Netflix Hackers!!! Beware!!! 2020

We are all aware that mostly everyone around the world are under the Community Quarantine or Lockdown depends on the policy of each country. This COVID-19 which originated from Wuhan, China has affected the economy in its entirety from small enterprises to large-scale businesses. Everyone has the possibility of acquiring the virus whether airborne or droplet contact. Antimicrobial Products are so in demand such as 70% isopropyl alcohol, disinfectant, and the like. Who would imagine that people would even go against each other because of tissue rolls? Never in 4 decades of my life have I heard of. Grocery stores are running out of stocks of basic necessities such as food and hygiene products. Workers from different industries are on leave for the mean time. Blessed are those who gets paid even if they stay at home. And my sympathy goes to those who has to wait for assistance from the government. But until when? Oh God, bless the countries affected by Covid-19. Salute to the frontliners who unselfishly devote their time to help treat the patients who are under monitoring, under investigation and mostly to virus positive ones even if they are more prone to risks.


Having said so, the Netflix has taken the world by storm. Citizens who are at home are into Netflix Movies, American Series, Korean Series, Spanish Series, etc. And so, those who are selfish and greedy who wants to take advantage of Netflix viewing experience will HACK active accounts without the knowledge of the original user who is paying the service. Why did I say such?! Because I am a victim, myself. It happened way back, but there is high probability that the hackers will do the work these days.

Netflix in my opinion is affordable. It provides entertainment as a package specially in this pandemic season worldwide. Plan options are provided which ever is suitable to your spending capacity or maybe just your choice. As a new user, one can enjoy ONE FULL MONTH OF FREE NETFLIX. Anyone can take advantage of it, as long as the TV is wifi enabled or someones mobile phone if he wishes to.

Be aware that even your children can change the plan just by clicking “upgrade” on the screen. So yeah, you might think your Netflix account has been hacked while the real deal is, it was just an accident upgrade or just your kid’s cute little fingers who upgraded. 😇


Netflix Hacked account is when an email arrived with a message that says “NEW SIGN IN TO NETFLIX” which shows the location is different from yours such as below image:


It is necessary to check your personal email as frequent as possible. How come? I am in the Philippines, but the location it was accessed was in Venezuela? Hmm.. Fishy huh! Then the next emails I received was really shocking! 😱


Wait! What!?? Email changed? So, the moment that I will log out and try to sign in again, I will not be able to get access to Netflix again?! Then what happened next?


Password changed?! Oh you dumb ass, mothafucka, bitch, low-life!!!! And worst was, the plan was changed to Premium. Which means, amount to pay is higher than usual. Very convenient to watch Netflix huh? 😡


Contact Netflix right away! Retrieve your Netflix account!

First option, it is best that you have a Netflix application on your mobile phone long before this hacking incident happens. It is very convenient to contact Netflix’ customer service.

How to get there? Click More>Help>Help Center

You may click “Call Us” to speak to a representative to verify your concern or “Start Live Chat”. They are very helpful and change requests may take effect immediately, like changing your email. While, the change in password will be done by you. The corresponding email will be sent to the new email address as requested. See below:

Second option, if the Netflix application is not downloaded on your mobile phone, simply go to their website Netflix dot com and look for Help Center. You may find their contact number or chat with them through the website. Their number, the last time I checked was 1-866-579-7172.

Be vigilant! Give required action as needed. What could have happened if I did not discover this right away? Someone told me this is just the cherry on top. Scary is it?

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SCAM ALERT! Selling Stuff Online? Beware of a Scammer from Africa!!! Or Who Knows Where?

Beware of this number! +233 26 738 4580 and +233 54 357 9794

UPDATE: NOV. 24, 2018

I recently posted online an iPhone 7Plus for sale through a website called OLX. This person pretended to be an interested buyer of the said item. He sent me a message asking for my Whatsapp contact details so we can exchange messages in a more convenient way than the OLX messaging feature. At first I told him, I only have a Viber account. He insisted to communicate thru Whatsapp since he was interested in buying the iPhone 7Plus I posted. I thought he was a legit buyer.


Ok, I gave my Whatsapp number and then he sent me a message. I was reluctant from the beginning. Here are the screenshots of our conversation.






Then I got 2 emails with these content:






What are the points I noticed for possible fraud transaction?

1. What??? Pay the postage cost to the courier agent? Then I will send the iPhone to Ghana without gettung any payment. In order to get paid, I should email the scanned receipt for the activation of money then they would transfer the money within 10 minutes to my bank??? So, they want me to send the iPhone to Ghana then pay for the shipping fee?? Wow!

2. Why was it using the “outlook” email domain if the sender was PayPal? They obviously used PayPal as their means to make the seller believe that they actually transferred payment which they claimed “on hold”.


3. There was pressure in sending them the package because the money sent cannot be sent back to Mustapha since the payment has been screened.

4. The currency of the claimed money transferred/processed was not in Philippine Peso PhP instead it says INR or Indian Rupee. It is quite understood that I am in the Philippines and he is sending a payment with the amount agreed on Ph Pesos. I did not mention any other currency bank account in our convo.

5. There was a threat as indicated in red letters. That if the transaction is not done in 24 hours, you will be held responsible for violating their online monitoring rules and regulations. What???

6. There are grammatically wrong sentences, which I believe Paypal will not commit this simple “language crime”.

7. It mentioned more than twice about security/secured, legitimacy, confirmation, and safe. These words can make someone feel comfortable in dealing transactions.

What else did you notice?

As I was feeling really pissed off and felt cheated, I started to research about any scam or related incidents. I found nothing. I looked into PNP Anti-Cyber Crime in the Philippines. I searched for any contact details and sent an email to them to report the incident, seek help for possible further cyber crime, and offered help if they have any campaign. But, until now I do not receive any response or even an acknowledgment from them. Oh well!

I found these in their website as somehow related or close to what supposed to be a possible cyber crime.



My last response was:


Beware of this number or any number starting with the country code +233 and the names below. I am sure these are not their real names, but just in case you encounter these along the way, you know what to do. Number +233267384580 and Names Mustapha Azeez and Mustapha Tobi. Beware!!!

End of conversation. Nice try! I still have the iPhone with me. I hope I promoted awareness and served as a warning to everyone who may encounter related incident concerning cyber crime. Let us all be vigilant. God bless us all!

At one point, I regret that I should have pretended I am following his fraudulent activity. And see what else he got to make his victims believe. But as a mammal, my instincts brought me to defend myself from possible harm.

*The number posted is the actual phone number used to contact me to perform the possible cyber crime.

*The images above are my property.

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UPDATE: FEB. 16, 2018

Ooops he did it again!!! A random person sent me a message at Porsche’s Diary Facebook  page. He told me he was a victim of a scam with about the same scenario. I felt bad eventually. It was late for them to check online about the number used on Whatsapp. They were shocked when they found out that there was a SCAM ALERT of the same exact situation. This time the scammer was successful. Or shall we consider it a CYBER CRIME? Please enlighten me. Below are the items involved.

27934996_1539995626086262_1467543934_n 27781040_1539999286085896_89699107_n


Same thing happened, the scammer sent a message through Whatsapp then promised a payment shall be sent to the victim’s account using Paypal after the package is sent and received by the scammer. This time, the scammer received the item; a PS3 set with CDs and accessories worth PhP20,000 but was being sold online for PhP8,000 only. The address was not in Ghana anymore. Guess where? It was in La Union! The package was sent through LBC. The sender/victim is from Cebu City. The victim tried to coordinate with LBC Mabolo to hold the item for delivery. But after a few minutes, the sender/victim got a message that the item was delivered to the scammer with the said correct tracking number stated. The victim was so devastated.


tracking lbc


I sent the victim possible contact persons and numbers/email to be contacted to seek help and assistance regarding the matter. I hope this is in process for any action. I will update if any.

I have questions again in mind:

  1. So these names exist? Robert Frank? Ashley Aron Frank? Mustapha Azeez? Mustapha Tobi? How did this Ashley receive the package? Did he present a valid ID for the item to be handed over to him? Was it picked up with what identification card presented?
  2. LBC, how strict are you with your own policy ?
  3. This person is in the Philippines? Committing Cyber Crime without hesitation?
  4. Who should handle this case?
  5. When will my email to PNP Cyber Crime group be answered?
  6. Who are these people on the scammer’s Whatsapp profile?
  7. Who is the next victim?

Be vigilant! Let us spread awareness! Thanks to the person who shared his story to me. Also for allowing me to share his side of this story. He chose to be anonymous. I hope someone takes action on this.

thank you.png

Beware of this number! +233 26 738 4580

He already used different pictures on his Whatsapp account. Different from the one he used when he tried to deceive me. Are they real?


Otama Electronics (Anniversary gift) – A Scam

I am in the middle of my siesta when the landline phone rang. My daughter answered and the lady from the other line asked for the owner. My daughter passed the phone to me. The lady introduced herself which I did not really remember and told me that she is from Otama Electronics Philippines; a distributor of gadgets and other electronic appliances. Then she told me, it is their anniversary and they are giving away free items/gifts. It was a random electronic raffle, I am one of the lucky winners. She did all the talking but I was not interested in what she was talking about. Besides I am not comfortable talking to someone I do not know, who has my personal number. She asked if I have received the gift item Otama (their company) sent me. I answered, “NO”. Then I asked how did she get my landline number. She answered again “computer-generated”. I insinuated where she got my number.. next thing I know, she hang up.

Since she already awakened me from my rest time. (Mind you, I am scheduled for CS operation tomorrow for my third child. I need a lot of rest to store all the energy I needed.) I Googled Otama Electronics and found several blogs with the same scenerio.


It is a SCAM. They will tell you to meet somewhere (in fairness they will ask you your choice of venue, usually in the malls or somewhere with proximity to your residence) to claim the gift that never arrived but as you talk to them, they will offer various electronic appliances with expensive price and charge your credit card on a quick transaction. I think it is like a budol budol style, only you get something in return but not equivalent to the amount that you will pay.

Can anyone investigate or do something about this? I hope you (Otama) call me again. I will definitely meet you with police officers and media with me.

Otama, tama na! Kumita kayo at magbanat ng buto sa marangal na paraan. Pati kapwa Pilipino niloloko nyo. I used to work 6 days a week to earn a living. I really do not agree with how scammers do for a living. You will definitely get what you deserved at the end of your lifetime.