Exquisite Staycation at Marco Polo Hotel Manila

It was my birthday and Father’s Day at the same time; 3rd Sunday of June in year 2015. I wanted to spend my special day on a staycation with my family at Marco Polo Manila Ortigas. I told my husband about it and quickly booked a room for us. Excitement was all we had especially our kids who looked forward to the Infinity pool. Then the long wait was over! Here are some of the 300 pictures we captured during our stay.

Lazada Philippines
The Room

The kids were so excited when they learned that we’re going to have a staycation at the Marco Polo Manila Ortigas. We browsed the website and checked the rooms and amenities/facilities. They got even more excited by the Infinity pool. Swimming time has always been a Go! for them in any month of the year. Going to the room needed us to take 2 elevators. The first one stops at the 24th,  where the reception lobby is located. There are attendants there who will guide you to the next elevator and will ask you the level of your destination. Then we transferred to the other elevator just across the previous one. I felt some kind of security because not any people can just take the elevator and directly try to the rooms. In the room, my husband and I were glad to see an espresso machine with 3  complimentary cups.

The Piccolo Kids Club Room

The kids enjoyed playing at the Piccolo Kids Club Room. It is open only on weekends. Our Baby Fifth even practiced his new skills in crawling on the colorful mats. There were toys from Little Tikes. On the corner, there was a table for complimentary cheesecakes and brownies and juice. Too bad the mommy who just left finished all the cheesecake and brownies served on that table. That was the ONLY not good experience I had there. I asked one of the attendants if the pastries will be replenished, not possible. But the lady (short-haired, fair and beautiful) exerted an effort to ask their pastry chef of anything available. Good thing they still had 4 slices of brownies left. It was served and she asked if I like a glass of water. The brownies were good, just enough sweetness. I had a hard time getting over the cheesecakes  I missed. Haha…

The Infinity Pool and Locker Area

Who’s excited again? The kids! They were ready with their swim attire, goggles and arm floater (not sure what it’s called). My husband and I took turns in looking after our Baby Fifth while I enjoy a lemon water and orange water on the couch just beside the pool. There is a Jacuzzi at the farther corner of the area. Infinity pool = continuous flow of water from a full swimming pool (so that it is). Here are some pics. That was me walking away.

The Gym

While the kids were enjoying in the pool, I had  a peek of the gym. My other half was there. I just took some pictures while baby sitting on baby Fifth. If you forget your rubber shoes, they have a pair to lend you (just have your own socks). The trainer was very accommodating. He offered The Flow Smoothie (a kind of green smoothies).

Lazada Philippines

The Cucina Restaurant

The much awaited day for breakfast buffet had finally arrived. We went down to the 24th level where it is located same with Connect and The Reception Lobby. We were escorted to our table and asked if we want some coffee, it was a yes. What can we expect on a buffet? Unlimited food and drinks! We had it and we were full. The attendants were very polite. I was lucky to see their Executive Chef Luis/Louis (please correct me) and had a picture taken with him. Satisfied!

Vu’s Lounge

We were given complimentary drinks at Vu’s Lounge. It opens at 5pm. We were very excited to see the top floor; 45th. It says Vu’s Sky Lounge. The drink served on a Monday afternoon was sweet with a touch of alcohol. They have Mondays and Wednesdays specials; something like Ladies night where you drink-all-you-can for P995 only (please correct me if I’m wrong)!

The Cafe Pronto

While waiting for our check out time, I asked my husband to go with me at the Cafe Pronto to try something to eat there. He tried the Reuben Sandwich while I tried the Green Tea Mousse. We had some pictures as well.

Over all, the staycation was worth the price and very memorable. We will definitely go back to celebrate life, love and blessings.

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Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Street
Ortigas Centre, Pasig City, 1600
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Spa and Massage Day


After the dinner date with my husband (see previous post Date to Remember), we wanted to relax for a bit before our most awaited full body massage. We do not want to puke on the massage bed (if it is what it’s called) for we’re so full. I wonder why the ordered meal was heavy and surprisingly for my husband as well.

We went out of the Gayuma ni Maria cozy restaurant. And right at the front door is Silong Spa and Salon. I looked at the price list and find it practical unlike the other salons that do the same thing but asking for higher costs. This is evident now, I am thrifty.

We went in the Silong Spa and Salon. Ambiance is good, air-conditioned room and an accommodating personnel. He asked what service we needed. I answered, “Foot scrubs” and then smiled. He/She (I was not sure of the gender) pointed us to the next room where the service is usually done. It was another air-conditioned room with cheerful attendants. I asked for other services and their prices and settled on foot scrubs for me and my husband. We just wanted to relax a bit anyway just to give time for the feeling of being “Full” subsides.

We sat down and waited for the therapists to do their job while my husband and I were watching the television. It shows the Gangnam Style youtube video and had a short talk about it. Our kids dance to this tune whenever they hear it. Speaking of kids, their place has Kulit Bulilit Massage worth PhP150 only. They can also have Spa Party at the place with per head charges.

Over-all the service is good, another worth the price.

After the Foot Scrub, we hurriedly drove to West Avenue. We discovered a 24-hour Spa and Massage Salon. ZenAsia is located along West Avenue (just across Causeway), 2nd floor of the building after Music 21. We were lucky enough that there’s not much customers at that time. We were accommodated right on the spot. Excitement arises. It’s been weeks since we planned to have a massage but schedule/availability was not open to us. We had a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish massage. So, this is the night! Over-all good and again wallet-friendly. Felt so relaxed!


Date to Remember


My husband and I are celebrating our 3rd year of being together as a couple. September 11, 2009 it was, when we first exchanged our love to each other. We thought of trying something new to our palate. He searched for restaurants in Quezon City and found a very interesting one within Quezon City. Gayuma ni Maria it is. We are located in Bulacan at the moment so we do not want to go farther than QC. Here it is. I took some pictures of the place because I know I will surely post and share this day to the world.

We’ve never been to this place. But we never had a hard time looking for it. I admit we used Google maps and Navigation until we reached our destination. The parking area can accommodate 6 cars. It is hardly noticeable if you do not know the place. But to give a tip to the visitors, It is located just beside Silong Spa and Salon in Sikatuna Village, V. Luna, Quezon City. Business hours is 10am until midnight from Monday to Sunday. This is the google map link.


Their menu is quite different because it suggests a different title for their food. I always prefer beef menu so I ordered the Secret Lovers.  What is it? From the menu it says, “Rich braised beef pot topped with mashed potatoes and served with rice.” The menu description is hard to read though because of its small cursive font style. Then my husband ordered Nilasing ni Eba si Adan. Descriptions says, “Get that tipsy high in this pork loin dish in a ??? made of beer and apple.” Drinks available are Coca-Cola Products by the glass. Our palate is not disappointed with the food taste. Aside from that, it is affordable. We had all of this for only PhP615. The desserts are not written on the menu. The server will just let you know what sumptuous treats they have in the refrigerator which you can see in the dining area. What we had was Better than Sex. That is the name, seriously. I just pointed my finger to that slice of cake and the server told me the name. And woooo no offense or MTRCB rating, it tastes really good. After the meal, we did not stay that long because we have other places to go to. By the way, the servers are friendly and informative when I asked about reservations in the Function area, I rate them 5. Perfect! The quality of service is important to us because next to quality of food it is what the business is all about.

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