Buko Pandan Ice Cream with Nata de Coco – Cooking Filipino


What is the common Filipino dessert on the table during family get together? One of them is Buko Pandan. Let us take it to the next level.

(The video was only 6.5 hours in the freezer. My kids got excited. But, they loved it.)


All-purpose Cream

Flavored Condensed Milk (Buko Pandan)

Evaporated Milk

Nata de Coco


8 hours


5 people


1. Put all the ingredients together. You may add buko strips if available.

2. Mix

3. Transfer into a plastic container

4. Store in the freezer for 8 hours or more

5. Enjoy! 😉

You may watch this clip

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Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream

ice cream

Another summer refresher is ice cream! This is the first flavored ice cream I made this summer 2017. This is my kid’s request. Wish granted! Give it a try.


Condensed milk

Evaporated Milk


Chocolate cookies


8 hours – Overnight


5 people (almost half gallon)


  1. Put the cream. Mix.
  2. Next the condensed milk. (About 2/3 only. It can get really sweet or you may add more of evaporated milk)
  3. Then, the evaporated milk. Mix.
  4. Lastly, the chocolate cookies.
  5. Transfer to a plastic container.
  6. Sit in the freezer for 8 hours  but best when overnight.
  7. Enjoy sweet tooth!


Here is how I made it.

Creamy Mango Graham Ice Candy

mango graham

Summer feels in the Philippines! A freezing dessert to help us make it through the day will really help. Join us, as we make this sweets, good for kids and adults as well.


Graham Crackers

Condensed milk (flavored is better)

Evaporated Creamer/Milk

Water (700ml)


5 hours


22 pieces or more (depends on the size)


  1. Break the Graham crackers into pieces but not crushed.
  2. Add the Evaporated milk. Mix.
  3. Add the flavored condensed milk. Mix.
  4. Add water. Mix
  5. Transfer the mixture to the ice candy plastic.
  6. Keep in the freezer for 4-5 hours.
  7. Enjoy and be refreshed!

Here is a video of how I made it.