve different flavored beers not to mention fruit flavors. The best part was their FREE TASTE. I got to taste most of the beers they offer. They have Caramel flavor which smells really good. I ordered the Strawberry flavor beer along with our food orders for the night. Their menu are infused with beer. Try it there! Their menu starts at PhP 200 and up.



The next day, going to our destination, we passed by these houses built on the mountains. It looked pleasing to the eyes because of its different colors. It is located along the road, it can be easily seen. You won’t miss it. A donation of any amount shall be given if you want to capture their community. Just that, take a picture and leave.



To start another adventure, environmental fee has to be paid first. We headed to the Ambongdolan Baranggay Hall to pay for the environmental fee and tour guide plus other applicable fees. With the help of the late Ms. Gina Lopez, she managed to organize the tourism location in Ambongdolan. Some spots were created to add value in the beauty of nature. What a very lovely and inspiring woman.

There is where Rainbow Cafe is situated. They sell food and drinks there. Also, some souvenir items such as shirts, keychains, mugs and others. Ate Jennifer is the attendant at Rainbow cafe. While his husband Kuya July is in-charge of the tours. They have lots of tour guides to help you out enjoy your trip. Ours was Kuya Urbano. The ratio of tour guide to tourist is 1:4. Do the math if you are a group of more than 4.

I ordered our lunch for the day before we left going to the caves. Ate Jen took care of our food. It was served after our caving and trekking. What we did was, we ordered Filipino food, then they will have it cooked for you and ready for lunch time. Be specific with your menu and what sides you want to include. They charge affordable fees for their food. They usually buy at their COOPERATIVE nearby. They have No refrigerator or freezer yet to store food. If anyone has the capacity to donate, I am knocking on your door for them.

I would advice everyone who reads this to buy stuff from them, you will help the community in a big way. They really touched our hearts in a very simple way by letting us feel that we are a part of their family. We really felt the warmth in their hearts.



Contact Kuya July for inquiries and reservation 0921 970 7382


This is it!!! I could never forget this experience!!! Imagine a MAN VS NATURE tour? Hiking, trekking, rock climbing, without any experience, without any harness. What we had were flashlights and safety vest. I am not discouraging you. I am inviting you to a challenge. We did it and so will you.


Paterno cave


Bengaongao cave


Blue Lagoon

You do not have any idea how Buwis buhay it was to go through all those big rocks, climbing, trekking, including slipping down a few times. I almost gave up but there is no coming back. It is now or never!

Go out of your comfort zones! Test your limits! There is no coming back! Explore the Philippines before other lands. I am proud to be a Filipino.

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Grabe Agave! CSSPI GM at Arid ‘n Aroids September 2018

Updated as of September 14, 2018, 2am

Every first Sunday of the month, the Cactus and Succulents Society of the Philippines Inc. hold its monthly meeting with the members and officials. Free lecture/workshop, free food, CnS bazaar, support on care/tips about your plant and new acquaintances are what the cactus enthusiasts can expect from the CSSPI. Last August 2018 meeting, Mr. Lino Rom; CSSPI President and Mr. Boyet Ganigan; owner of Arid ‘n Aroids Nursery announced the venue of September meeting with what to expect on such event; Grabe Agave. It was jaw-dropping wow! See below the raffle prizes. It only seems like simple plants but they are not!


The members and officials of the Cactus and Succulents Society of the Philippines Inc. were exhilarated about the Grabe Agave event. It was hosted by the September group. I had sleepless nights when the event was fast approaching. Can you relate? September 9, 2018, was like an early Christmas for CSSPI. A month long reminder and adverts made the CnS enthusiasts more thrilled. I met a mother and daughter who lives in Tagaytay but it was their first time to visit Arid ‘n Aroids because of what they saw and read on the Facebook page. Who would not want to take home the 6 digit worth of cactus and succulents which you can win on the Grabe Agave event?! To add, the 2 FREE TRIPs to Bangkok, Thailand were open to be raffled among members and non-members. Who else would sponsor such grand prizes other than the man behind Arid ‘n Aroids; Mr. Boyet Ganigan.



Last September 8 (before the big day), the September group prepared with all the effort they can for the grand event. Hand in hand were The Hawo Boys (Tim, Marc, Wilson & Von – in spirit) of The Haworthia Guys, Ms. Jen dela Cruz, and the hosts Mr. Boyet Ganigan with his brother Mr. Mike Ganigan and other staff made sure that it would be a very unforgettable CSSPI meeting of the year.



Grabe Agave Event
This is the day! I am a self-confessed cactus addict. I must say, Arid ‘n Aroids Nursery is my happy place. Grabe Agave attendees were asked to register their names as member or non-members then a loot bag was given with surprise cactus and/or succulent inside.  Ours were Astrophytum Asterias babies and a succulent which I do not know the ID (as seen on the image). Registration was necessary for the much anticipated raffle draw at a later time. I arrived at around 9 am with my supportive husband; Third and noticed hundreds of guests/members who were already in. I was #65 as an Official member and my husband was #387 as a non-member. More people kept coming every few minutes interval. Mr. Marlon Valdellon was the first to welcome me and showed the most wanted raffle prizes such as the expensive Agave Pinky, 6 Aloe Hybrids, offset of Gymnocalycium Aurora (mother plant costs 250,000 Baht), 3 Rare Tillandsia, 2 Rare Haworthias, 4 Variegated Sansevierias and he mentioned the 2 Trips to Bangkok, Thailand. I was in awe and had to pause for a bit and stared at each one of them. A minimum purchase of P300 would qualify the attendees whether member or non-member for the raffle draw. It was fair amount to spend knowing the worth of the raffle prizes. You think so?


Mr. Boyet Ganigan; the host of the Grabe Agave event, coordinated with the Baranggay Tartaria officials to avoid any hassle for the safety and convenience of the cactus enthusiasts.

After the registration, I was able to chat with Sir Boyet and Sir Ronald Panelo. Sir Boyet told me personally, “Akala ko alas kwatro ang unang guest na darating, yun pala alas tres. Galing pa sa Bulacan.” He happily imparted. We all found it really impressive. We have “katiniksna hindi magpapahuli. Hahamakin ang lahat wag ka lang maunahan. I forgot to ask who they were. (Please comment below, so I can mention your names). It was ‘A’ for effort. On another Facebook post, some flew all the way from Cebu just to witness the event. Some checked-in at nearby hotels, a day before the event to arrive early at the location. Whew! Beat that! Kids, young adults, yuppies, adults and those young at heart were seen all over the 1.8 hectares of land full of cactus, succulents and ornamental plants. It has always been a drooling experience in Arid ‘n Aroids.


I spotted some All Stars and took the chance to have pictures with them. I also saw a celebrity couple; Mr. Alwyn Uytingco and his wife Ms. Jennica Garcia-Uytingco. Ms. Jennica is an official member of CSSPI. They were in the Open House of Arid ‘n Aroids with their cute little boy. I also noticed Sir Lino Rom from afar but no chance to take a picture.



I must say, the weather cooperated well. The sun was up all day long. Mainit ang panahon pero okay lang, masaya naman. Third and I were able to walk around and shoot pictures of most part of Arid ‘n Aroids collection. Loud and up beat music, laughters, chat among the guests can be heard even whispers like, “Magkano kaya to?”, “Mahal kaya to?”, “Baka di na ako makauwe.”, “Baka magalit ang asawa ko.”, “Kulang yata ang laman ng wallet ko.” and others can be heard. Can you share some thoughts you had when you were there or if you happened to be there? Posting these photos taken:



Mr. Buchi Romero; ‘Mr. Agave Prince’ was there to lecture the guests about Agave. The topic was, Basic Care and Beautification of Agave. He personally shared with me that Agave is not difficult to grow. It only needs full sun, and fast drying soil. Rain or shine they will continue to grow. He used to be the sole collector of Agave. And he is glad that many people have started to be interested in Agave. He mentioned he has a giant Agave, which he wishes to stay that way because he is running out of space. He has wide collection of Agave. I got inspired and would like to try as well.



The Oath taking of the new members took place before lunch as Official members of CSSPI. They all looked very happy and excited as they posed on their first photo as official members.


The food and drinks were available to everyone such as unlimited snacks from early morning. I spotted Pancit and Banana Q. While, the lunch was served from 11am onwards. Nag-enjoy ka na, nabusog ka pa.



The queue at the payment section was indeed long. Imagine lots of guests were in line waiting for their turn. Onset it was Sir Mike who was in-charge with the help of some CSSPI official members (Ms. Angel, Sir Marlon, Hawo boys, Ms, Jen, etc). I commend Sir Mike because he was very pleasant in entertaining the price inquiries while accommodating the guests in purchasing their chosen CnS. Later that day, Sir Boyet also assisted in the payment area which made it quicker to finish the process. The cactus enthusiasts were patient while on queue. They used their waiting time to exchange ideas  about CnS and any plant related topics. I heard some Visayan, Ilocano and other languages that I cannot identify (apologies). If I am not mistaken there were about a thousand or more people who attended the event. Below were the pictures of the queue from morning until around 2:30pm.



The much awaited part of the event finally happened. My bad, I was still on queue to pay my 2nd batch of purchase when the raffle was on-going. I missed the names of the winners and their respective prizes. (Also, not sure they would approve to post their names and pictures here). I remember some new official members bagged one of the Trip to Bangkok (Mr. Darryl) and another one was the Gymnocalycium Aurora offset. Also, I heard Ms. Aireen Bernal, bagged one of the grand raffle prizes if I remember it correctly. I will update this post once I have the list and granted the permission from them. Congratulations to the winners!

Here are the pictures of the lucky winners. Thanks again to sir Marlon for letting me share these unforgettable moment.

The September group may have gotten exhausted yet they pulled it off. Job well done! With your group effort, it made a lot of people happy in ways you do not know. And to Sir Boyet, September will never be the same if not with Grabe Agave!



Over-all the day was filled with smiles, hopes, laughter, and love. I may have missed the chance to bring home any of the raffle prizes (with bitterness😁) but I was able to meet new people, make new friends, give some tips on plant care and lastly, keep the memories which will last a lifetime. #GrabeAgave


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(Credit to the owners of the photos. Thanks for the given permission to post them.)

But wait, there’s more! Caption the pictures. Credit to Sir Marlon Valdellon of Succulents and Spikes for these wonderful photos. #RealLife #RealExpressions #HappyLangWagSad