Sunday Market at Sidcor Eton Centris

A few months ago I learned about this Bancheto and Mercato market style in Quezon City; Sidcor. I was dying to go there. We just had the chance to drop by this morning. My husband and I were both hungry. It was the best time to have our food trip. Here are what I found there.


The image above was only P100 per order, placed on a spaghetti size styro. Except for the crabs which was P150. It’s good I asked if I can order half of 2 variants. I was glad it was a yes. I ordered bagnet and grilled pusit with 2 rice. Rice costs P20 per order. Suka was ready in a plastic, just looked at the corner. Busog!


This tent has a lot of food variants. Everything looks saucy and creamy. We were already full when I loiter around to take pics. We were so hungry that day. We will try this next time.


Big sausages! If you want  a heavy breakfast.


This was the fruit section. On the right was the seafood section. Sorry I missed to capture that part.


Organic supplements were here on this spot. And pasalubong section like cheese curls and others.


Cheap comfy sports clothing on this section.


Home stuff like pillow cases, blankets and others. And below is the garden section selling medicinal plants and flower-bearing plants.


Plants, clothes, housewares, tools, household stuff, toys, fruits, bread, organic foods, pasta, pica pica, drinks and other food can be found there. I overheard that they also have a branch on Mercato in Bonifacio Global City and Bancheto in Makati and others.

We headed home with full stomach. Only its hot  in there. See you again Sidcor. They are open from 6am until 2pm on Sundays Only.

Art in Island, Awesome!!!

Art in Island is an Interactive 3-Dimensional Art Museum. It just opened in the Philippines last December 25, 2014. According to the there were 14 Korean artists who worked on the paintings in just 4 months. I bet they gave their best effort to give the Filipinos a master work of art for selfies, family and friend’s portrait. Their style of Illusion art is what made every painting exquisite. As I have seen on one of their walls; “Illusions are images that are deceptive and misleading. Combining it with art creates the impression of a 3-Dimensional object in a flat surface.” You can interact with the objects, step on it, touch it, hold it, catch it, push it, pull it, and other actions that you can think of. As oppose to other museums that prohibit picture taking. The visitors become the directors, producers, actors and audience of their own story of the image. The Trick Art Museum in Jeju Island, South Korea is the largest trick art museum. Thank you to the Korean native and Art in Island CEO Yun Jae Kyoung for putting up the biggest 3D Museum in  Asia (biggest in terms of total painted area) with 3,800 sq meter here in the Philippines.

The interest to visit Art in Island started when I saw the March promo of 50% off for 300 Facebook likes. I did all the effort to achieve the 300 likes and a friend’s (Mabee) advice to seek help from active likers group. (Thank you guys!) *Entrance fee for adult is PhP 500 and PhP 400 for students (do not forget your school id). There is 20% off for Persons with disability and Senior Citizens. Children below 3ft. are FREE of charge.

At the entrance, the staff instructed us to leave our shoes then they gave us a corresponding number of the tray with our footwear. That is to protect the art pieces since the paintings are also on the floor. Since I did a research, I brought a pair of black socks for each one of us. So we do not have to walk on our barefoot. No food and drinks allowed. No tripods. No camera flash. But you can temporarily go out of the building if you want to grab a snack or drinks at the parking area. They will stamp on your arm your temporary pass. Though there is a cafeteria at the 2nd floor and at the exit.

I won’t make this any longer.. I am so excited to share the fun we had with my family when we were there. It took us almost 3 hours to finish the tour. It was tiring that we opted to rest for a while before we continued the picture galore but over-all it was enjoyable. Try to visit Art in Island to experience the same. Until now I am in awe of the art works we witnessed.

Aquatic and Jungle Animals

Famous personalities and Van Gogh art works

Adam and Eve; Good or Bad

Falling/Hanging/Floating illusion – Going European

Religious Murals

Snowy and Christmas Theme

Mirror effects/Cuteness/Love

Magazine Mural

Damsel in Distress

Hero and Villain

Cafeteria and Exit

BE PART OF ART! Since it was a Korean Day, we had lunch at Kogi Bulgogi  in Gateway Mall. Well spent money and time with my family!

Art in Island Info:

Operating Hours: Tuesdays – Sundays and Holidays 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Address: 175 15th Ave. Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City 1109

Telephone No.: (02) 421-1356

E-mail add:




A Treat To My Step Mom

October 12 was my step mother’s birth date. But since It was a weekday, we planned the treat on a weekend so we can go with the kids.

We went to Trinoma Mall in Quezon City first to have dinner at Dencios. It was late lunch. But before going there, we stopped by at the toy section in Landmark to buy a gift for a friend’s son who celebrated his 2nd birthday and had it wrapped at the gift wrapping section. When It’s done, we hurriedly walked to Dencio’s and ordered for late lunch. We had my all-time favorite Dencio’s Special Sisig (I like the crunchy part), Bulalo (hot! beefy good!), Nilasing na Hipon sa Taba ng Talangka (Good, but I had difficulty removing the shells). I in fact want more seafoods but my Dad won’t be able to consume it anyway.The food he eats is limited since he is watching his cholesterol level, sugar level, blood pressure and diabetes. So, those were what we got. We did eat that much since It’s already late lunch. We ate a bit at home.

Dencios TriNoma

Dencios TriNoma



Nilasing na Hipon sa Taba ng Talangka

Nilasing na Hipon sa Taba ng Talangka

Special Sisig

Special Sisig

Dencios Menu

Dencios Menu

Dining Area

Dining Area

After we had lunch, we went to Cuts for Tots for Fourth’s 2nd haircut. He was a bit anxious but submitted anyway after a few minutes.

Before Fourth's hair was cut with Yoyo Billy

Before Fourth’s hair was cut with Yoyo Billy

After the haircut

After the haircut

Then, we bought a pair of jacket and jogging pants for our baby Fourth. In preparation for our trip to Baguio on October 19-20, 2012; Friday and Saturday. We bumped in to some people we know inside the mall. My husband bought his sauna suit for fitness purposes.

After the mall tour (long walk in the mall), we sent my dad and step mom to Zen Asia Massage and Spa in West Avenue for a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish massage for an hour. We have to go back because we have to wait for another hour, there was no available masseur yet. We hang out along Tomas Morato for  a while, on my husband’s brother. Had a chat and talked about gun shooting sometime while Hunger Games shown on the television.

Time to go back to the Massage house, we dropped them off. We waited for an hour driving along Tomas Morato with the kids.  Then fetch them again when they were done. They said it was good then took a picture of them together. End of day.

My message to Stepmom Dang, “You have been with us for almost a decade now but you haven’t changed. Thank you for taking care of our kids and most of all, thank you for loving my father. We love you in return. Cheska and Fourth love you.”

Starbucks Mindanao Avenue


After the series of activities my husband and I have done (dinner, foot scrubs and full body massage), It’s time to go home. On our way to NLEX (North Luzon Expressway) (you may follow NLEX on twitter @nlextraffic for traffic updates), we passed by Mindanao Avenue. It has been months since I asked my friends to meet up there but due to busy schedules, it never happened.

And so, I asked my husband to drop by for a while and feel how it is to be there (Starbucks Mindanao Avenue). As if I have never been into any Starbucks before. The thing is, it’s newly built. (Well, it’s been months.) Never mind the dramatic side of me. My husband agreed, as always. We parked and seems like no available space for us. A lot of people were there from different ages; children, teenagers, yuppies, and oldies but goodies. My husband queued to the cashier as I told him what my order was. Then I looked around to find a place to sit down for a few minutes since it’s running late.

I approached a lady 50’s of age and asked, “Are these seats taken?”. I was glad of her reply, “No” with a calm voice. So I sat down and had a hand sign to my husband that we will be seated where I was. He came with our order.

And hey I thought of looking at the prices of packaged whole bean coffee. I have been planning to go to an Asian country and import coffee beans there to be sold in the Philippines. How I missed the place and the food. When I was there year 2008, Coffee was everywhere. I can smell the aroma of the coffee on every side of the street. I don’t know if it was the coffee village. Coffee shops were everywhere with variations of flavor. I hope the business plan can be realized in the near future. I know it will, with the help of the Lord God. Amen.

We had a small chat. After a while I was getting cold and spotted vacant seats outside. We went out and finish what we ordered.

 We stepped outside with a smile in our lips and gratefulness to The One who made our 3rd Anniversary complete. To God be the Glory in Jesus name.


Spa and Massage Day


After the dinner date with my husband (see previous post Date to Remember), we wanted to relax for a bit before our most awaited full body massage. We do not want to puke on the massage bed (if it is what it’s called) for we’re so full. I wonder why the ordered meal was heavy and surprisingly for my husband as well.

We went out of the Gayuma ni Maria cozy restaurant. And right at the front door is Silong Spa and Salon. I looked at the price list and find it practical unlike the other salons that do the same thing but asking for higher costs. This is evident now, I am thrifty.

We went in the Silong Spa and Salon. Ambiance is good, air-conditioned room and an accommodating personnel. He asked what service we needed. I answered, “Foot scrubs” and then smiled. He/She (I was not sure of the gender) pointed us to the next room where the service is usually done. It was another air-conditioned room with cheerful attendants. I asked for other services and their prices and settled on foot scrubs for me and my husband. We just wanted to relax a bit anyway just to give time for the feeling of being “Full” subsides.

We sat down and waited for the therapists to do their job while my husband and I were watching the television. It shows the Gangnam Style youtube video and had a short talk about it. Our kids dance to this tune whenever they hear it. Speaking of kids, their place has Kulit Bulilit Massage worth PhP150 only. They can also have Spa Party at the place with per head charges.

Over-all the service is good, another worth the price.

After the Foot Scrub, we hurriedly drove to West Avenue. We discovered a 24-hour Spa and Massage Salon. ZenAsia is located along West Avenue (just across Causeway), 2nd floor of the building after Music 21. We were lucky enough that there’s not much customers at that time. We were accommodated right on the spot. Excitement arises. It’s been weeks since we planned to have a massage but schedule/availability was not open to us. We had a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish massage. So, this is the night! Over-all good and again wallet-friendly. Felt so relaxed!


Date to Remember


My husband and I are celebrating our 3rd year of being together as a couple. September 11, 2009 it was, when we first exchanged our love to each other. We thought of trying something new to our palate. He searched for restaurants in Quezon City and found a very interesting one within Quezon City. Gayuma ni Maria it is. We are located in Bulacan at the moment so we do not want to go farther than QC. Here it is. I took some pictures of the place because I know I will surely post and share this day to the world.

We’ve never been to this place. But we never had a hard time looking for it. I admit we used Google maps and Navigation until we reached our destination. The parking area can accommodate 6 cars. It is hardly noticeable if you do not know the place. But to give a tip to the visitors, It is located just beside Silong Spa and Salon in Sikatuna Village, V. Luna, Quezon City. Business hours is 10am until midnight from Monday to Sunday. This is the google map link.

Their menu is quite different because it suggests a different title for their food. I always prefer beef menu so I ordered the Secret Lovers.  What is it? From the menu it says, “Rich braised beef pot topped with mashed potatoes and served with rice.” The menu description is hard to read though because of its small cursive font style. Then my husband ordered Nilasing ni Eba si Adan. Descriptions says, “Get that tipsy high in this pork loin dish in a ??? made of beer and apple.” Drinks available are Coca-Cola Products by the glass. Our palate is not disappointed with the food taste. Aside from that, it is affordable. We had all of this for only PhP615. The desserts are not written on the menu. The server will just let you know what sumptuous treats they have in the refrigerator which you can see in the dining area. What we had was Better than Sex. That is the name, seriously. I just pointed my finger to that slice of cake and the server told me the name. And woooo no offense or MTRCB rating, it tastes really good. After the meal, we did not stay that long because we have other places to go to. By the way, the servers are friendly and informative when I asked about reservations in the Function area, I rate them 5. Perfect! The quality of service is important to us because next to quality of food it is what the business is all about.

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