Grabe Agave! CSSPI GM at Arid ‘n Aroids September 2018

Updated as of September 14, 2018, 2am

Every first Sunday of the month, the Cactus and Succulents Society of the Philippines Inc. hold its monthly meeting with the members and officials. Free lecture/workshop, free food, CnS bazaar, support on care/tips about your plant and new acquaintances are what the cactus enthusiasts can expect from the CSSPI. Last August 2018 meeting, Mr. Lino Rom; CSSPI President and Mr. Boyet Ganigan; owner of Arid ‘n Aroids Nursery announced the venue of September meeting with what to expect on such event; Grabe Agave. It was jaw-dropping wow! See below the raffle prizes. It only seems like simple plants but they are not!


The members and officials of the Cactus and Succulents Society of the Philippines Inc. were exhilarated about the Grabe Agave event. It was hosted by the September group. I had sleepless nights when the event was fast approaching. Can you relate? September 9, 2018, was like an early Christmas for CSSPI. A month long reminder and adverts made the CnS enthusiasts more thrilled. I met a mother and daughter who lives in Tagaytay but it was their first time to visit Arid ‘n Aroids because of what they saw and read on the Facebook page. Who would not want to take home the 6 digit worth of cactus and succulents which you can win on the Grabe Agave event?! To add, the 2 FREE TRIPs to Bangkok, Thailand were open to be raffled among members and non-members. Who else would sponsor such grand prizes other than the man behind Arid ‘n Aroids; Mr. Boyet Ganigan.



Last September 8 (before the big day), the September group prepared with all the effort they can for the grand event. Hand in hand were The Hawo Boys (Tim, Marc, Wilson & Von – in spirit) of The Haworthia Guys, Ms. Jen dela Cruz, and the hosts Mr. Boyet Ganigan with his brother Mr. Mike Ganigan and other staff made sure that it would be a very unforgettable CSSPI meeting of the year.



Grabe Agave Event
This is the day! I am a self-confessed cactus addict. I must say, Arid ‘n Aroids Nursery is my happy place. Grabe Agave attendees were asked to register their names as member or non-members then a loot bag was given with surprise cactus and/or succulent inside.  Ours were Astrophytum Asterias babies and a succulent which I do not know the ID (as seen on the image). Registration was necessary for the much anticipated raffle draw at a later time. I arrived at around 9 am with my supportive husband; Third and noticed hundreds of guests/members who were already in. I was #65 as an Official member and my husband was #387 as a non-member. More people kept coming every few minutes interval. Mr. Marlon Valdellon was the first to welcome me and showed the most wanted raffle prizes such as the expensive Agave Pinky, 6 Aloe Hybrids, offset of Gymnocalycium Aurora (mother plant costs 250,000 Baht), 3 Rare Tillandsia, 2 Rare Haworthias, 4 Variegated Sansevierias and he mentioned the 2 Trips to Bangkok, Thailand. I was in awe and had to pause for a bit and stared at each one of them. A minimum purchase of P300 would qualify the attendees whether member or non-member for the raffle draw. It was fair amount to spend knowing the worth of the raffle prizes. You think so?


Mr. Boyet Ganigan; the host of the Grabe Agave event, coordinated with the Baranggay Tartaria officials to avoid any hassle for the safety and convenience of the cactus enthusiasts.

After the registration, I was able to chat with Sir Boyet and Sir Ronald Panelo. Sir Boyet told me personally, “Akala ko alas kwatro ang unang guest na darating, yun pala alas tres. Galing pa sa Bulacan.” He happily imparted. We all found it really impressive. We have “katiniksna hindi magpapahuli. Hahamakin ang lahat wag ka lang maunahan. I forgot to ask who they were. (Please comment below, so I can mention your names). It was ‘A’ for effort. On another Facebook post, some flew all the way from Cebu just to witness the event. Some checked-in at nearby hotels, a day before the event to arrive early at the location. Whew! Beat that! Kids, young adults, yuppies, adults and those young at heart were seen all over the 1.8 hectares of land full of cactus, succulents and ornamental plants. It has always been a drooling experience in Arid ‘n Aroids.


I spotted some All Stars and took the chance to have pictures with them. I also saw a celebrity couple; Mr. Alwyn Uytingco and his wife Ms. Jennica Garcia-Uytingco. Ms. Jennica is an official member of CSSPI. They were in the Open House of Arid ‘n Aroids with their cute little boy. I also noticed Sir Lino Rom from afar but no chance to take a picture.



I must say, the weather cooperated well. The sun was up all day long. Mainit ang panahon pero okay lang, masaya naman. Third and I were able to walk around and shoot pictures of most part of Arid ‘n Aroids collection. Loud and up beat music, laughters, chat among the guests can be heard even whispers like, “Magkano kaya to?”, “Mahal kaya to?”, “Baka di na ako makauwe.”, “Baka magalit ang asawa ko.”, “Kulang yata ang laman ng wallet ko.” and others can be heard. Can you share some thoughts you had when you were there or if you happened to be there? Posting these photos taken:



Mr. Buchi Romero; ‘Mr. Agave Prince’ was there to lecture the guests about Agave. The topic was, Basic Care and Beautification of Agave. He personally shared with me that Agave is not difficult to grow. It only needs full sun, and fast drying soil. Rain or shine they will continue to grow. He used to be the sole collector of Agave. And he is glad that many people have started to be interested in Agave. He mentioned he has a giant Agave, which he wishes to stay that way because he is running out of space. He has wide collection of Agave. I got inspired and would like to try as well.



The Oath taking of the new members took place before lunch as Official members of CSSPI. They all looked very happy and excited as they posed on their first photo as official members.


The food and drinks were available to everyone such as unlimited snacks from early morning. I spotted Pancit and Banana Q. While, the lunch was served from 11am onwards. Nag-enjoy ka na, nabusog ka pa.



The queue at the payment section was indeed long. Imagine lots of guests were in line waiting for their turn. Onset it was Sir Mike who was in-charge with the help of some CSSPI official members (Ms. Angel, Sir Marlon, Hawo boys, Ms, Jen, etc). I commend Sir Mike because he was very pleasant in entertaining the price inquiries while accommodating the guests in purchasing their chosen CnS. Later that day, Sir Boyet also assisted in the payment area which made it quicker to finish the process. The cactus enthusiasts were patient while on queue. They used their waiting time to exchange ideas  about CnS and any plant related topics. I heard some Visayan, Ilocano and other languages that I cannot identify (apologies). If I am not mistaken there were about a thousand or more people who attended the event. Below were the pictures of the queue from morning until around 2:30pm.



The much awaited part of the event finally happened. My bad, I was still on queue to pay my 2nd batch of purchase when the raffle was on-going. I missed the names of the winners and their respective prizes. (Also, not sure they would approve to post their names and pictures here). I remember some new official members bagged one of the Trip to Bangkok (Mr. Darryl) and another one was the Gymnocalycium Aurora offset. Also, I heard Ms. Aireen Bernal, bagged one of the grand raffle prizes if I remember it correctly. I will update this post once I have the list and granted the permission from them. Congratulations to the winners!

Here are the pictures of the lucky winners. Thanks again to sir Marlon for letting me share these unforgettable moment.

The September group may have gotten exhausted yet they pulled it off. Job well done! With your group effort, it made a lot of people happy in ways you do not know. And to Sir Boyet, September will never be the same if not with Grabe Agave!



Over-all the day was filled with smiles, hopes, laughter, and love. I may have missed the chance to bring home any of the raffle prizes (with bitterness😁) but I was able to meet new people, make new friends, give some tips on plant care and lastly, keep the memories which will last a lifetime. #GrabeAgave


Please comment any thoughts you might have. No haters please, positive lang. 😊🌵🌸 Please like my Facebook page if not too much to ask.

(Credit to the owners of the photos. Thanks for the given permission to post them.)

But wait, there’s more! Caption the pictures. Credit to Sir Marlon Valdellon of Succulents and Spikes for these wonderful photos. #RealLife #RealExpressions #HappyLangWagSad

SCAM ALERT! Selling Stuff Online? Beware of a Scammer from Africa!!! Or Who Knows Where?

Beware of this number! +233 26 738 4580 and +233 54 357 9794

UPDATE: NOV. 24, 2018

I recently posted online an iPhone 7Plus for sale through a website called OLX. This person pretended to be an interested buyer of the said item. He sent me a message asking for my Whatsapp contact details so we can exchange messages in a more convenient way than the OLX messaging feature. At first I told him, I only have a Viber account. He insisted to communicate thru Whatsapp since he was interested in buying the iPhone 7Plus I posted. I thought he was a legit buyer.


Ok, I gave my Whatsapp number and then he sent me a message. I was reluctant from the beginning. Here are the screenshots of our conversation.






Then I got 2 emails with these content:






What are the points I noticed for possible fraud transaction?

1. What??? Pay the postage cost to the courier agent? Then I will send the iPhone to Ghana without gettung any payment. In order to get paid, I should email the scanned receipt for the activation of money then they would transfer the money within 10 minutes to my bank??? So, they want me to send the iPhone to Ghana then pay for the shipping fee?? Wow!

2. Why was it using the “outlook” email domain if the sender was PayPal? They obviously used PayPal as their means to make the seller believe that they actually transferred payment which they claimed “on hold”.


3. There was pressure in sending them the package because the money sent cannot be sent back to Mustapha since the payment has been screened.

4. The currency of the claimed money transferred/processed was not in Philippine Peso PhP instead it says INR or Indian Rupee. It is quite understood that I am in the Philippines and he is sending a payment with the amount agreed on Ph Pesos. I did not mention any other currency bank account in our convo.

5. There was a threat as indicated in red letters. That if the transaction is not done in 24 hours, you will be held responsible for violating their online monitoring rules and regulations. What???

6. There are grammatically wrong sentences, which I believe Paypal will not commit this simple “language crime”.

7. It mentioned more than twice about security/secured, legitimacy, confirmation, and safe. These words can make someone feel comfortable in dealing transactions.

What else did you notice?

As I was feeling really pissed off and felt cheated, I started to research about any scam or related incidents. I found nothing. I looked into PNP Anti-Cyber Crime in the Philippines. I searched for any contact details and sent an email to them to report the incident, seek help for possible further cyber crime, and offered help if they have any campaign. But, until now I do not receive any response or even an acknowledgment from them. Oh well!

I found these in their website as somehow related or close to what supposed to be a possible cyber crime.



My last response was:


Beware of this number or any number starting with the country code +233 and the names below. I am sure these are not their real names, but just in case you encounter these along the way, you know what to do. Number +233267384580 and Names Mustapha Azeez and Mustapha Tobi. Beware!!!

End of conversation. Nice try! I still have the iPhone with me. I hope I promoted awareness and served as a warning to everyone who may encounter related incident concerning cyber crime. Let us all be vigilant. God bless us all!

At one point, I regret that I should have pretended I am following his fraudulent activity. And see what else he got to make his victims believe. But as a mammal, my instincts brought me to defend myself from possible harm.

*The number posted is the actual phone number used to contact me to perform the possible cyber crime.

*The images above are my property.

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UPDATE: FEB. 16, 2018

Ooops he did it again!!! A random person sent me a message at Porsche’s Diary Facebook  page. He told me he was a victim of a scam with about the same scenario. I felt bad eventually. It was late for them to check online about the number used on Whatsapp. They were shocked when they found out that there was a SCAM ALERT of the same exact situation. This time the scammer was successful. Or shall we consider it a CYBER CRIME? Please enlighten me. Below are the items involved.

27934996_1539995626086262_1467543934_n 27781040_1539999286085896_89699107_n


Same thing happened, the scammer sent a message through Whatsapp then promised a payment shall be sent to the victim’s account using Paypal after the package is sent and received by the scammer. This time, the scammer received the item; a PS3 set with CDs and accessories worth PhP20,000 but was being sold online for PhP8,000 only. The address was not in Ghana anymore. Guess where? It was in La Union! The package was sent through LBC. The sender/victim is from Cebu City. The victim tried to coordinate with LBC Mabolo to hold the item for delivery. But after a few minutes, the sender/victim got a message that the item was delivered to the scammer with the said correct tracking number stated. The victim was so devastated.


tracking lbc


I sent the victim possible contact persons and numbers/email to be contacted to seek help and assistance regarding the matter. I hope this is in process for any action. I will update if any.

I have questions again in mind:

  1. So these names exist? Robert Frank? Ashley Aron Frank? Mustapha Azeez? Mustapha Tobi? How did this Ashley receive the package? Did he present a valid ID for the item to be handed over to him? Was it picked up with what identification card presented?
  2. LBC, how strict are you with your own policy ?
  3. This person is in the Philippines? Committing Cyber Crime without hesitation?
  4. Who should handle this case?
  5. When will my email to PNP Cyber Crime group be answered?
  6. Who are these people on the scammer’s Whatsapp profile?
  7. Who is the next victim?

Be vigilant! Let us spread awareness! Thanks to the person who shared his story to me. Also for allowing me to share his side of this story. He chose to be anonymous. I hope someone takes action on this.

thank you.png

Beware of this number! +233 26 738 4580

He already used different pictures on his Whatsapp account. Different from the one he used when he tried to deceive me. Are they real?


Attn: Undergraduates, Hurry! Last Chance to Finish A Degree in College thru ETEEAP by CHED

Updated as of October 25, 2018 (ETEEAP is on-going)

Have you given up your diploma in college? Can you imagine yourself in first day high again? Do you wish to finish your college degree but finds it impossible due to time constraint and soaked at work? This is the answer to the dream you have been planning all these years. You have until Summer 2018 to enroll! I learned about this Memorandum of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) only last July 2017. Read more about CMO 54 Series of 2016 the Revised Policies, Standards and Guidelines for the Implementation of the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) for Undergraduate Programs . It is supported by the Executive Order 330. Download to learn more about EXECUTIVE-ORDER-330.

According to the CHED,

The ETEEAP (Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program) is a comprehensive educational assessment program at the tertiary level that recognizes, accredits and gives equivalencies to knowledge, skills, attitudes and values gained by individuals from relevant work. It is implemented through deputized higher education institutions that shall award the appropriate college degree.

Beneficiaries must be Filipinos who are at least high school graduates. They must have worked for at least five years in the field or industry related to the academic program they are obtaining an equivalency. They must also be able to show proof of proficiency, capability and thorough knowledge in the field applied for equivalency.
While NTSP (Non-Traditional Study Program) is a self-study program wherein the student’s educational background, work experiences, and achievements are evaluated and accredited through a rating system that leads to the completion of an undergraduate and graduate degree.
A self-paced study program wherein modules, independent researches and other instructional materials are laid down by the college and administered by learning facilitators who help enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the students. The final requirement is a paper presentation based on the field of specialization of the student. (Non-Trad info from PUP, which they are offering)
In short, this is for aspiring enrollees who have not finished their degree course and are not holding a professional or managerial position. I learned about this from the POC of PUP.
never give up
These are the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and Degree Programs offered nationwide that were AUTHORIZED by the CHED for ETEEAP: (as of October 2017)
Credit to Ms. Geraldine of CHED – ETEEAP (Main Office)
Baguio Central University (BCU)
Bachelor of Secondary Education; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences
University of the Cordilleras
Bachelor of Laws; BS Crim; BS Education; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of
Sciences; BS Engineering; BS Architecture; BS Com Science; BSBA
University of Baguio (UB)
Bachelor of Arts; BSEd; BEEd; BS Commerce; BS Engineering; BS
Criminology; BS HRM; BS Computer Science
De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde
BS in Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Management
Philippine Normal University (PNU)
BEEd; BSEd; BS Math Teaching; BS Chem Teaching; BS Physics Teaching;
AB Psych; AB English; BSE in English; Bachelor in Early Childhood
Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP)
Bachelor of Applied Sociology; Bachelor in Bus Ad; AB Public Ad; AB Pol
Sci; AB Mass Com; Bachelor in Cooperatives; BS Office Admin;
Saint Joseph’s College – Quezon City
AB in Community Dev’t; BS Office Admin; BS Business Admin
Technological University of the Philippines (TUP)
Bachelor of Technology; BS Industrial Education; Bachelor of Technician
Teacher Ed; BS Computer Science
Philippine Women’s University (PWU)
BS Hotel & Restaurant Management, AB Communication Arts,
Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Advertising
AB Social Development, BS Business Administration,
Bachelor of Music Majors in Popular Music, Music Education
and Music Performance
Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila
Bachelor of Arts, BS Psychology, BS Hotel & Restaurant Management,
BS Business Administration, BS International Travel &
Tourism Management, BS Computer Engineering, BS Information
New Era University
BS in Education, BS Business Administration
San Sebastian College – Recoletos
BS Business Administration, BS Psychology,
AB Mass Communication, AB Political Science
Arellano University
Bachelor in Secondary Education, AB Psychology,
AB Political Science, AB English, AB History,
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
St. Jude College
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
St. Paul University Manila
Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Bachelor of Music in Piano/
Voice/Guitar/Violin/Marimba/Piano Accompanying/Chamber Music
University of Perpetual Help System – DALTA
Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Bachelor of Science in Hotel and
Restaurant Management, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Region I
Divine Word College of Laoag (DWCL)
Bachelor of Arts; BS Education; BS Commerce; BS in Civil Eng’g
Don Mariano Marcos Mem. State University (DMMMSU)
BS Agri; Bachelor of Technology; BS Education
Lyceum Northwestern University
Bachelor of Arts; BS Commerce
Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU)
Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences
Northwestern University
BS Criminology
Pangasinan State University (PSU)
BS Education; BS Agri; Bachelor of Technology; BS Fisheries
Saint Louis College – CSFU
BS Geodetic Eng’g; BS Architecture; BS Civil Eng’g; BS Secretarial Admin
University of Luzon
BS Criminology
University of Northern Philippines (UNP)
BS Criminology; BS Nursing; BS Fine Arts; BS Social Work
University of Pangasinan (UPang)
BS Education; BS Civil Eng’g; BS Commerce; BS Nursing; Bachelor of Arts
Panpacific University North Philippines
Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education,
Bachelor of Science in Criminology
Colegio De Dagupan
BS in Information Technology, BS in Computer Science,
Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education,
BS in Business Administration
Region II
Cagayan Valley University (formerly CCT)
BS Criminology
Cagayan State University (CSU)
BSEd; BEEd; BS in Industrial Ed; AB Public Admin
Isabela State University (ISU)
BS Education; BS Agriculture
PLT College
BS Criminology
University of Saint Louis-Tuguegarao
BS Eng’g; BS Architecture; BS Accountancy; BS Information Technology;
BSEd; BEEd; Bachelor of Arts; BS Commerce
Saint Ferdinand’s College
BS Criminology
Saint Mary’s University
BS Commerce; BEEd; BSEd; BS Geodetic Eng’g; BSIT;
BS in Civil Engineering, AB Journalism,
Saint Paul University – Philippines
Bachelor of Arts; BS Bio; BS Psych; BS Math; BS Eng’g; BS Bus Admin; BS
HRM; BS in Nutrition and Dietetics; BS Information Technology; BS
Office Management
University of La Salette
BS Physical Therapy; BS Nursing; BS Criminology; BS Eng’g; Bachelor of
Arts; BS Computer and Information Science; BS Psych; BS Library
Science; BS Education; BS Accountancy; BS Bus Admin; BS in Office and
Secretarial Administration
Region III
Angeles University Foundation (AUF)
BS Administration; BS Office Administration; BS Criminology
Central Luzon State University (CLSU)
BS Education; BS Agriculture; BS Fisheries; BS Engineering
Holy Angel University
AB Industrial Psych; BSBA in Bus Mgt.; BS Office Admin
Araullo University
BS Criminology
Pampanga Agricultural College
BS Agri Eng’g; BS Agri; BSEd; BEEd
La Consolacion University Philippines(formerly Univ. of Regina Carmeli)
Liberal Arts, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Elementary
Education, BS in Business Administration
Region IV-A
Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP)
BS Nursing; BS Education; BS Com Sci; BS Accountancy
Cavite State University (CvSU)
BS Agriculture; BS Business Management; BS Agricultural Engineering;
AB Mass Communication; Bachelor of Elementary Education; Bachelor
of Secondary Education; BS HRM
Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (MSEUF)
Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences; BS Education; BS Business
Administration; BS Criminology; Engineering Programs;
BS Hotel & Restaurant Management
University of Batangas
BEEd; BSEd; AB Pol Sci; BS Com Sci; BS Engineering; BS Commerce; AB
Psychology; BS Hotel & Restaurant Management; BS Office Administration
Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BS in Business Administration and
BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management; BS Criminology
BS in Information Technology
Calayan Educational Foundation, Inc.
Liberal Arts Programs
Region IV-B
Holy Trinity University
BS Criminology
Palawan State University
BS in Business Administration and BS in Petroleum Engineering
Region V
Aquinas University
Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences; BS Commerce; BS in Business
Administration; BS in Management Education; BS Education
Ateneo de Naga University
BSBA in Management; BSBA in Financial Accounting
Bicol College
BS Criminology
Bicol University
BS Fisheries; BS Automotive Technology; BS Nursing; AB Com Arts; BS
Agricultural Technology; BS Computer Science
Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (formerly CSSAC)
BS Agriculture
Universidad de Sta. Isabel
BS Education; Bachelor of Arts; BS Commerce; BS Accountancy; BS
Nursing; BS Physical Therapy; BS Social Work
Naga College Foundation
BS Criminology
Sorsogon State College
Bachelor in Technology; Bachelor in Agricultural Technology; BS in
Agricultural Development; Bachelor of Fishery Education; BS Management
University of Nueva Caceres
BS Commerce; BS Engineering; Bachelor of Education
University of Saint Anthony
BS Criminology; BS Commerce; BS Education
Region VI
La Consolacion College – Bacolod City
Bachelor of Arts in English; Bachelor of Science in Commerce; Bachelor of
Science in Hospitality Management
Technological University of the Philippines – Visayas
BS Engineering
University of Iloilo
BS Criminology
University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos
BS Criminology; Bachelor of Secondary Education;
Bachelor of Elementary Education
Region VII
Cebu Doctor’s University
BS Computer Science; BS Biology
Cebu Institute of Technology- University
BS Education; BS Commerce; BS Engineering
Cebu Normal University
BS in Elementary Education; BS in Secondary Education
Silliman University
BS Nursing
Southwestern University
BS Engineering; BS Computer Science; BS Commerce
University of Cebu
BS Criminology; BS in Business Administration; BS Engineering
University of San Jose – Recoletos
BS Education; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences; BS Commerce;
BS Engineering
University of the Visayas
BS Criminology; BS Engineering; BS Commerce
Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education
Negros Oriental State University
BS Criminology; AB Mass Communication, BS Business Administration
Region VIII
Leyte Normal University
BS Education
University of Eastern Philippines
BS Nursing; BS Community Development; BS Agriculture; BS Fisheries; BS
Forestry; Bachelor of Sciences; BS Mathematics
Asian Development Foundation College
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Region IX
Universidad de Zamboanga
Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Elementary Education; Bachelor of Secondary
Education; BS Commerce; BS Criminology; Bachelor in Agriculture
Region X
Capitol University
Bachelor of Arts; BS Education; BS Commerce
Cagayan de Oro College
BS Criminology
Mindanao University of Science and Technolology (formerly MPSC)
BS Information Technology; BS Industrial Education; BS Engineering;
Misamis Institute of Technology
BS Marine Transportation; BS Engineering; BS Customs Administration; BS
Accountancy; AB Mass Communication; BS Computer Science; BS
Industrial Education; BS Office Administration; AB English
MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology
BS Education; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences; BS Criminology
Xavier University
BS Engineering; BS Commerce
Liceo De Cagayan University
AB Economics, AB International Studies, AB Mass Communication, AB
Political Science; AB Literature and Performing Arts majors in Dance,
English Literature, Theater; BSBA majors in Financial Management, Human
Resource Development Management, Marketing Management
Region XI
University of Southeastern Philippines
Bachelor in Elementary Education; Bachelor of Technology;
BS in Forestry, Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education majors in:
Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Technology; Bachelor of Industrial
Technology majors in Automotive, Electrical, Civil and
Mechanical Technology
University of the Immaculate Conception
BS Pharmacy; BS in Elementary Education; BS in Secondary Education;
BS Commerce in Marketing
University of Mindanao –Tagum
Bachelor of Science in Criminology
University of Mindanao –Matina Campus
Bachelor of Science in Criminology
Region XII
Holy Trinity College of General Santos City
BS Criminology
Notre Dame of Marbel University
BS in Elementary Education; BS in Secondary Education; BS Commerce
Notre Dame University
BS Education; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Sciences; BS Commerce;
BS Accountancy
Ramon Magsaysay Memorial College
BS Criminology
University of Southern Mindanao
BS Agriculture
Saint Joseph Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Commerce,
Bachelor of Science in Criminology

e learning

It is best to contact them directly for inquiries. Just like the Angeles University Foundation, it is on the list but the 2 lady personnel I have spoken to over the phone, answered that ETEEAP is not offered at their university. I called their 2 contact numbers for verification of info, I got the same answers. I did not ask further.

These are the questions I have for them in every inquiry I made:

  1. Programs offered (not all are on the list)
  2. Requirements for admission
  3. Enrollment ongoing?
  4. Tuition and other related fees
  5. Active contact number and POC for ETEEAP

Based on my experience, every school has different lists of requirements to be submitted for  ETEEAP admission. Some has a looong list and other lists are possibly you have readily available documents. What I did was search online the schools, get their emails and jot down their contact numbers until I reached the correct department. It requires patience as well.

The Higher Education Institution will require you to take an Assessment and PERSONAL interview. You must consider the proximity of your chosen HEI. Some may instruct the student to perform a demonstration/demo or practical exam on a face to face set up. And lastly, you will visit the university on your graduation day! It will be your choice if you will march towards the stage to receive your diploma. But, why not? You worked hard for it, right? So, the proximity should be considered. Agree?

laptop work school

Basically, after the assessment, interview and enrollment, the contact numbers of the professors assigned to the specified subjects will be provided. From then, the student and the professor will exchange communication as to the details of sending the modules, schedule of exams, submission of chapter tests, etc. Everything will be online since the thought of you as an employed student is considered. That is what the ETEEAP is all about.

I have inquired to the POC’s of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Angeles University Foundation, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, Mariano Marcos State University and Pangasinan State University. Each of them varies with regard to requirements and fees. Some have just been Googled but never contacted yet at this point of writing. I will update if I gather any relevant information. I hope the CHED will extend the time frame allotted for undergraduates to finally finish their studies and get that diploma everyone has dream of.

I am not the perfect person to ask further about ETEEAP, but feel free to send me a personal message or comment down below. I will try to answer as quick and as accurate as possible. If I cannot address your queries, I apologize in advance. I have also just learn about ETEEAP. (Disclaimer)


I inquired with CHED directly if the ETEEAP has been extended. They replied to visit a link with their details about ETEEAP and other downloadable forms. Please see screenshot below.


Getting this reply means the ETEEAP program is on-going. So, hurry now and follow the steps to your dreams.

Please spread the word and like my Facebook page for more. 🙂 Good luck students!


Extended Summer in Boracay (Q3 2017 )

Family is the best company every where you go. How about extending the summer in August of 2017 with them? Sounds fun and relaxing yeah? My cousin went home for a vacation from Dubai to celebrate her mom’s/my aunt’s 75th birthday. 2 surprises awaited my aunt; Boracay vacation and dinner party celebration. I am very proud to say, I was part of the whole plan.







Let me start the Summer in Q3.🏖 We found this apartment in Boracay and booked our accommodation for 3 nights 4 days. 50% down payment was required to be sent before the actual booking, then the remaining balance was given soon as we arrived. I can say it really was a budget room for a group of 8 with huge space more than enough to accommodate us. 10-12 people would still be fine, I guess. (Request for extra mattress). It has its own kitchen where we cooked our meals, own dining table, own sink and own bathroom. And of course, I volunteered to cook on one of our dinner time. All of us knows how to cook, so we took turns. Our group consisted of 3 senior citizens whom I called The Single Ladies. Why? Because they are all single by default; widow. To add, 4 adults and 1 minor. I will write this post as vivid as I can remember.


Our flight was booked at different time and dates, yet same flight schedules for 2 way. Hence, the plane tix charges differed from the others. I volunteered to check-in our flights online for easy and no-hassle flight. None of us had check-in baggage, only carry-on bags. Mine and my daughter’s were back packs. I printed 16 boarding passes. We almost missed our flight from Manila to Kalibo because earlier that day, when my cousin verified the flight schedule of our plane, we were told it was at 12nn where originally it was 10:55am. Grrr… good thing I double checked at 10:20am, there was no flight changes. So, when I was able to verify the info, we hurried to the boarding gate where our names were already being called.😳 The first bus going to the plane already left.😑 It was fun though. More exciting… Imagine the single ladies (senior citizens), trying their best to reach the boarding gate as fast as they can. Yet, I advised the ground steward we were waiting for 3 senior citizens so, please bear with us. And they did. Very nice of them. 😊😔🤓

Airplane here we come! It was my daughter’s first plane ride. So, I took her pictures. Flight was delayed by about 20 minutes, so we reached Kalibo airport past 1pm. It was a peaceful flight.

At the Kalibo airport, several companies with boat and van offered us their service. Then, a lady approached me where she gave me a free lunch/dinner buffet voucher for 4 persons. She said it normally costs PhP650 per person. They are giving it for free because their hotel is new and it was part of their promotion. Good thing we were expecting free dinner! One check for budget meal 101! My cousin finally booked our van and boat service at PhP 125 per person. The trip was about 1 and a half hours from Kalibo airport to the port for a boat ride.

At the port, was it Tabon? Please tell me. It was not the famous jetty port of Caticlan. Waves were big as advised. It was a different port. One of my aunts has fear in riding a boat, I think that was dealt accordingly. Environmental fee and Terminal fee should be paid at the port before the actual boat ride, PhP 100 total. The boat ride took only 10 minutes going to Caticlan. Then by land, we took an e-jeep big enough to accommodate the 8 of us. It was another 10-15 minute ride. We had to walk for 25-50 meters (estimate) to reach our booked apartment. It has a restobar in front. We finally reached our destination and rest our feet. We had not taken our lunch yet. We went down and looked for a decent place to eat. We found Cowboy Cucina and ordered Sinigang na Tanigue sa Sampaloc, Adobong Pusit, rice and drinks. OMG the price was higher than the usual. Our famous line there, ” Anong magagawa mo nasa Boracay tayo?” 🤓😎😲😄

It was almost sunset when we got done with our late lunch. We were already tired that time. So, we went to our room and rest. We recharged for our activity the following day.

We woke up early to have a walk along the shore with my daughter, my mom and my aunt (Sanse). My other aunt (Ninang Puring) was still asleep. We had photographs from every corner they wanted. I was happy to see them happy while enjoying the nature.

I took advantage of my “ME” time. My 2 boys were at home, no mommy duties. Sometimes, we mommies should also take time to enjoy. After all, we are still individuals with personal needs.

I am sharing our pictures. My memories.. ❤


Ray-Ban Rectangle from my Dad




Had a long walk going to d’ Talipapa where you can buy seafoods, meat, veggies, souvenirs such as shirts, caps, keychains, wallet/purse, skull accessories, etc., and other grocery items you might need. There is also Paluto restaurants beside it, Dampa style. If you want fresh seafoods newly-cooked and served hot there is where you can find it. Below is my vid with my daughter as we explore Bora and d’ Talipapa.

Pretty much these are our 4 day stay in Bora. I will update if I remember more details.

Feel free to share your experiences. For first timers, ask me! I will try to answer specially about tipid tips.

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Bohol, Philippines Adventure – Summer 2017 (Day 2)

This was the last day of our trip! Our second day in Bohol! Our day was limited because later that day was our flight back to Manila. We witnessed the beauty of nature that God created. Amazing! Exquisite! Unwinding! I did not want to leave at all. Below was our itinerary. (Highlighted in yellow were skipped due to time constraint)

Bohol IT 2

We woke up early to have breakfast (included in our overnight package). Hubby chose ham and egg, while I had corned beef and egg, both with garlic rice plus your choice of iced tea, coffee, or juice. (We waited though longer than expected) It was heavy breakfast for me.


Using the motorcycle we rented at Hey Joe, we drove all the way from Tagbilaran to Panglao; about 16 km distance and 30 minutes travel time. I did not search through Google any picture before this trip. I wanted to be surprised by what is in store in Bohol.

As we arrived Panglao, specifically the beach area, I felt mesmerized! I told my hubby immediately, “Can we just stay here?” Then, he smiled. He knew I fell in love right there. You can choose among Alona Beach, Bohol Beach Club, Dumaluan Beach and a lot more.

See to appreciate.

The Beach




These videos will tell all!

Needless to explain why I did not want to leave? Did you appreciate Bohol now? Come and visit the Philippines! Feel free to contact me for any details.

Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave is a cave in the municipality of Dauis on Panglao Island, in Bohol Province, in the Philippines. It is a naturally lighted cavern with a deep lagoon and many large stalactites and stalagmites.

The cave is lit by sunlight which filters through holes in the ceiling. The underground lake is a popular swimming spot, but it has been known to test for high levels of various pollutants, since it is fed by ground runoff.

Hinagdanan Cave is made of limestone. The entrance of the cave is a hole of about 1 metre wide in diameter, visible from a limestone hill. Cemented steps lead to the interior of the cave. The cave is slippery, but there’s a railing made of rope to hold on to avoid accident due to slippery stones of the cave. The cave is filled with sleeping birds in small holes in the ceiling. –

From the beach, we hopped to Hinagdanan Cave. It is about 10 km from the beach where we came from and about 18 minutes ride. After paying the entrance fee, (viewing fee OR viewing + swimming fee), we brought with us our snorkeling gears and went down to the cave. Our tour guide kuya Boni (short for Bonifacio) was very informative and helpful with our photos. He took our pictures using our smart phones. He even had effects used to make our pictures impressive. He also told us that the water level usually is 12-15 feet. We spend our time there swimming, the water was cold, like those from the fridge.  See to believe!





Watch our video in Hinagdanan Cave!

We bought peanut kisses for pasalubong. After this adventure, we went back to Aliria. The motorcycle we rented will be picked up at Aliria 24 hours from the time it was delivered. Then we packed our stuff and changed clothes going back to Manila through Tagbilaran Airport. Our flight back was 2:55pm. We parked at NAIA Terminal 3.

But we did not head home yet. We had to go to Quezon City to celebrate Mommy Tita’s 79th birthday at Cabalen located at Quezon Avenue. Then we head home. We were excited to give our pasalubong and see our kids after 4 long days.

Our 4 day Cebu-Bohol journey ended here. I hope you enjoyed too. Feel free to ask me about this trip.

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Bohol, Philippines Adventure – Summer 2017 (Day 1)

We were late for this trip! From Cebu, we took the Star Craft Ferry. It was 1 hour ferry ride from the Cebu Port 1 going to Tubigon Port in Bohol. We overslept, probably tired because our two day trip in Cebu was jampacked with activities. We should have left the hotel earlier to make it to the first trip which was 5:45 AM. Even if we arrived at 5:45 AM, the ticketing booth was already closed to accept passengers for the first trip, instead we were for 7AM trip.

The ticketing booth is not located inside the port. It can be found outside. I had to ask the guard where it was. There was a challenge, it was still raining. As soon as we bought the tickets, the service arrived at the ticketing booth (which did not look like it was a ticketing booth but an abandoned commercial space). That service gave us a ride to the port. Nice. We did not have to run in the rain.


There are two ways to travel from Cebu to Tubigon, Bohol. First is through the Fast Ferry. It is a high speed passenger service. It is about three times higher the fare of a regular ferry. But, its first trip from Cebu Port is at 8:45AM. We wanted to arrive early in Bohol to utilize the time we have left. So, it lead us to the next choice. Second is through the Star Craft (what we availed). It is the cheapest. It cost us only PhP250 each (if not mistaken) but not 300. Then, there is Ocean Jet, its route is Cebu to Tagbilaran. It is for about 2 hours trip at PhP800-PhP1,000 each. You can check the schedules here

When we arrived in Tubigon, we took a trike going to the van terminal which brought us to another trike terminal. The fare at the van was PhP90 each. We also paid for our luggage as another person. It was cheap, thinking we had a roller coaster ride. Whew! The passengers inside the van were like in a can of Ligo Sardines; no space to move. The van even stopped in front of a waiting shed and got another passenger. What? Hubby and I were just looking at each other. Well, I want to enjoy the trip, so I just smiled.

Welcome to Bohol! Below was our itinerary. We missed those highlighted in yellow due to weather condition and time constraint.

Bohol IT 1

Soon as we arrived at Aliria Bed and Breakfast, the motorcycle we rented for 24 hours was already there waiting for us. Free delivery by Hey Joe Motor Bike Rentals as requested. You can contact them sir Tim (foreigner/business owner) at 09152781949 and 09205821355. We rented a Honda Click 125i 2016 with a rental cost of PhP700 per day. It was a new model from what I knew. It was fast and smooth to ride on. The motorcycle rental was inclusive of 2 helmets. Requirements were photocopy of driver’s license and/or passport. We were wearing another personalized shirts I made with Tarsier of print and texts “Third & Porsche explored”.



Loboc River Cruise

The Loboc River Cruise is also known as the Loboc Floating Restaurant. We were so hungry since we did not have breakfast yet from the time we left Cebu. We hurried to Loboc. It was around 35 minutes motor ride with 25km distance. Hubby took-in-charge. I am not capable of driving a motorcycle, I can only drive a car. We enjoyed the view, 25km was a little far from what I expected. When we arrived, we were given a number and waited to be called to pay our fee. When done, we were instructed where to go and which floating restaurant we should be. It was #1!

Loboc 1

Loboc 2

Loboc 3

Loboc 4

Loboc 5

Here is a video while we were at Loboc River Floating Restaurant

The food was good enough for a hungry tummy, nothing great. Yet, we really enjoyed the view, the vibe, and the quality time we spent as a couple. A live band was playing near the buffet table to entertain the passengers while on cruise. I observed, I had to ask for a refill of the dessert after it ran out before they did. We were with foreigners on that cruise. I bet they enjoyed too.

Man Made Forest

On our way to the Tarsier Conservation Center, we witnessed how awesome this Man Made Forest was. Speechless!

The Bohol Man-Made is a mahogany forest stretching in a 2km stretch of densely planted with Mahogany trees located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. Before and after you reach the man-made forest there are also naturally grown forests of Loboc and Bilar which has a thick kaleidoscope of green foliage, different kinds of trees and giant ferns lining the road. –





Tarsier Conservation Center

We got lost at first. Waze pointed out to the previous location of the Tarsier Conservation Center. We stopped by a house and asked a lady doing her chores. She pointed us to the right location. Loay Interior Road, Loboc Bohol is the new location. A fee must be paid on the entrance. Strict policies were: DO NOT touch the Tarsier and NO camera flash. Fair enough to secure the tarsiers. I observed the staff there were mindful of the tourists. They said “No” and “Excuse Me” a couple of times, when the tourist was getting near the cute endangered species. I asked how many tarsiers can we possibly see there, I was told only 10. The rest were inside the conservation area. After the experience with the tarsiers, you can buy souvenirs from their shop such as wallet, keychains, ref magnet, bags, pen holder and other stuff with tarsier in it.

An initial three-hectare area is now ready for tarsier viewing with pebbled pathways for visitors laid out around the wooded sanctuary while a thatched-roofed waiting area showcasing tarsier souvenirs has been constructed to accommodate the expected influx of visitors. Tourists can still have the opportunity to see these cute primates but the centralized effort now makes sure that stricter rules are implemented for the benefit of the tarsiers. Visitors may amble on a pebbled pathway meandering around the three-hectare mahogany forest and see the tarsiers in their natural habitat. From big to small. From reptile to primate. From monstrous to the cutest. Bohol is home to not just the world’s biggest snake in captivity but also one of the world’s smallest primates. –

Tarsier 1

tarsier 2

tarsier 4

tarsier 3

tarsier 5

The Chocolate Hills

I remember my son; Fourth when we reached there. The Chocolate Hills was already part of their lessons in school. We had to go up the designated photo taking area to get a perfect view of The Chocolate Hills. It was 214 steps! I had to stop once in awhile and catch my breath. There should have been a lift. How about the senior citizens? How can they reach the top? It felt that I cannot make it at all, but of course I did! I had this idea that on our way down, to be more exciting, there should have been a slide straight to the bottom. What do you think?

The Chocolate Hills (Cebuano: Mga Bungtod sa Tsokolate; Filipino: Mga Tsokolateng Burol) are a geological formation in the Bohol province of the Philippines. There are at least 1,260 hills but there may be as many as 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres (20 sq mi). They are covered in green grass that turns brown (like chocolate) during the dry season, hence the name. –


choco 1

I don’t look happy.. yeah? I cannot breath anymore.

choco 2

choco 3

choco 4

Pangas Falls

We never planned to get to Pangas Falls. We never knew it from that time. On our way back to the Aliria Hotel, we saw an arrow sign that says, “Pangas Falls”. We asked the tricycle drivers from the said road. It was about almost 5km, if I remember it right. Since, we had a motorcycle we wanted to give it a try anyway. At first, it was a cemented road, the next part of the road was not at all. Some part were even slippery because of the rainfall. I was glad we made it. A PhP10 fee was asked with a receipt from the Bohol government. Have a look!

pangas 1

pangas 2

Looks like a turtle right?

pangas 3

pangas 4

Loboc Church

What we saw there was ruins of the earthquake in October 2013. According to the news I watched, the Loboc Church is currently undergoing renovations. No mass service there since the earthquake for security reasons. There are still a lot of work to do.

The San Pedro Apostol Parish Church (also Saint Peter the Apostle Parish Church), commonly known as Loboc Church, is a Roman Catholic church in the municipality of Loboc, Bohol, Philippines, within the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tagbilaran.

Loboc Church before

loboc church before

Photo credit:

Loboc Church as of March 2017


Bell tower


Across the Loboc church is a vacant lot with stalls for snacks such as BBQ, balot, and others. beside where we ate was the ruins of the bell tower. There were also comfort rooms for men and women. A stop over won’t hurt. We had a nice time there.

Check this video!

Fields along Loboc Road (Random)

Appreciating nature…


Aliria Bed and Breakfast

Before we went back to our Aliria Bed and Breakfast we looked for a decent place for dinner. However, we were too tired to park, sit down and order. So, as we reached the hotel, we used their landline phone to call Jollibee for food delivery.  After dinner, shower and had the rest we deserved! Early again for tomorrow’s itinerary. Day 2 Bohol trip was the best on this trip! See my next post.


Feel free to leave a comment or if you have any questions, just shoot!

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Register Your Business Name at DTI (3 Simple Ways)


Bear in mind that you may register your business name either by visiting the DTI regional or provincial office or Negosyo Center nearest you or apply online through the Business Name Registration System (BNRS). If applying through walk-in, you may download the business name registration forms for you to print and accomplish them prior to your visit.

Business name-related laws and policies are also available for your further information and guidance. (Credit:

A. Steps for Online Registration at

1. Fill out application form by typing the required information (proposed business name, TIN, name of registrant, address, etc.,).

2. Submit online and you will receive transaction reference number acknowledgment via e-mail.

3. Submit the necessary documentation mention in the acknowledgment in DTI office in your area. The reserve business name online is only up to 3 working days.

4. Pay your application. Payment can be through GCash or at the DTI teller. Fees will depend on the territorial jurisdiction covered in the application (barangay, City/municipality, regional or national). (

Choose your proposed business name

Before you register your business with the DTI, you should be ready with your proposed business name. The following are guidelines for an acceptable and not acceptable business name:

Acceptable business names:

  • The root word or words of the name shall be considered.
  • Describes the nature of business
  • Comprised solely of letters and/or numerals
  • Punctuation that are part of English and Filipino language

Names that are not acceptable:

  • Those which are or whose nature of business is illegal, offensive, scandalous, or contrary to propriety.
  • Those which are identical or which nearly resemble business names already registered with government office authorized to register names.
  • Names composed purely of generic words.
  • Names by which by law or regulation cannot be appropriated.
  • Distinguished or suggestive of quality of any class of goods, articles merchandise or service.
  • Abbreviation of names of any nation, inter-governmental or international organization
  • Names which are misleading, deceptive or which misrepresent the nature of business

B. Steps for over-the-counter registration

A. Obtain application forms (duplicate copy) and fill these up completely. Only the owner of the business or his/her Attorney-in-Fact (who is authorized in a proper legal instrument) is authorized to sign all the forms.

B. Meet the following requirements (For Single Proprietorship):

• Must be a Filipino citizen, at least 18 years old. Filipinos with names suggestive of alien nationality must submit any of the following proof of citizenship: birth certificate, PRC ID, voter’s ID, or valid passport. If the applicant has acquired Filipino citizenship by naturalization, election, or by other means provided by law, he must submit any of the following proof of his Filipino citizenship: naturalization certificate and oath of allegiance, card issued by the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation and affidavit of election, or ID card issued by the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.

• Certain types of business may have other requirements such as service and repair shops, real estate brokers, dental/medical clinic/hospitals, pawnshops, manpower services, engineering/architectural services and other services provided by professionals.

C. Submit application form to the DTI Processor. The DTI Processor will check if the Business Name is still available, if yes, you will be asked to pay the application fee.

D. Pay the required registration and processing fee.

New BN registration fees in effect

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is now implementing the following registration fees for business name registration (original and renewal) depending on the territorial jurisdiction covered in the application:

a. Barangay: PHP    200.00
b. City / Municipality: PHP    500.00
c. Regional: PHP 1,000.00
d. National: PHP 2,000.00

For more information, please call DTI Direct at 751.3330.

E. After showing the receipt to the Processor, the Business Name Certificate will be released.

F. Your Business Name Certificate is valid for 5 years from date of registration.

C. Steps at Negosyo Centers is the same as over-the-counter
Please refer to the list of centers near you.
In Metro Manila, Business Name Registration Desks can be found in SM’s Business Service Centers or Consumer Welfare Desks at the following SM Malls:
📍Aura at B-10, SM Aura, Premier, 26th Street corner McKinley Parkway, Barangay Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1630 (basement area beside Klinik Watch);
📍Harrison at SM Harrison Dept. Store, 2F neal Mall Entrance, F.B. Harrison St., Malate, Manila;
📍Megamall at 5F level bridgeway; San Lazaro at Lower Ground Floor beside Roper Photo Studio;
📍BF Home Paranaque at Services Counter, SM City, BF Paranaque, Dr. A. Santos Ave., cor. Presidents Avenue, Barangay BF Homes, 1700 Paranaque City;
📍Makati at Mall Information Booth (Astroplus), 3F Bills Payment Counter;
📍Mall of Asia at 2F South Wing, beside Philcopy;
📍Southmall at 3F Across Cyberzone; Bicutan at Upper Ground Floor, Building B near Bingo Bonanza;
📍Manila at Upper Ground Floor near Yummy Roast, beside Century Drug Store;
📍North EDSA at 2F Skybridge, The Block SM City EDS cor. North Avenue, Barangay Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City;
📍Sta. Mesa at 2F Mall Area, North Wing Side;
📍Cubao at 3F near Appliance Center facing 3F Car Park;
📍Marikina at SM City Marikina, UPL Unit 021, Marcos Highway, Barangay Kalumpang, Marikina City;
📍Novaliches at 2F beside Copytrade near Department Store entrance;
📍Sucat at 3F-311 Bldg. B, SM Sucat;
📍Fairview at Lower Ground Floor beside Fitness First;
📍Quiapo at Services Counter, SM Quiapo, MDC Bldg. C. Palanca St. Quiapo, Manila.
In Region 3, the DTI’s e-business registration can be found at the
📍Marilao, Bulacan at 2F-252 SM Marilao.
In Region 4A e-business registrations are located at the following SM Malls:
📍Bacoor, Cavite at 3F Cinema in front of Cherry Mobile;
📍Dasmarinas, Cavite at Lower Ground Floor beside Photoline;
📍Calamba, Laguna at 2F beside the escalator;
📍Sta. Rosa, Laguna at Ground Floor across SM Applinace Center;
📍Masinag, Antipolo at the Consumer Welfare Desk, 2F Cyberzone area and
📍Taytay at 2F beside Great Image near Skybridge.
( April 22, 2014
Nowadays, business registration has been made available to the people in a convenient manner. Whether you can go to the DTI office, to Negosyo Centers or Online, it is important that you abide the policies to prevent hassle. Be in the statistics of growing Filipino business owners.
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Cebu, Philippines Adventure – Summer 2017 (Day 1)

As a couple, we have been to places but never been into a flight together. He flew before and I did too. But we never knew each other yet that time. So, first time to fly in a plane together would be exciting, I think. Plus, it was hubby’s birthday.

First destination, the airport! There were no flights available to Cebu from Clark which we preferred, given the distance from Bulacan where we live. Good thing our flight was at 5:50am so we left at 2am going to Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The kids were safe with my aunt; Sanse Ine, cousin; Kuya Bobot and mom; Susie. We arrived at 3am because no heavy traffic came our way. We were early of course. Already web checked-in few days before the flight so we went straight to the baggage check-in counter at once. We had so early breakfast at Mini stop in the airport. Big chicken part! Airline was Cebu Pacific, one-way tix on promo for both of us. I prayed hard not to have any issues. Thank God nothing such happened. We witnessed the early morning sun and it felt really good. I was sitting near the window. View from up above was really great while on flight.




Second destination, Cebu! We were very happy to know that our cab ride going to our hotel was for FREE! Sponsored by Uber (worth PhP500) or Grab (worth PhP300). It really amazed me. Was it partnership between these two companies and the Cebu airport management? Our ride was worth PhP279.00 because our hotel is situated in Osmena; The Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. And yes, we experienced heavy traffic just like in Manila. We were in Cebu City, but of course we enjoyed the trip to the hotel and chat the Uber driver about his daily experiences driving within Cebu. He was interesting to talk to. Our hotel is located practically to everything we needed from mall, fast food chain, peddlers, bus station, port, etc.  Another thing, our 3 days, 2 nights accommodation was FREE! Another story for that; but I can say, one of the many perks of a blogger. Let me know if you want to have the same so I can give your name to this vacation club. Voucher is valid in Cebu, Davao, Boracay and Metro Manila.😉 The shirts we wore in the entire trip was made by me. Personalized thru Check it out!


hotel posting


It was raining when we arrived. We had an itinerary to follow yet we had to change a bit. We skipped the first one since we were still carrying our luggage and bags. So, straight to the hotel. Below is our itinerary. Feel free to copy or ask me about this. (Highlighted in Yellow were skipped, due to weather condition. Whew! Of all the days, why on our tour?)

Cebu IT 1

Next, we had an adventure while walking from one place to the other. See the pictures below!

Fort San Pedro

From the hotel, we took a jeep going to Fort San Pedro! It was raining cats and dogs. How come rain poured on the first week of summer month? Anyway, it was like Fort Santiago in Manila. Walls and flooring were remarkable. I was stepping on hundreds years of age structure. I bet we had a better view if only it was a sunny day.

Fuerte de San Pedro is a military defence structure in Cebu (Philippines), built by the Spanish under the command of Miguel López de Legazpi, first governor of the Captaincy General of the Philippines. It is located in the area now called Plaza Indepedencia, in the pier area of the city. The fort is triangular in shape, with two sides facing the sea and the third side fronting the land.- Wikipedia

fort san pedro posting


Malacanang sa Sugbo

On our way to the Magellan’s Cross we passed by this building. Not sure if it is abandoned. For what it’s worth, it was a spot.

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