Bicol Express with Sitaw – Cooking Filipino


Who’s HOT or NOT? This is one of the best Filipino dishes in the Philippines. You can adjust the spiciness of the dish depends on the number of red chili pepper you will use. Happy Cooking Filipino!


1 Hour 20 Minutes


4-6 people


1 kilo pork strips/menudo cut (Kasim is the best part)

4-6 green chili (chopped)

20 or more red chili pepper (chopped)

2 onions (chopped)

Sitaw or your choice of veggie (chopped by 2-3 inch long)

Grated coconut (Kinudkud na Niyog) (1 will do)

pitcher of water

salt & pepper


  1. Boil water to be used for the grated coconut (to produce coconut milk thru squeezing/extracting).
  2. Saute onion, green chili, red chili (or later)
  3. Add pork strips. Cook for 5 minutes.
  4. By now, you should have the coconut milk in 2 batches.
  5. Set aside the first batch of coconut milk.
  6. Add the second batch of coconut milk to the pork.
  7. Boil for 45 minutes-1 hour or until almost dry.
  8. After which, add the second batch of coconut milk and continue to boil for 10-15 minutes.
  9. Add at once the sitaw and shrimp paste/alamang.
  10. Mix until 15 minutes is over.
  11. Serve & Enjoy!

Watch this video of Bicol Express


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Easy Ground Pork (Giniling) – Cooking Filipino


Look what is inside the fridge to decide what to cook for lunch. In my case, the ingredients I found told me to cook Ground pork. Let us start.


45 minutes


5 Garlic

1 Onion

1/2 kilo Ground pork

Small Potato (diced)

Small Carrot (diced)

Salt and pepper (julliened/dice)

4 tbsp. Cooking oil

2-4 Eggs (boiled or fresh)

1 cup water

Green peas/raisins (optional)




1. Heat the pan. Add cooking oil

2. Next is onion then garlic

3. Add potato

4. Add carrot

5. Add bell pepper

6. Mix

7. Add ground pork

8. Add water

9. Simmer for 15 minutes

10. Add fresh eggs. Don’t mix.

11. After 5 minutes mix slowly.

12. Simmer for 5-8 minutes

13. Add raisins/green peas (optional)

14. Ready to serve.

15. Enjoy!

Watch this video!

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Uber Experience: First Time!

We just sold our car so we have to find a safe ride in Manila. I downloaded the Uber App on my phone. I did not have any idea of Uber. As I went ahead, I registered my full name, contact number, and credit card details. (Riding in Uber cars is a cashless transaction).

We visited our Uncle in Veterans Medical Memorial Hospital in Quezon City. He used to serve in Philippine Navy during his younger years. After almost an hour of chat, we had to go and go ahead to our next destination; Smart Araneta Coliseum. We will watch the A Song of Praise 2015 (ASOP). You may read our experience here.

Lazada Philippines
Continuing with our Uber experience, I went online to book a car going to Cubao. We were lucky to have an Uber Black car near the VMMC Hospital. It was a Ford Everest – black with driver/Uber partner Kuya Rogen. I can see on the map his location. I felt like a “probinsyana” using the Uber app! It was amazing how in 1 click, I can ask for a car to bring me to my destination. Technology it is! He arrived in 6 minutes from the moment I booked the ride! Swift!

What did I do? I asked my husband to take a picture of me with the Uber car behind me. Perstaym! Then I hopped in (with my husband of course). And I told Kuya Rogen, “First time ko Kuya sumakay ng Uber!”. He replied while smiling,  “Welcome to Uber mam.” I laughed at myself.😄

Since it was the start of light to medium traffic, I asked Kuya Rogen few things about his Uber experience as an Uber partner. He responded with honest answers. He even gave us tips if ever we will engage in the same transpo business. He said he is included in the pioneer batch of Uber and was interviewed on TV to share his great experience in succeeding as an Uber partner. He even ranked #1. Galing di ba?! He told us his success story and it was very inspiring. The Ford Everest he is driving that night is one of his 3 Ford Everest (I hope I got it correctly). All has been paid off with the help of Uber. Wow! He has other vehicles apart from those. Another Wow! We found out he also lives in Bulacan, near where we live. Kababayan! He also has a barber shop in Sta. Maria Bayan called “Amigo”, named after his nickname. In a span of 30 minutes, we were inspired by his success story.

Lazada Philippines
Here is an idea how much Uber charges its riders.


credit: Uber Manila

Car types: Sedan and AUV (Vios, Innova, Adventure, etc.)

Minimum Fare: PhP 40

Base Fare: PhP 40

Per Minute Rate: PhP 2

Per kilometer rate: PhP 5.7


credit: Uber Manila

Car types: SUV (Fortuner, Grandia, Montero, Everest, etc.)

Minimum Fare: PhP 120

Base Fare: PhP 90

Per Minute Rate: PhP 2.10

Per kilometer rate: PhP 12.92

Filipinos are really resourceful especially in means to earn money. It may mean less time with their families (for full-time partners) but it is for their good (could even be long-term).

At present, we call/text Kuya Rogen whenever we need a ride. He is very accomodating, professional and trust worthy. Saludo kami sa iyo Kuya Rogen.


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Uber Manila


Window Fishing at Manila Ocean Park


Manila Ocean Park is located at the heart of Manila, Philippines. As its official website says, ” An integrated resort facility with marine life attractions, themed hotel with entertainment and lifestyle  facilities, the park can now be considered as an all-season, all-weather holiday destination for locals and tourists. Definitely a venue for all ages to enjoy.”

I was 6 months pregnant then with Baby Fourth. We went there November 20, 2010, Saturday.  It was a weekend so we expected the place will be filled with lots of tourists. As envisioned, there were lots of students from different schools who held their field trip at Manila Ocean Park. It didn’t stop us from coming in. There are variety of scenic spots and activities available for adults and kids. We looked for packages and promos. It was not yet fully developed by that time. We went ahead and paid the package we preferred.

And that’s when the adventure of our daughter started. My husband and I enjoyed too, just like we were kids. We always have a child in us even when we grow older. While we were waiting for the Sea Lion Show we wandered to the Marine Life Habitat. We watched the South American Sea Lions as they swim, walk and interact with each other not to mention showing their little tricks to the children. We met Icis, Ira, Sandra, Isabel, Yeni, and the only male sea lion, Vincent! Do you know that Sea Lions are very interesting animals that can end up being extremely large.

The Sea Lion Show started! Everyone got amazed including us. The audience applauded a lot of times. We’ve seen happy faces with big smiles. Children and their companions were so glad of the Sea Lion Show. The Sea Lions have 2 trainers on stage that lead them on what to do. They stomped their feet, went in circles, danced, dived to the pool, rolled over, lifted their flippers, and slid through the floor. It was really fun watching them!

After the show we went to Jellies Dancing Sea Fairies. It’s like they are inside several tubes that has different colors lighting effects. Jellies are free-swimming marine animals consisting of a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles. The bell can pulsate for locomotion, while stinging tentacles can be used to capture prey. They looked so gracious and elegant as they moved from one point to another on water. It was quiet relaxing to the eyes with the sounds being played inside the exhibit.

There’s also an area with books for kids. Tables and chairs provided in case you want to spend a little time reading. As we had a long time walking, we got tired and wanted some rest. I found a Fish-shaped table on that area with books on top of it. Cheska chose one book (forgot the title) and read it with her. Outside the exhibit area is a big Memorabilia shop known as Sunset Quay Mall area where you can purchase marine creature stuffed toys, shirts and other souvenir items. There are also dining spots where you can enjoy the relaxing bayside view and the Manila Bay sunset! Hotel H2o can also be found here with hotel accommodations, dining and spa. As it’s official site stated: Hotel H2O takes its inspiration from the waters of the Philippines. It’s location, perched atop Manila Bay; its marine-themed rooms and suites that allow you to “sleep with fishes”; and its easy access to Manila Ocean Park all combine to make Hotel H2O a hotel like no other.

Manila Ocean Park as the first marine-themed park in the Philippines has a collection of underwater creatures from around 300 species, all indigenous to the Philippines and the Southeast Asia. The underwater viewing tunnel is 25 meters long and curved at 220 degrees. Witness as they interact and show us the beauty from underwater we may have never seen before.


My Birthday Celebration 2012 (Gone Historical)


The special day of the year for me is every June 21st. It’s one special day that I feel the world is mine.

Now that I have a family, I want to devote my day to my kids. This year I felt so proud being a Filipino. I even had a Philippine flag nail art polish before the Independence Day.

We started the celebration by having lunch at Shakey’s Centris-Quezon Avenue. Then we went to our National Park – Luneta. We rode on Calesa (Mamang Kuchero brought us to Intramuros), we took pictures, play and ran like kids, walked around and a simple snack.

Rizal Park, also known as Luneta Park or colloquially Luneta, is a historical urban park located at the heart of the city of Manila, Philippines, adjacent to the old walled city of Manila, now Intramuros. Since the Spanish Colonial Era, the park has been a favorite spot for unwinding, socializing, an urban oasis for family picnics on Sundays and holidays. It is one of the major tourist attractions of Manila.

Located along Manila Bay, Luneta has been the site of some of the most significant moments in Philippine history. The execution of pacifist Dr. José Rizal on December 30, 1896, sparked the fire of the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish colonizers, elevating the martyr as the national hero of the country. The park was officially renamed Rizal Park in his honor and his monument serves as the symbolic focal point of the park. The Declaration of Philippine Independence from American rule was held here on July 4, 1946 as well as the political rallies of Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino in 1986 that led to the EDSA Revolution that deposed Marcos ending his dictatorial government. (excerpt from Wikipedia)

After few days, as we continued being Historical and Nationalistic, we went to Barasoain Church located at Malolos, Bulacan.

It is also known as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish. It is a Roman Catholic church built in 1630. The church recorded some of the important events occurred in the country. While it has been a temporary residence of General Aguinaldo, three major events in Philippine History happened in this church: the convening of the First Philippine Congress (September 15, 1898), the drafting of the Malolos Constitution (September 29, 1898 to January 21, 1899), and the inauguration of the First Philippine Republic (January 23, 1899). By Presidential Decree No. 260, the church was proclaimed as a National Shrine by President Ferdinand Marcos on August 1, 1973. Unusual for newly elected presidents in the Philippines, the church has been a venue in an inaugural affairs. General Emilio Aguinaldo and former president Joseph Estrada were the only two who have been inaugurated in the place. (excerpt from Wikipedia)

We took pictures inside and outside the church. Of course we prayed together as a family. These are our captured moments.

On our way home I saw afar off, I took a picture of Manila Hotel.

The Manila Hotel is a 570-room, five-star hotel in Manila, Philippines, located in the heart of the Manila Bay area. The Manila Hotel is the oldest premiere hotel in the Philippines, built in 1909 to rival Malacañan Palace, the official residence of the President of the Philippines, and opened in 1912. It was built on an area of 35,000 square metres (380,000 sq ft) along Roxas Boulevard. It was the residence of General Douglas MacArthur from 1935 to 1941.

Way back my college graduation we celebrated over dinner at Manila Hotel. One of the 3 restaurants is Cafe Ilang-Ilang. The new Café Ilang-Ilang is a renaissance of chic casual dining which brings together a vast array of cuisines from across all continents. Designed artfully to satisfy the distinguishing palate, the spacious restaurant features an extensive selection of buffet delights with a fresh spin on its various open kitchens and a delectable desserts space that highlights its tradition of unique and excellent dining. Its eight live cooking stations offer Asian, Mediterranean, European, and Western dishes. Café Ilang-Ilang also has a stunning open Pan-Asian kitchen, Churrasco station, decadent dessert station, and an Italian kitchen with a wood fired pizza oven for a truly unique gastronomic adventure. A la carte dishes are also available. (from Manila Hotel Official Site)