Cancer; The Big C: How it Affects One’s Life?

Cancer Overview:

Cancer, also called malignancy, is an abnormal growth of cells. There are more than 100 types of cancer, including breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphoma. Symptoms vary depending on the type. Cancer treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery. (

I have spoken to a high school batchmate whom I have not seen in a while. She and her husband stayed in the United Kingdom for a while until she learned about her condition. We (me&hubby, Eloisa, Joyce&Joart) visited her in Magalang, Pampanga. She was in perfect condition; a survivor. Her husband and family has been very supportive and caring of her. They have a son who is within elementary level at school.


Below are her answers to the questions we may all have.

1. Who is Marcia in her younger years?

Marcia is a tough girl. She always know what she wants and aims hard for it. She’s impulsive at times but witty to handle things. She never says “NO” to things she wanted especially if it’s for her loved ones.

2. Who are you before Cancer came to your life?

I am a registered nurse. I worked hard, very very hard. I cannot last a day just sitting around. I even worked straight 72 hours. I was cruel to myself being so workoholic.

3. What have you been doing lately?

Two months ago, I worked as a nurse supervisor in a Cancer Unit in Tarlac with my husband and brother. I dedicated myself​ to those people who were like me; a cancer patient. It gave me fulfillment to serve them and be their inspiration.


4. In your own definition, what is cancer?

Cancer is the worst nightmare that a person can ever have. It’s a great thief. It takes away everything you got.

5. What are the signs of bone marrow cancer?

I actually have stage 4 Bone Cancer which metastasized from my left breast. I first felt unexplainable pain on the affected areas and thought it’s merely out of stress from work. Then, it gets intense as days go by. The pain was getting harder to bear until I get to have excruciating pains already.

6. How did cancer affect your life? Or your future plans?

Cancer destroyed me; my job; a good future for my family. It smashed me to the core including my dreams. But this debilitating illness made me closer to Jehovah God. It made me realize that I should have loved myself first and taken good care of my body. It strengthen my faith to the giver of my life.


7. What good and/or bad memorable experience have you had as a cancer patient?

Ahmm… I’ll start with the best experiences. When I was diagnosed last year for having this Big C, I sought help and strength to our living God, Jehovah. Medidating more on my spiritual aspect helped me realized there’s more in life than work and money. I knew it for a fact but paid no attention to it. Also, I have seen those who are with me on this rough time. Because, when I was strong and able, a lot of people are coming to us. They are all my friends. Now the gray area is so clear, seeing those fake people might be one of the worst experience I get to see. Having cancer won’t give anything good but seeing and feeling the love and goodness of my real friends and family is one good memory that I’ll bring with me when I am gone.


8. How long have you been suffering from bone marrow cancer?

I was diagnosed of stage 3-B breast cancer last May 2016 and around Oct 17 2016 the worst news broke our hearts that I have Mets on bones already. (Bone metastasis is cancer that has spread to the bone. (

9. What are the treatment you had and are into?

I first had MRM (Modified Radical Mastectomy) on my left breast last May 4 2016. Then I had a slight change in my diet but still went back to working a lot of hours. When I had stage 4 BONE CANCER then, I still worked and it did not stop me. Despite of the pain. I only managed it using analgesics. I never wanted chemotherapy or any conventional treatment. Then, I opted for Immunotherapy. Or the alternative/ or natural way of battling cancer. I had a drastic change in my lifestyle. All pure Organic meats, veggies and root crops only. Until now, I am on this regimen.

10. What are your lessons learned and advices to give?

Having this illness already killed me even if am still breathing. I remorse not giving myself the love and attention it needed because I was way too busy thinking about other people’s welfare. I did not even give much time and effort with my sprituality. Being so hooked with my job and absorbing all stress in life’s didn’t do me any good. As the old song goes: “Learn To Love Yourself”. Also as what the Bible says in Romans 5:12, “We will all die because of our inherited sin from Adam, but holding on to your faith and keeping your zeal until your last day with earnest hope for what we do not see will keep us moving on, whether you have a good life or not”.


Wherever life takes you, always make God the center of everything and things will be in it’s best place. As He promised in Revelations 21:4, “Soon all these sufferings will be gone”.

Live your life not the way you think it’s best, but let Jah mold and lead you. Treasure your life, do not let anyone nor anything pull you down. And albeit you reached the end of line, you could say I DID MY BEST and what is RIGHT in the eyes of God.

—End of Interview—

Thank you Marcia for sharing your story to us. You will remain an example for being a strong person and a fighter in LIFE.

Feel free to comment your messages to Marcia if you were inspired by her story. Let us all pray for her continuous healing. God bless Marcia and her family.

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Juan Miguel Severo; Spoken Word Artist

Heard of a free verse poem spoken with all the emotions in it? Well, I just heard it live last night 10.15.16 in Malabon City. It is the hometown of this young man; a great artist; musician; icon of the Millennials, of the Titas of Manila (including myself) and even of the Lolas of Manila. His name is Juan Miguel Severo. He is fondly called by his supporters as JM. And on the event, I heard his brother/relatives/friends called him GeGe. 😊 As I heard directly from him, he spent his college years at the University of the Philippines.


I first saw and heard him on television in one of the kilig teleseryes, from one episode to another. I told myself, “Who is that guy who awakens the inner thoughts and feelings within me?” Did it happen to you as well? I was so glad that my husband planned our #datenight after he saw the event titled Basang Sapatos on Juan Miguel’s Facebook page. We first met-up with his brother; Milo for the tickets on the said event at Malabon CitiSquare. Thank you Kuya Milo for organizing this event. We had the chance to witness Gege’s (feeling close) wonderful talent. Though, early on that day we were thinking twice if we were attending because of the typhoon Karen. Let me say this, “Susuungin ang baha at bagyo, marinig ka lamang JM Severo.” (straight from Bulacan) 😛

The first set was light. About love, #hugot from a broken hearted JM in the past. And those compositions he performed for the teleserye where he appeared (as Rico) several times. The second set was heavy and deep. I felt all the emotions he burst for each piece. I had teary-eyes, I swear. I must admit I am an instant fan, yes I am. With the addition of his guest/friend Al Manalastas who tackled about socio political poetry. It was Exquisite! It was a night to remember.


During one of JM’s performances, I looked at the audience. They were so quiet and focused to every word spoken by him. Amazing! You had me at “Mic. Check.”😘

Below are some of the pictures taken and YouTube url of JM’s performance.

(Huling Tula video to follow)

Ang galing ni JM at Al! Lalo sila naging pogi sa paningin ko. Sana magtagpo na kayo ng mga taong kayang ibalik ang pagmamahal na kaya nyo ibigay. God speed!