Nlex Smart Connect to Karuhatan Valenzuela Passable

Smart Connect to Mc Arthur Highway Map

Smart Connect to Mc Arthur Highway, Valenzuela Map

Motorists coming from Central and Northern Luzon now have alternate access to Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela (Camanava) areas with the opening of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) Segment 9 Thursday.

The 2.42-kilometer Segment 9 connects NLEX from the Smart Connect Interchange to MacArthur Highway in Karuhatan, Valenzuela City. It was built at a cost of R1.59 billion and expected to serve up to 27,000 vehicles daily on its first year of operation.

“Vehicles going to Camanava via NLEX can take the west-bound ramp at the Smart Connect Interchange, proceed through Segment 9 and take MacArthur Highway instead of exiting at the Valenzuela Interchange and passing through the congested Maysan Road. Vehicles going to the Port Area, can take the same route and pass by Monumento in Caloocan instead of exiting at Balintawak and going through traffic-heavy EDSA,” MNTC president Rodrigo E. Franco said.

Franco said the opening of NLEX Segment 9 will speed up movement of people and goods between Central and North Luzon and Metro Manila, particularly the Camanava area, by providing alternate routes to motorists.

“By linking NLEX and MacArthur Highway, we expect to see increased economic activities in these areas since it will improve transport logistics through the more efficient movement of trucks,” Franco said.

The economic benefits Segment 9 will bring are expected to increase further when Segment 10 of the NLEX Harbor Link is finished in late 2016, according to Franco. Segments 9 and 10 will be linked via the NLEX Karuhatan Valenzuela Interchange. Stretching 5.65 kilometers long, Segment 10 will largely be an elevated expressway, directly linking NLEX and MacArthur Highway to Manila’s Port Area district.

“When Segments 9 and 10 become operational, the country’s port congestion problem will be a thing of the past,” Franco noted.

Credits: Manila Bulletin via Yahoo! News

Starbucks Mindanao Avenue


After the series of activities my husband and I have done (dinner, foot scrubs and full body massage), It’s time to go home. On our way to NLEX (North Luzon Expressway) (you may follow NLEX on twitter @nlextraffic for traffic updates), we passed by Mindanao Avenue. It has been months since I asked my friends to meet up there but due to busy schedules, it never happened.

And so, I asked my husband to drop by for a while and feel how it is to be there (Starbucks Mindanao Avenue). As if I have never been into any Starbucks before. The thing is, it’s newly built. (Well, it’s been months.) Never mind the dramatic side of me. My husband agreed, as always. We parked and seems like no available space for us. A lot of people were there from different ages; children, teenagers, yuppies, and oldies but goodies. My husband queued to the cashier as I told him what my order was. Then I looked around to find a place to sit down for a few minutes since it’s running late.

I approached a lady 50’s of age and asked, “Are these seats taken?”. I was glad of her reply, “No” with a calm voice. So I sat down and had a hand sign to my husband that we will be seated where I was. He came with our order.

And hey I thought of looking at the prices of packaged whole bean coffee. I have been planning to go to an Asian country and import coffee beans there to be sold in the Philippines. How I missed the place and the food. When I was there year 2008, Coffee was everywhere. I can smell the aroma of the coffee on every side of the street. I don’t know if it was the coffee village. Coffee shops were everywhere with variations of flavor. I hope the business plan can be realized in the near future. I know it will, with the help of the Lord God. Amen.

We had a small chat. After a while I was getting cold and spotted vacant seats outside. We went out and finish what we ordered.

 We stepped outside with a smile in our lips and gratefulness to The One who made our 3rd Anniversary complete. To God be the Glory in Jesus name.