Cebu, Philippines Adventure – Summer 2017 (Day 1)

As a couple, we have been to places but never been into a flight together. He flew before and I did too. But we never knew each other yet that time. So, first time to fly in a plane together would be exciting, I think. Plus, it was hubby’s birthday.

First destination, the airport! There were no flights available to Cebu from Clark which we preferred, given the distance from Bulacan where we live. Good thing our flight was at 5:50am so we left at 2am going to Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The kids were safe with my aunt; Sanse Ine, cousin; Kuya Bobot and mom; Susie. We arrived at 3am because no heavy traffic came our way. We were early of course. Already web checked-in few days before the flight so we went straight to the baggage check-in counter at once. We had so early breakfast at Mini stop in the airport. Big chicken part! Airline was Cebu Pacific, one-way tix on promo for both of us. I prayed hard not to have any issues. Thank God nothing such happened. We witnessed the early morning sun and it felt really good. I was sitting near the window. View from up above was really great while on flight.




Second destination, Cebu! We were very happy to know that our cab ride going to our hotel was for FREE! Sponsored by Uber (worth PhP500) or Grab (worth PhP300). It really amazed me. Was it partnership between these two companies and the Cebu airport management? Our ride was worth PhP279.00 because our hotel is situated in Osmena; The Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. And yes, we experienced heavy traffic just like in Manila. We were in Cebu City, but of course we enjoyed the trip to the hotel and chat the Uber driver about his daily experiences driving within Cebu. He was interesting to talk to. Our hotel is located practically to everything we needed from mall, fast food chain, peddlers, bus station, port, etc.  Another thing, our 3 days, 2 nights accommodation was FREE! Another story for that; but I can say, one of the many perks of a blogger. Let me know if you want to have the same so I can give your name to this vacation club. Voucher is valid in Cebu, Davao, Boracay and Metro Manila.😉 The shirts we wore in the entire trip was made by me. Personalized thru Check it out!


hotel posting


It was raining when we arrived. We had an itinerary to follow yet we had to change a bit. We skipped the first one since we were still carrying our luggage and bags. So, straight to the hotel. Below is our itinerary. Feel free to copy or ask me about this. (Highlighted in Yellow were skipped, due to weather condition. Whew! Of all the days, why on our tour?)

Cebu IT 1

Next, we had an adventure while walking from one place to the other. See the pictures below!

Fort San Pedro

From the hotel, we took a jeep going to Fort San Pedro! It was raining cats and dogs. How come rain poured on the first week of summer month? Anyway, it was like Fort Santiago in Manila. Walls and flooring were remarkable. I was stepping on hundreds years of age structure. I bet we had a better view if only it was a sunny day.

Fuerte de San Pedro is a military defence structure in Cebu (Philippines), built by the Spanish under the command of Miguel López de Legazpi, first governor of the Captaincy General of the Philippines. It is located in the area now called Plaza Indepedencia, in the pier area of the city. The fort is triangular in shape, with two sides facing the sea and the third side fronting the land.- Wikipedia

fort san pedro posting


Malacanang sa Sugbo

On our way to the Magellan’s Cross we passed by this building. Not sure if it is abandoned. For what it’s worth, it was a spot.

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Manila: #UberChopper

Manila, it’s time to step up your ride with Uber. We’ve teamed up with Airtrav to bring the UberCHOPPER experience to you this Saturday, November 21.

If you’re lucky enough to score a FREE UberCHOPPER, you and your friends will be whisked away for a once in a lifetime aerial tour of the city.

Blog2 - FINAL

Airtrav Incorporated is a local company that owns and operates air charter services in the Philippines. True to its commitment of safety, comfort and convenience, Airtrav’s pilots undergo training in Torrance, California USA, making its flight crew one of the best in the country. (Airtrav contact details: 0917-810-1827 or 02-801-3114)


  1. Fire-up the Uber app from 8am to 10am on Saturday, November 21, 2015 and slide to the ‘UberCHOPPER’ option
  2. Set your pick-up location and press the request button
  3. An UberBLACK will take you and your friends to the helipad.

Demand for UberCHOPPER will be sky-high (no pun intended) and supply will be limited. If at first you don’t see any Ubers available, keep trying!


  • When you request, make sure you and your friends are at the same pick-up location and ready to go. Your car will only pick up at one location and will wait a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Strictly limited to 3 passengers per flight (you plus 2 of your friends)
  • UberCHOPPER will fly a fixed 10-minute route– you will not be able to request your own destination
  • Refreshments will be provided and you’ll get a free UberBLACK ride to take you back home once you’re done
  • All fliers must be at least 18 years or older and should be a Filipino citizen
  • You must bring a Philippine government-issued ID indicating your date of birth (Please have your Philippine ID with you or you will not be allowed to board the flight)
  • Uber is not a direct air carrier
  • All air services advertised will be provided free of charge by Airtrav. Uber has no responsibility or liability for any transportation services provided to you by third party providers.
  • If the weather doesn’t permit, UberCHOPPER will be rescheduled to a later date



Use this Uber promotion code “checadiz” to get a FREE Ride worth P200. Or register here for first time users


Enjoy the ride and have a safe Uber trip! 🚁🚗🚥

I tried to seek transpo service at exactly 8 in the morning and it did show the Uber Chopper option! I tried a few times.. but (maybe) they only offer it within the metro.


Uber Experience: First Time!

We just sold our car so we have to find a safe ride in Manila. I downloaded the Uber App on my phone. I did not have any idea of Uber. As I went ahead, I registered my full name, contact number, and credit card details. (Riding in Uber cars is a cashless transaction).

We visited our Uncle in Veterans Medical Memorial Hospital in Quezon City. He used to serve in Philippine Navy during his younger years. After almost an hour of chat, we had to go and go ahead to our next destination; Smart Araneta Coliseum. We will watch the A Song of Praise 2015 (ASOP). You may read our experience here.

Lazada Philippines
Continuing with our Uber experience, I went online to book a car going to Cubao. We were lucky to have an Uber Black car near the VMMC Hospital. It was a Ford Everest – black with driver/Uber partner Kuya Rogen. I can see on the map his location. I felt like a “probinsyana” using the Uber app! It was amazing how in 1 click, I can ask for a car to bring me to my destination. Technology it is! He arrived in 6 minutes from the moment I booked the ride! Swift!

What did I do? I asked my husband to take a picture of me with the Uber car behind me. Perstaym! Then I hopped in (with my husband of course). And I told Kuya Rogen, “First time ko Kuya sumakay ng Uber!”. He replied while smiling,  “Welcome to Uber mam.” I laughed at myself.😄

Since it was the start of light to medium traffic, I asked Kuya Rogen few things about his Uber experience as an Uber partner. He responded with honest answers. He even gave us tips if ever we will engage in the same transpo business. He said he is included in the pioneer batch of Uber and was interviewed on TV to share his great experience in succeeding as an Uber partner. He even ranked #1. Galing di ba?! He told us his success story and it was very inspiring. The Ford Everest he is driving that night is one of his 3 Ford Everest (I hope I got it correctly). All has been paid off with the help of Uber. Wow! He has other vehicles apart from those. Another Wow! We found out he also lives in Bulacan, near where we live. Kababayan! He also has a barber shop in Sta. Maria Bayan called “Amigo”, named after his nickname. In a span of 30 minutes, we were inspired by his success story.

Lazada Philippines
Here is an idea how much Uber charges its riders.


credit: Uber Manila

Car types: Sedan and AUV (Vios, Innova, Adventure, etc.)

Minimum Fare: PhP 40

Base Fare: PhP 40

Per Minute Rate: PhP 2

Per kilometer rate: PhP 5.7


credit: Uber Manila

Car types: SUV (Fortuner, Grandia, Montero, Everest, etc.)

Minimum Fare: PhP 120

Base Fare: PhP 90

Per Minute Rate: PhP 2.10

Per kilometer rate: PhP 12.92

Filipinos are really resourceful especially in means to earn money. It may mean less time with their families (for full-time partners) but it is for their good (could even be long-term).

At present, we call/text Kuya Rogen whenever we need a ride. He is very accomodating, professional and trust worthy. Saludo kami sa iyo Kuya Rogen.


Use my Uber promo code, “checadiz”, and get ₱200 off your first Uber ride. Redeem it at


Uber Manila