Printable Flash Cards for Pre-Schoolers (ABC & 123)

Hello Mommies and Daddies! By now, you are thinking of teaching your little one their first alphabet. And you are looking for something that could help you make it easier for the both of you. Children usually are visual for them to remember easily. A set of flash card is the best first tool to educate them and have fun at the same time.

Here is a set of PRINTABLE Flashcards to help you teach your kids their first ABC’s and 1-2-3’s. This is printable to an A4 size paper.

Letters A – G                Letters H – N            Letters O-V            Letters W-Z

Click the image       Flashcard H       Flashcard N      Flashcard W

In case you are looking for single letters to replace those that you lost, here are the 26 letters! Printable to 4R or 3R paper. You may click the image to download each flashcard.

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Struggles of a NaTay (Mother and Father in 1)

“When a baby comes along, it is a blessing.”. How will a woman feel such if she was left behind by the other person whom she entrusted herself to? I had my share about being a single mom. At first, it was a combination of being ecstatic, furious,  and anxious. I will explain one by one. There are funny sides as well. As we continue, please put your shoes to mine to better understand me.


“A person is inside of me.” I uttered when I discovered that I was weeks pregnant. I already imagined ribbons, dolls, toy cars, balls, cradle, rattle and other baby stuff. I was thankful that finally someone will be with me all the time. I have now someone who I will watch over and someone who will watch over me. Although it was a difficult challenge to be a NaTay (Nanay and Tatay at the same time), I was more ecstatic than anxious.


It was the most furious event of my whole existence when my ex-partner denied the child in my womb. “How can someone be so irresponsible to reach the point of forsaking his own?” I had no choice but to be by myself and my little one.


I asked myself, “How can I be able to manage someone else’s life when I cannot manage mine?” There were so many questions with regard to raising the child on my own, our financial status, our social status and my reputation as a woman. We all know that we live in a world with too much rejection and deviation. My uncertainties include social acceptance and limited opportunities. “What is next in life now that I am a single mom?”, “Will there still be somebody who will accept me and my child, taken as a packaged deal?” (naisip ko pa yun!)

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Hundreds of questions emerged from that one particular situation. I did not know what to expect. I was full of mixed emotions which varies from each day that passed by. It was year 2004. Surprisingly, when I told my guy friends about my pregnancy, it was like they were with me in every stage. My friends and family were there as well. I never felt alone at all. I cannot believe that the few good men I met before I got pregnant was still willing to be with me “in a relationship”, and one even wanted to raise the child as his. Whoa! Was it true? Yes, it was.  That was one of the anxious part, the main concern was, my love life will never be the same again. But, there is really a rainbow after the rain. I did appreciate their offers but since I was in a delicate and emotional state, I declined all the offers. Sorry guys!

After I gave birth, I decided to stay single and focus on my girl. Yes, she was and she is still a very lovely one. I prayed every night to the good Lord to make her a lovely child, obedient, loving, smart and responsible. God, answered my prayers. Years passed, I recovered from the pain of my C-section and the emotional distress. I decided to stay single. After some time, I tried to engage in several relationship but did not succeed.

What are the struggles?

  1. I felt I did not have equal opportunity as a single mom; judgment and discrimination have been always around. I was preconceived as malandi (a flirt), unequipped to handle bigger roles, and prone to mistakes.
  2. For once, I felt less of a person than I was because I got to compare myself to single ladies of my age.  I thought they were more qualified or privileged to be in a relationship.
  3. During those years before I got married, I worked 6 times a week. I rendered overtime in the call center I worked at to earn more and get greater incentives. I get to rest only on Sundays. (Curacha, ang babaeng walang pahinga). Yet, of course I had to spend quality time with my daughter. Thanks to my Dad; he took care of her while I worked.
  4. I worked a double job. Call center representative at night and pre-school teacher in the morning for several months. I took advantage of every avenue to earn. I also sell imported goodies at work and sometimes food packs. Hindi ako si Darna. 🙂
  5. I was not able to work in the industry related to my field of studies since my concern was to have a higher pay. Yet, it was a rewarding job.
  6. I do not have the luxury of shopping or do the activities I used to do since, I had to take care of my daughter after work or rest from my 6 day work. On paydays, my salary went straight to milk, diapers and other basic needs.

What else? The 6 items mentioned above looks simple, but what comprises each struggle took a long time before it was over. It was years of everyday battle which seemed no ending. I had  realizations and lessons that made me a better person than I used to.

I want to expound each struggles, but those will be really long ones. I will keep some details for my book.

To all the single moms, I have profound respect for you. Continue to work hard for the kiddos. Single moms are super heroines without a cape. People who do not understand single moms will always loiter around and bring you down. Do not mind them, they are not as strong as you.

Please spare the single moms from the judgment. They work to survive.

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Motherhood (A Proud Mother of Three)

Motherhood according to ; 1. The state of being a mother.; 2. The qualities of a mother.; 3. Mothers considered as a group. While my own definition of motherhood are: 1. Love.; 2. Sacrifice.; 3. Joy in my heart.; 4. My life.

My 3rd pregnancy

My 3rd pregnancy

The image above is the only pregnant pic I have. Since that was the last time I got pregnant, I took one as a remembrance. I was not comfortable to capture my big belly.
I am a mother of 3 beautiful and smart kids. They are my life. Although they are also the cause of my stress at home but I enjoy every moment with them, while they are young and dependent. Hearing them utter, “Mommy…” has been giving me immeasurable happiness and self-fulfillment. Each of my children during delivery, tears fell down from my eye.

Ate Cheska, Kuya Fourth and Baby Fifth

At Present
My kids are really good and independent. As of this writing, my eldest; Cheska at 9 can already wash the dishes (not just glasses), laundry her uniform in school, sweep the floor, cook rice, cook some dishes with my supervision, can take care of her 3 year old brother and looks after her new born baby brother (2 months old). She carries him to burp and even change diapers when needed. At 7 she can already cook rice with or without using a rice cooker. Really amazing! In school she has been an awardee and excellent on her academics. For 3 consecutive years she is a placer at BULPRISA (Bulacan Private Schools Association) on Declamation. Level 1 when she was on 2nd grade and 3rd grade and Level 2 on her 4th grade. Year 2013 and 2014, she ranked 3rd in Declamation. She gets her prizes every time she wins. My son; Fourth is 3 years old. He loves his baby brother so much. No sign of jealousy that we have a new baby at home. Maybe also because I prepared him, when I was pregnant. After he plays he can put back his toys to where it should be kept without me telling him. He can count up to almost 100.. he just stops and says “agod na” (pagod na). He can wear his clothes on his own after taking a bath. Yet he does not love rice, I have to force him to eat rice on occasional cases. To add, he has initiative to throw dirty diapers of his baby brother. Our youngest at 2 months can’t do much yet, but he is the joy in our home now. He has dimples and mestizo. I can see a bright future for my kids. Given the chance, I want to send them in at one of the top 3 universities of the country.
Baby Fifth @ 2 months

Baby Fifth @ 2 months

The History
With my eldest I didn’t know I had to undergo C-section. I stayed in the labor room for 7 hours waiting for the 10 cm thing to open up. It did not happen. Water bag broke and finally based on the internal examination, the baby was on breech position. I was rushed to the operating room to undergo a cesarean section. Recovery was fast. I was able to walk the next day, which my mom and aunts were telling me not to do so. I even wanted to walk going to the nursery room to view my baby girl. She was 51 cm in length and weighed 5.4 lbs.
Cheska @ 5 months

Cheska @ 5 months

With my son; Fourth, after 6 years I was scheduled for CS, on our chosen date within my 39th week of pregnancy. It went well, though the recovery was not easy. It took me few days before I was able to walk on my own, and it was even slow. The baby was a bit yellowish but we refused to leave him on the hospital. My husband exerted effort to expose baby Fourth under the sun every morning, then his color became normal.
Kuya Fourth few days old

Kuya Fourth few days old

With my youngest; Fifth, after 3 and a half years I was scheduled again for CS. This time it is another different experience. The operation went well but while I was in the recovery room, I felt the itchiness from my face to my arms, my shoulders, neck and going down with a gap of several minutes. The nurses said, it could be the effect of the anesthesia. Then when I was ready to be brought back to my room, I felt the blood flowing heavily. I was wearing a diaper then. But the diaper leaked twice and even stained the sheets twice also. My cousin Dolly who was there with my husband assisted the nurses who were handling my condition. It was only Christmas 2014 when my cousin Dolly told me that I almost suffered from uterine atony. It is continuous excessive bleeding which possibly lead to death. (I will write about uterine atony soon for reference). So thank God the blood did not flow heavily for a longer period of time. I am glad my children still has a mother.
New born baby Fifth

New born baby Fifth

So  much sacrifices yet really worth it. I love my kids. You are all Mommy’s source of happiness.