Birthday at Krispy Kreme NLEx

Today marks the 10th year of another milestone in my life as a woman; being a mother. Ten (10) years ago, I was caught up with the truth that I had a baby. Fortunately, a very cute baby who turned out to be a very sweet girl. Since we started the month of March celebrating the birthdays of my three (3) loved ones: Daddy, Kuya and Ate, we planned to continue the fun! A simple dine out elsewhere. No concrete plans, as long as we are together as a family with her ninong Bobot (my beloved cousin; a deaf and mute).

At first we planned to go somewhere North again like Robinsons Pampanga where there is Sky Ranch in the area. I changed it to a simple doughnut snack. I thought it was. I invited my daughter’s friend slash classmate in school (Ellyza) to join us so it would be more fun and memorable for the birthday girl. I am thankful her parents allowed her to come with us. (Thank you sir Erwin and mars Rizza😊).  As we arrived at Krispy Kreme at Petron NLEx I asked each and everyone’s order. I opted to order a dozen of assorted doughnuts since we planned to stay a bit longer than usual. Then I told one of the crew (Debbie) that it was her 10th birthday. To our surprise, they (KK staff) invited her to choose a doughnut of her choice ON THEM. I did not know they have birthday treats. Cheska (my daughter chose Cookies and Cream). Then they said they will give it a little later. We agreed, waited and was very surprised! I saw Cheska’s smile and the glitter in her eyes, I knew she felt special. They sang happy birthday, gave the doughnut and gave her balloons. Without further ado here are our pictures.

As long as my kids are happy, I am too! Customer Service satisfied! Excellent Krispy Kreme NLEx Petron Marilao people! My sincerest gratitude.💋

Nlex Smart Connect to Karuhatan Valenzuela Passable

Smart Connect to Mc Arthur Highway Map

Smart Connect to Mc Arthur Highway, Valenzuela Map

Motorists coming from Central and Northern Luzon now have alternate access to Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela (Camanava) areas with the opening of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) Segment 9 Thursday.

The 2.42-kilometer Segment 9 connects NLEX from the Smart Connect Interchange to MacArthur Highway in Karuhatan, Valenzuela City. It was built at a cost of R1.59 billion and expected to serve up to 27,000 vehicles daily on its first year of operation.

“Vehicles going to Camanava via NLEX can take the west-bound ramp at the Smart Connect Interchange, proceed through Segment 9 and take MacArthur Highway instead of exiting at the Valenzuela Interchange and passing through the congested Maysan Road. Vehicles going to the Port Area, can take the same route and pass by Monumento in Caloocan instead of exiting at Balintawak and going through traffic-heavy EDSA,” MNTC president Rodrigo E. Franco said.

Franco said the opening of NLEX Segment 9 will speed up movement of people and goods between Central and North Luzon and Metro Manila, particularly the Camanava area, by providing alternate routes to motorists.

“By linking NLEX and MacArthur Highway, we expect to see increased economic activities in these areas since it will improve transport logistics through the more efficient movement of trucks,” Franco said.

The economic benefits Segment 9 will bring are expected to increase further when Segment 10 of the NLEX Harbor Link is finished in late 2016, according to Franco. Segments 9 and 10 will be linked via the NLEX Karuhatan Valenzuela Interchange. Stretching 5.65 kilometers long, Segment 10 will largely be an elevated expressway, directly linking NLEX and MacArthur Highway to Manila’s Port Area district.

“When Segments 9 and 10 become operational, the country’s port congestion problem will be a thing of the past,” Franco noted.

Credits: Manila Bulletin via Yahoo! News

Life is Short

Don't waste it!

Don’t waste it!

“We all have choices in this life. Choose to live yours to the fullest, never forget to live. ” – Anonymous

I thought our day already ended because we’re already on our way home from my step mom’s post birthday treat celebration. The story is in my other article.

“Life is short.”, we learned this very line tonight. We were hit by a closed aluminum van along North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). Thank God we are still alive. Third, Fourth, Cheska, my dad and step mom were the passengers. I have to take the wheel on our way home because Third was so sleepy. He has been up for more than 24hrs. We were out to treat my stepmom for post birthday celebration.

I usually stay on the 1st and 2nd lane along NLEX. It was my first time to stay on the 3rd lane (slow moving vehicles). I was tired then and lack of sleep. Then suddenly a closed aluminum van wants to overtake from my right side which was wrong. Overtaking lane is from the left side. It hit our right passenger door, side mirror and right side of the hood part (whatever it is called), basically everything from the right side. I had a sudden turn to the left side to avoid the van. When it was happening, the faces of Cheska and Fourth (our children) flashed in front of me. I really thought it was the last moment of my life. It was nearly death experience if at least one car was behind us or on our left.

God is good, no vehicle was there. I reduced my speed. Split seconds, I thought that was our last day on earth. I came back to my senses realizing we’re still alive. The truck ran away so fast. I was planning to chase after the could be drunken bastard but my husband told me not to chase after him anymore.

I’ve realized GOD IS SO GOOD. HE PROTECTED US. HIS ANGELS TOOK THE WHEEL AND CLEARED THE FIRST TWO LANES FOR OUR SAFETY. WE ALL KNOW HOW FAST THE CARS ARE IN NLEX. TODAY OCTOBER 13, 2012 IS OUR SECOND LIFE. In fact, I feel like a different person now. Renewed. Free from everything. Thank God for our second life. I will not waste it.

That accident was taken positively. I love my kids and my husband more. How can I forget, I love myself  more too?!