About the Blogger

People call me Porsche. I am an 80’s baby. I was born and raised in the Philippines. The only child of my dad Billy and my mom Susie. I grew up in Caloocan City until I graduated from High School. Then we moved to Valenzuela City.

During those years, I already have my file of writing. But since we moved to other house, most of them were lost. It’s fine, I still have them in my mind.

I finished Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology. Then I studied Certificate in Teaching, thereafter I took Licensure Exam for Teachers (Secondary) and fortunately passed. So, yeah I am a licensed Secondary Teacher. I also enrolled in one of the prestige schools in Metro Manila, Master of Arts in Philosophy.

My job experiences were various from Sales, Realty, Business Process Outsourcing, a short time of being a Pre-school teacher, Multi-level marketing and lastly Banking. It was just recently when my passion in writing is practiced.

Before I forget, I also enrolled in Basic Dressmaking Class when I was 18 years old. I make dress, polo for men and women, skirts and other basic clothing except gowns (that’s Advanced Dressmaking). I also cook the best SIOMAI with toyomansi and chili garlic. I can brag on this. Many people can testify. Most requested when I visit my family and friends or on small gatherings.

I read Paulo Coelho‘s and Robert Kiyosaki‘s writings.

I worked as a Business Development Manager with an American-based company where my superior and colleagues are very supportive. Web development (basic) and SEO (a bit) are the nature of job. I will acquire formal education on these matters very soon. Currently, I am an enthusiast of photography. I have taken a class at Shaw Academy from UK. I am looking forward to better images of our fond memories. Now, a business entrepreneur. Please check my other site: http://www.cteesprints.wordpress.com to view our products offered.

I love to love. I love winning moments. I love freebies! I know how to appreciate beauty God has given. I hate traitors. I want to earn a lot. I am free-spirited and totally an independent woman.

My inspirations are: God the Savior and my family (my husband, my kids, my dad (+) and my Aunt Amor (+)).


Dad, I offer all my writings to you. I love you and I have been missing you.

For suggestions feel free to contact me at porschesdiary@gmail.com and at my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/PorschesDiary

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